Kahr K40 vs. Glock 23

Kahr K40 vs. Glock 23

This is a discussion on Kahr K40 vs. Glock 23 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Could you old pros help me out so I don't make a costly mistake? I was ready to buy a Glock 23 for CCW because ...

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Thread: Kahr K40 vs. Glock 23

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    Kahr K40 vs. Glock 23

    Could you old pros help me out so I don't make a costly mistake? I was ready to buy a Glock 23 for CCW because my H&K USP 40 is just too big (but I love it and I shoot lights out with it!). I'm a big fan of the .40 cal. Then I heard really good things about Kahr. I have big hands (no, the old joke isn't true!) and I can't hold the little 27 or M series Kahr very well even with mag extensions. The Kahr is thinner because of the stacked mag but only has 7 rd capacity vs. 13. I realize this is VERY subjective but is the Kahr worth a couple hundred bucks more than the Glock? Any thoughts about mag capacity for personal carry? Thanks for your help!

    BTW- this is my first post and I love your Forum. You guys are amazing! I thought I knew a little about guns but compared to you guys I was wrong. I've learned a lot already.


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    My thing is its got to fit my hand i made the mistake with the g-36 and wont make it again

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    I can’t help you much with the Kahr K40, as I have never tried one. As for the Glock 23 - I love it. It is my main carry weapon. Fits my hands perfectly. Conceals well. The only time I don’t carry it is in the summer. I live in Texas, and with as hot as it gets, the typical summer clothing makes the G23 a little hard to conceal. During the summer I go with a G26 or G32 (usually with a 40 barrel in it). So that may be a consideration. Depending on where you live and what you wear, and if you looking for one gun to carry all year long.
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    Well, there are Kahr hands/guys and Glock hands/guys. The K series Kahr is an excellent firearm. Ive had 3, 2 of which were the 40's. The grip is one of the few that fit 99% of the hands out there......incredible ergonomics. The trigger pull is good, better on the elite models. Mine were "target gun accurate" and would one hole all day long as long as I did my part.
    Capacity is a real issue......but if you practice reloads it becomes less of one.
    The Glock is a bigger gun, your comparing it to the CZ PCR, Sig 228/229 etc for size......its a medium sized gun. The angle of the grip is a concern for those who arent "Glockophiles".......you either shoot Glocks well or you DONT!
    As far as price, reliability, etc.......the Kahr is more money but holds its value well also. As far as accuracy goes, Ive shot alot of Glocks and my Kahrs were generally more accurate even with the shorter sight radius and barrel length. Both are reliable to a fault.......the run and run.
    As a CCW.....the Kahr is highly more concealable.....its one of the thinnest guns made and they carry extremely well. The Glock is not a big gun and hide well also, just bigger than the Kahr.
    If it were me.....Id get the Kahr...but both are worthy of consideration.
    Shoot well...........
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    I don't have the K40, but a P40. I think the "K" is ideal w/the .40. Everything I've read on the Kahr and a .40 was that there was quite a bit of muzzle flip and it's reported that the K (all steel) helps that, however, I'm not so sure weight is as great a factor in felt recoil as many make it out to be. I will say this, I've never handled a Glock that fit me as well as any Kahr so I guess you're going to have to handle both. As for concealability, I don't think theres anything out there quite like the Kahr and mine is also amazingly accurate and the trigger is the best of any pistol I own even though it is DAO. They're a bit pricy but great guns. I'd love to have the K40 but I think I'd notice the weight after a while so I ended up going with the P9. There's a lot of discussion about capacity but if we only look at the statistics for self defense incidents, you rarely ever see a reload or more than a few shots fired on either side before it's all over. I guess we'd best make those first few count!

    Let's face it, you really can't go wrong with either choice assuming you've held them and they both feel comfortable.

    I hope it works out well. I AGONIZED over what would be my final selection but now that I've fired and carried my P9 I'm thrilled with it and I'm especially glad I paid the extra for the tungsten coating on the stainless slide and the night sights. But boy did it set me back!

    God Bless all...


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    Yup Those Kahrs are NOT cheap by any means, both in quality and price. I DO hear they're reliable, and easy to hide. Might take a small bite out of your hand if not handled right. I've never owned one, but they DO make a nice shootin iron. Hope you make the choice that's right for you. If you can, try to shoot both the G23/27 series, and a couple of Kahrs at a local rental range. Makes the choice that much easier.

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