Ruger SP101-Who like them?

Ruger SP101-Who like them?

This is a discussion on Ruger SP101-Who like them? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I happened to stumble upon my like for the .357 magnum here lately. I am looking for a revolver to have around, and for my ...

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Thread: Ruger SP101-Who like them?

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    Ruger SP101-Who like them?

    I happened to stumble upon my like for the .357 magnum here lately. I am looking for a revolver to have around, and for my wife to shoot.

    A couple guys at the range let me shoot there .357 magnums, and I like it. I currently shoot a 9mm. I like that too, and I am a pretty good shot with it. Anyway, after looking, the Ruger SP101 2" barrel seems to be a good choice. Cost wise, and size wise.

    I would like others opinion on the gun please.

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    Hello. Count me in as a fan of the SP101. I prefer the longer 3 1/16" bbl to the shorter one, but lots of folks feel just the opposite. If interested, here are some observations:


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    Hard to not like an SP101, great all around package for the money.

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    Haven't fired one, solely because they are always either sold out or rented out whenever I am looking....seem to be a very popular model. (one of the gunshops here has a 2 month waiting list on them) Little too popular to be completly junk in my opinion
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    Ruger SP101

    I have one. I don't think you could find a better made revolver.

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    They are great guns. They might be a little heavy for CCW, but its not to bad. Add a wolf spring kit, and you got top notch pocket cannon.
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    Bought the SAO/bobbed hammer version about ten years ago. The action was a bit rough out of the box, but it smoothed up a bunch by just shooting/dry-firing. Knowledgeable smiths can truncate that process in short time for nominal fees.

    I love the broad sights (which are friendly to 50+ year old eyes).
    Ruger's stub frame/rubber grip makes recoil a non-issue.
    My gun shoots very tight and is regulated to point of aim.

    Only one, and it's minor in my book-the SP weighs 25 ozs. in it's 2.25" version. That's heavier than I care to carry in my pocket, but the little wheel gun is easily carried/concealed in a good belt holster.

    Bottom line: I love mine. Don't intend to part with it.

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    I have owned and carried one for well over 10 years. My opinion: you can't beat it.

    As SIXTO said they are on the heavy side, but if that doesn't bother you, it is the best one out there. For my large hands, the ergonomics are better than a Smith. It is built like a tank. Mine (2 1/4 bl) is very accurate with any ammo I have put through it.

    Some other pluses: the recoil is straight back into your arm; there is very little muzzle rise for faster target acquisition. You can shoot cheaper/lighter .38 cal if you aren't in the mood for a full .357 day at the range.

    Other than the weight, there is nothing to criticize.
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    Some folks have had problems of one sort or another. My wifes 2 1/4 has been a joy to shoot with out a hitch.

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    I've had a 3.06" SP101 for years & shot it this weekend. Other than its weight being substantially heaver than an alloy J-Frame, there IS NOT a better choice in 5-shot .357 Mag revolvers. It's the Pitbull of Wheelguns...carries like a compact & shoots like a Service Revolver. It's accurate, handles the HOTtest Mag loads painlessly, and can be tuned to PERFECTION by Gemini Customs in Frankfort Kentucky. If you get the 2.25" & don't LIKE it, I'll BUY it from you!
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    Nice shooters...but IMO a tad heavy for a five shot carry snub...for the same weight I can tote a 9 shot 9mm....but if you're set on 357, it's hard to beat..lots of guys love the SP for carry and on the belt, there the weight isn' that bad....Gemini Customs makes some awesome carry packages...

    Since I don't carry mine, I didn't go for the hammer bob...also, I didn't need the porting as I only shoot .38s through it....loaded with 135 +p Gold dots, it's my house gun.

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    We have three, all in the .38Spl configuration. As noted, they are heavy (especially for a .38) but they are reliable, easy to shoot, relatively accurate, and a great value. The only other minus I can think of is that they can be tricky to reload using speed-loaders, as the cylinder doesn't come out very far from the frame and it can take some wiggling to get the new rounds in.

    I wouldn't carry one normally, based only on its capacity, but it is an excellent little revolver.
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    I have the Ruger SP101 357 Magnum 2.25" bbl. I must say it's a little beast, but very fun to shoot even with full Magnum loads. If I had to pick one snubnose to keep, it would certainly be the Ruger SP101.

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    Agreed it is a heavy piece but mine was carry for many months. The weight does IMO help with handling stronger loads.

    I have tried the longer barrel version and almost prefer it but for carry the 2 1/4" seems ideal. Because weight aspect was not a problem for me to carry - it is my favorite snub overall.

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    I want one of these too and have heard only positives about them.
    Nice pics too guys, I really like Spyderdude's shot

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