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1911 reputation?

This is a discussion on 1911 reputation? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The only problems I've had with 1911s, SIGs, and Berettas are magazine induced. With my 1911s using Wilson, Novak or even newer Colt mags haven't ...

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Thread: 1911 reputation?

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    The only problems I've had with 1911s, SIGs, and Berettas are magazine induced. With my 1911s using Wilson, Novak or even newer Colt mags haven't been a problem. Cheap 1911 mags are as are some of the ProMags for both 1911s and SIG 220s. My success rate with them are 50% and with Triple K, zero.

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    My next firearm will be the Springfield Milspec 1911. Think of it like a chevy 350. Good reliable motor with MILLIONS of customisation options.
    To those that paid for my freedom,

    As with all statements I've made and All that I will make, please check your local laws to verify accuracy. (and if i'm wrong let me know as I like to be right in the future) After all I'm just some goofball posting on an internet forum.

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    The 1911 IMO is a pistol you have to be very dedicated to learning with. Maybe he feels you are of a certain skill level or whatever and honestly does not feel that it is for you. I personally have cut my teeth on DA autos and feel more comfortable with them than any others. 1911 is loaded with safeties and switches and what not that have to become second nature with a lot of practice, to operate under stress. If he has not steered you wrong in the past and you feel he has always seemed to have your best interest at heart, that is a genuinely good quality to have in somebody. Trust cannot be bought at any price. Go with what you like, but be sure that you are willing to put in the time and effort to "master" this fine weapon. I agree with all the sentimental historic favorite posters. The 1911 is an excellent weapon. They are like cars, bare bones model to pricey exotics, and you do get what you pay for. Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FknRa View Post
    My next firearm will be the Springfield Milspec 1911. Think of it like a chevy 350. Good reliable motor with MILLIONS of customisation options.
    Even if you don't do a thing to it, it is a fine handgun. 2k plus rounds of assorted ammo through mine, with zero problems. I may be a bit biased about 1911's. The first handgun I shot was a Colt 1911A1, and I fell in love. I still shoot more accurately with one of these than any of my other guns (except the .45 SAA, for some reason).

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    I started out with the Springfield XD's .45 cal service and 9 mm subcompact. I bought a used and abused Colt Defender and it gave me grief (and brass dents in the forehead), but I took it to a good gunsmith who knew his trade and was certified on 1911's. That Defender is now my carry gun and I would not part with it.
    This may mean nothing to most of you, but rack a glock, SW M&P, or XD and then rack a 1911 you'll hear the difference.
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    1911's feel right for me.
    Keep'em clean and oiled for carry no problem, I send a couple of mags of defensive ammo down range to start off occasionally and have never had a malfunction. Once the gun gets dirty after shooting 150+ I've encountered some malfunctions I don't view this as a terrible thing. When the guns are clean and oiled they run flawlessly.
    .45 cal is a great defensive round.
    I went from revolvers (.357) to 1911's and have shot a few DAO pistols along the way. I'm 100% a 1911 fan due to the feel of the gun and the single action trigger. I shoot my best with them which equivalates to the greatest confidence.
    Whatever makes you the most comfortable is what you should be carrying.

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    1911's are reliable...

    My wife has a 4 inch 1911 and I have a 5 inch 1911 from Kimber. Both have been 100% reliable out of the box with no modifications using about 5 different types of ammunition. The wife's has about 750 rounds downrange and mine has about 1200 rounds through it. Like one poster said, it depends on who made it and how well you understand the use and care of the weapon.
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    I've had a Colt 1911 for about 25 years, I don't recall that I've ever had a problem with it. Totally reliable. My son just bought a new SA 1911, I don't recall him having any problems with it, I've shot his gun and it's fine, the factory trigger was a little gritty, but it's been polished out. I just bought a Colt Defender (my thread about it is in this section), it may be finicky but it hasn't appeared so yet.

    Good luck on your choice, if you like them I'd be in favor of getting one, if it happens to have issues they can be corrected. Go for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    I'm probably the only person on the planet who has no use for DAO pistols. It's been a long time since I've seen in print Jeff Cooper's famous observation that a double action semi-auto pistol design was a solution in search of a problem. Seems that it's OK to run rifles and shotguns which feature external safeties but a pistol so equipped is somehow complicated, difficult to operate under stress, and "unsafe".
    I have to disagree with Colonel Cooper here, he's comparing apples and organges. A rifle or shotgun without an external safety would be unsafe. Long guns are carried hanging from slings, bouncing around with their triggers exposed where a protruding bit of gear or brush could get inside the trigger guard. Rifles and shotguns need external safeties. Pistols, on the other hand, are properly carried in holsters which cover the trigger guard, preventing the entry of foreign objects. The only come out of the holster when they are in the user's hand, when it is the user's responsibility to keep their finger (and any foreign object) out of the trigger until they are ready to shoot. A pistol doesn't have the same need for an external safety as long gun.

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    I have a 3" and a 5" Kimber, both bought new. Both were reliable and accurate right out of the box. Built with great attention to detail. I followed Kimber's recommendation to put 500 rounds of FMJ through them as a break-in period, but since then I've shot quite a variety of FMJ, JHP and even shotshell rounds without any problems. My current defensive load is Winchester Ranger SXT 230gr, standard pressure.

    I prefer the 1911 platform to any semi-auto I've ever tried. The fit to my hand, the natural pointing, and the single-action trigger make it a natural for me. I find the thumb/grip safeties inspire confidence are are very fast and smooth in operation. I enjoy shooting other handguns and shoot them well, but a quallity 1911 is my personal best option for a defensive handgun.

    That said, it's important for you to have a weapon with which you're comfortable and confident. Because it's right for me doesn't make it right for you. Your best option would be to try several configurations, from 3" to 5", and from several different high-quality manufacturers (such as Colt, SA, Para & Kimber). That'll give you an idea if the 1911 suits you.
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    To Add to my previous post:

    I noticed another poster stated that he had shot many IPSC and IDPA matches, and 95% of the jams and failurss had all been 1911s, and then advocated the mighty Glock. Let me state here that they fail just like any other pistol; I used to own a G21 that I used in the annual Glock match to win a G34 model in 2005. I went and traded the G21 for a Springfield XD tactical model because the Glock was a 1st Gen. The next year I was at the Glock match shooting the G34, having only put about 100 rounds through it, I was on the plate rack on my way to winning another pistol when the locking block cracked in half, locking the slide, rendering the gunb useless. Chris Edwards was watching this and was astounded, to say the least. The first words out of his mouth were, "please tell me you were using factory ammo". Of course, I had the receipt from the vendor where I had purchased 200 rounds at the match. It took the Glock armorer 2 hours to get the gun apart to fix it. If you go to the "glocktalk" forum, there is post upon post of guys that describe and display pictures of their "spare parts" boxes they take to matches with them, to replace parts that break during matches.

    The only spare parts I ever took for my full house race gun that I owned for 7 years was the equipment I used to clean and lubricate the magazines during a match. And the gun never failed me during a match.

    So enough about the "reliable" Glocks. They fail just as much as everyone elses' guns do.

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    Thumbs up

    The Truthful Truth Concerning 1911 Format Handguns.

    The 1911 format pistols demand dedicated familiarity in order to be used to its maximum safe potential for self defense.
    The correct operation of the thumb safety needs to becomes as ingrained and as natural as blinking.
    The proper operation the thumb safety as an integral part of the firearm presentation sequence needs to become a part of your subconscious mental functioning and conditioning. That is a must.
    Obviously, spending a lot of time with the pistol will make that happen.
    There are very few handguns out there that are able to be broken completely down to their last part and reassembled in total darkness (if need be) and without special gun-smithing tools.
    The trigger is short, sweet and perfectly predictable and cannot be bested by any other firearm in the market place for accurate shot placement. I don't think there is any firearm that naturally points better save for SIG which are about equal.
    That is why the 1911 has lasted so long and it more popular now than it ever was.
    It's really a genius built/designed firearm.
    It's the Thomas Edison light bulb of the firearm world.
    It is one of those classic workhorse uber-reliable handguns that grows ever increasingly "owner appreciated" the more you get to know it.
    Can you tell that I think it's one of the best inventions ever?
    if you are NOT willing to give the 1911 the time that it needs in order to become your ideal personal defense firearm then there a HOST of other great and "more modern" firearms "out there" and you should do yourself a HUGE favor and pick from one of those.
    Just my personal opinion.
    Liberty Over Tyranny Μολὼν λαβέ

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    MAGS, MAGS, MAGS... This is the primary failure point for most of the 1911 problems you will encounter. I know it has been stated already, but it is the truth!!!!!!!!

    95% of failures at IDPA and IPSC matches were from 1911s was stated... Well take a look at how many of the guns are 1911s. I would guess 70 to 80% (depending on part of the country) are 1911s at these matches. That coupled with the 1911 is a very customizable platform. Many people do their own custom work and that might lead to an increased FTFs. I am guilty of it myself.

    My advice is never carry any firearm (EVER) without going through a break-in period. I don't care who the manuf is, if you can't say I have ran hundreds of rounds through this pistol without a problem, then you don't need to be trusting your life with it.

    My 1911s are customized (work done myself) and I have worked out all the issues I have introduced to the firearms. I have always used QUALITY parts when doing the work. I would trust my life with any of my 1911s. Plus I feel a lot safer with a gun (even cocked and locked) that has 3 safeties (counting finger off trigger).

    If the only safety on the firearm is located on the trigger, I will not own the gun. This allows for ND and ADs.
    NRA Rifle Coach
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    --- Some of the friendliest people I have ever talked to are gun owners and shooters and according to the gun activists we are the mass murders and felons of the nation???

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    I have two Kimbers...thousands of rounds through each...never a problem after a few hundred rounds...still have the Kimber mags, too!
    I'm not a Smith, so I can not comment on the 'internals'...I am able to break them down, and I do after each use (hate the paperclips...my Glock and Beretta can spoil you on the breakdown process). My Kimber Ultra (3 in.) has been very dependable, and I trust it for my SD.

    I am always amazed by all of the mechanical knowledge on this site...
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

    Certified Glock Armorer
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    Heh, heh. Lot's of good info and sound opinions, here, Das, but I didn't see any addressing the salient point: your friend/dealer knows you.

    I don't know what your other weapons are, but personally, I've owned Glocks and 1911s- the 1911s in both 9mm and .45 (Champion, 2 Gvt. Models, and 2 STI BLSs). I've owned 8 Glocks- the three prior to the ones I now own, I sold to get the STIs.

    At the time, I was thinking, "I like the 1911 feel, 9 rounds will do the work, and the STI is just over 1/2 the width of the Glock..." Ooops. I knew they would take some break-in. Did it. I knew the handling was different. Did lots of draws and dry-fire. What the heck was I thinking...?!? Simply put, on a personal basis, the 1911 just won't cut it for me. Parts and mags are more expensive, the safety if kept "carry-size" is a fumble in the happening, and in the world today, I'm happier with 45 rounds on board, rather than 27.

    To each their own. If our world situation was different, by all means, I would suggest "owning a piece of history" and "having the 1911 experience", but recognizing the current climate I can't in honesty recommend that. Unless you have lots of disposable income. Get what you know works for you. Best of all, buy two. Buy mags, ammo and spare parts. Then, start to look for variety. Just my $.02...

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