As a die hard fan of Gold Dots, I hate to admit this, but the little bigmouths are notorious for this. It's really not the bullet's fault, but the GD does push the envelope. My guess is that your feed ramp is not polished. Both the ramp and the breech face should be nice and smooth, but since your rounds are "nosing", it ain't the breech face.

Even if the Tripp mags work, there is a ramp issue here. If its not a polishing issue, then it's ramp angle. Unfortunately, this is a very popular problem in 1911's and not a quick fix. You will need either a competent gunsmith, or a trip back to Taurus for that.

Like OD implied, there should be a "step" between the ramp and the throat. Is there?

Have you tried loading a round in the pipe, then topping off the mag and running it?