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XD 9 SC vs. Glock 26

This is a discussion on XD 9 SC vs. Glock 26 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was trying to make the same decision a while back and I ended up renting both a G19 and an XD 9 service Model ...

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Thread: XD 9 SC vs. Glock 26

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    I was trying to make the same decision a while back and I ended up renting both a G19 and an XD 9 service Model and shot them side by side at the range. You pretty much need to do this to make this decision because it is a personal choice. For me it all came down to the grip angle.

    The grip safety is neat, but not that important, and the cocked indicator is only there because of a difference in the way the guns work.

    There is a difference in the trigger pull too - I actually slightly prefer the Glock here as I don't like the end of the trigger pull on the XD, though nether is bad and the XD tends to smooth out with use.

    Like I said, for me it all came down to grip angle. I like the XD's (1911 style) grip angle over the Glock's wider angle. It didn't feel natural and took longer to aim - I just wasn't as good with it.

    I think that if you are new to guns you can learn either angle and be fine. If you like 1911's you probably won't like the glock - at lease at first.

    I ended up going with the XD and I like it a lot (though not as much as my Sig P239) and I have not had a single feeding problem in about 1300 rounds.

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    I went shopping for a Glock and after a period of renting, testing and research, I came home with a XD 9mmsc and couldn't be happier!!!


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    I happen to own both a Glock G34, an XD Tactical .45 and several 1911s. After many years of shooting both IPSC and IDPA, I consider myself a pretty experienced shooter; When I first bought my XD, I had traded my 1st. gen G21 Glock for it. I went straight to the range, took the XD out of the box, and had some club members time me shooting bowling pins, as I had arrived at the conclusion of the pin match. I had several runs that would have placed me easily in contention for the shoot offs. And this kind of performance from a gun that I just took out of the box, fired for function and sighting, then starting hitting pins with. i was astounded tto say the least. Several weeks later, I was recounting my story at an IDPA match to another friend, who competes nationally. He told me that he had been at the Single Stack Classic and seen Rob Leatham practicing with one of the prototypes before it was released for sale to the public. He said Robbie was heavily involved in the development of this pistol, and that it was designed around certain criteria that lent itself to the kind of conditions one found in such venues. After thinking about it, I realized that some of this had to be true. I had posted a "range test" at Packing.org regarding the gun's performance and realized that I had said many of the same things my friend had just told me. I will not bash the Glocks, because I do quite well shooting them; the whole reason I ended up with the XD was because I won the G34 in a glock match in 2005 shooting the 1st. gen G21 (I killed everybody on the plate rack). I only wished to get the XD because I wanted to get another G21 later on, and the deal was right. So whatever you choose, I think you will besatisfied if you keep an open mind. I have carried both, competed with both and would use them in a real fight at the drop of a hat, regardless of caliber. My only wish? that Glock would chamber a weapon in .38 super/9x23 winchester. Now that would impress me!
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