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Found it! Found my most Favoriiite hand gun.

This is a discussion on Found it! Found my most Favoriiite hand gun. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Model 29-2. I reload .44's, so can go from plinking, pop-gun rounds to cranking out full power magnums. Accurate, the trigger is smooooth, love the ...

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Thread: Found it! Found my most Favoriiite hand gun.

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    Model 29-2. I reload .44's, so can go from plinking, pop-gun rounds to cranking out full power magnums. Accurate, the trigger is smooooth, love the weight, love the feel...

    Of course, my buckmark .22 get's shot more, and it's fun too... and then I can't ignore the new (built in '79, but unfired) Colt detective special I just picked up, and the PTR91 is great fun, as is the Savage in .204 ruger... can't forget the AR... Do I really have to pick a favorite?
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    Quote Originally Posted by imthduke View Post
    I understand that a favorate hand gun is very subjective and a matter of personal perference, however as for now I have hit the mother load.:)

    Got two new guns in my stable and have come back from the range after their virgin firing. Have a new Sig and the Rohrbaugh R.

    That little R9 is a handful and you better get a good grip on that bad boy when you crank a round off. It ate ball and hollow pts with no problemo.

    At 5-10 yds was a good grouper. I was impressed. It obviously is a carry much and fire little type, for its not really that much fun after about 25 fired down range.

    Now, cut to the chase..........

    I also took my new Sig P239 SAS DAK trigger .40sw cal. I have never fired a .40sw and read all about the "snap" and some post that poo pooed the 40 so I was a little tenative about welcoming it with open arms. Was even thinking I might want to change out the barrel and get a .357 barrel.

    Ran about 70 rounds through the Sig and from the first round was elated.:D If this is the "snap", ....pass the snap. I love the way it fired.

    What a sweet shootin piece of fine art work. This is my fav of the guns I now own. I am not even close to a gun expert or collector but here are the guns I own but this Sig is a shootin son of a gun.

    Kimber Tactical Ultra II .45, Ed Brown Custom Kobra Carry .45, Colt Defender (mat) .45, Colt Python (nickel) .357, Colt Diamondback (nickel) .38, Colt Viper (nickel) .38, Colt King Cobra (ss) .357, Colt Pocket Nine. (stainless) 9mm, Colt Mustang Pocketlite (stainless) .380, Robrbaugh R9 9mm, American Arms Derringer .410, America Remembers 1911 USMC Viet-nam commemorative .45(unfired of course)

    I know I have fired a very limited # of hand guns, never fired an HK nor a CZ(I have fired an Ontos, but probably no one who was not in Nam knows what that is) but so far....I have a winner as far as fun and some carry.

    And the winner is.................

    Post your favorates...if only are on a desert island, like Long Island and you can only have one.
    I LOVE MY P229 SAS MORE THAN ANY HANDGUN I'VE EVER OWNED. You're right on the money with this one, Duke!

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    I've read alot about the DAK triggers available on Sig pistols but I have a question...
    I'm VERY particular about the length of Reset Distance necessary (after the shot is fired) to reset the trigger for another pull. I guess it's from shooting 1911 & Hi-Power (SA) autoloaders for so long. I think the P239 SAS DAK is a top-flight CCW selection, but how far must the shooter extend his trigger finger to feel the reset?
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    You owe it to yourself to fire a modern CZ pistol
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    My only handgun so far has been the Beretta PX4 pictured at the left. I love it. I just bought a Kahr K9, which is now on the way to Kahr for service. Once they iron out the kinks(it has light striker strikes -click!- about one per mag), I am confident that the K9 will be my favorite. It is beautifully made, feels great in the hand, accurate, easy to shoot. It just needs to go Bang! every time.
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    I'd have to say my fav is my H&K USP 45, I remember reading about them laying in my rack while out floating on the ocean, telling myself, someday I'll have one of those ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKsrule View Post
    Favorite gun?

    I've often fantasized about putting all my pistols in a circle
    and letting them Duke it out until the least worthy is banished
    Like this?????


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