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Thread: My first gun

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    Congrats on your new gun & permit. Hold on tight when firing .357's in that little featherweight gun!

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    Range Report -- SW 340

    I just returned from the range. Since I am not as skilled or knowledgeable as most of the members, I apologize ahead of time for my simplistic and non technical opinion.

    I fired 100 rounds of .38 special (I think it was 138 grain.) I wanted to put 50 rounds of +P, as well, but they were out of that. They also had 20 rounds for $20 .357 so I opted against that, too.

    I used a 'man like' target with three rectangles encompassing the chest area. I moved the target to 21 feet. I loaded the revolver with the five rounds. I took a defensive stance with my right hand on the grip, my left hand sopporting my rght. I closed my right eye and took sight with my left at the center of the target. I slowly squeezed the trigger. BANG. The gun worked!!! When the smoke cleared there was a small hole in the paper slightly to the right of center. If it was a BG, it would have been right through the heart.

    I then fired four consecutive shots. The first was within a couple of inches from the first. The next three were grouped in the neck of the poor target guy.

    Most of the he rest of the time I worked on the followup shots. Multiple shots which were clearly high at the beginning of the session were beginning to be controlled with adjustments. I eventually was able to get all the shots within the inner rectangle; not exactly a tight group but rather a nice coverage of center of mass.

    One handed shots were clearly more of a problem for me. It seems to hit pretty much where I point but there was no way I could keep my hand steady enough to fire multiple shots with any accuracy at all.

    To put it mildly, the 340 is snappy. No big deal with that ammo but more than the 642 I rented. It was certainly not uncomfortable but it was more difficult than some of the other guns I looked at.

    All in all I think the gun will be an effective concealed carry weapon (until I get the XD40sc next month.) Ya gotta have options! Now I just need a more comfortable holster or buy bigger pants.

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