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Now I'm considering a pocket revolver

This is a discussion on Now I'm considering a pocket revolver within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by zero I carry my 442 in a Mika pocket holster more than my IWB due to summer attire. The one perk about ...

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Thread: Now I'm considering a pocket revolver

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    Exclamation +1+!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by zero View Post
    I carry my 442 in a Mika pocket holster more than my IWB due to summer attire.

    The one perk about pocket carry I have come to like is the ability to have your hand in pocket, grip on the snub with no one having a clue.
    That's ALMOST exactly my pocket rig, too! Except my model is a 642 and I carry some speed loaders instead of the Bianchi speed strips which are probably more comfortable and smarter. But the pocket holster is the same.
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    I vote the 642 also. The lightweight makes it very versitile. I carry one IWB and pocket. In my opinion pocket carry is slower than IWB, so I prefer IWB. I pocket carry at work in a Mika pocket holster and I forget it's even there. It's also a fun gun to shoot. Reasonably priced and you'll get more bang for your buck then a 380.

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    The 642 gets my vote and the Mika pocket holster too. Steve 48

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    I carry my 642 everywhere I can. Its actually sitting on the table next to me right now. I *just* pulled it out of my pocket to try it out in a new safe I just picked up.

    I got the 642 for $399 (some have gotten it for less) with a $15 desantis pocket holster and an HKS (#36) speed loader for ~$5. A box of Speer GoldDot 135gr JHP +P for $20 and you have a perfect pocket carry set up for under $450.

    The 642 is better than expose hammer guns for a couple of reasons:
    1. It doesn't snag on anything. Nothing to hang up when drawing and nothing can jam it while firing (ie clothes getting caught in it in a tussle).
    2. It doesn't get crud and pocket lint in the moving parts. I "clean" my 642 every week just to get the pocket lint and what not out of the barrel and such. It just takes a lightly oiled cloth to "clean" it but with exposed hammer guns that gunk builds up. DAO is considered the quintessential "self-defense" action.
    3. The 642 is light. I forget I have it in my pocket sometimes.

    I am very accurate with this little snubby and it does its job well. If you are looking for a pocket pistol you can't beat it.

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    I carry a Taurus 605, I put locktite on the screws and have been very satisfied. My wife has it now
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    Another +1 for the 642. Mine has ridden in my front pocket since I bought it.

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    get a older model 36 and/or 60. bob the hammer and you got one of the best pocket gun made. get a glip draw belt clip and it goes from pocket gun to deep u/c belt clip mode. my model 60 w/belt clip is my "bug" on duty and primary on weekends.
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    Smith & Wesson 642 with the Crimson Trace laser grips inside a Mika Pocket Holster - can't leave home without it.

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    +1 S&W 642 with CT grips. i think the 405...larger grip with front activation and on/off switch. I larger grip makes it much easier to control, and helps with my large hands
    I pocket carry in a cheap mikes pocket holster that is nylon....does enough to break up the outline. I also have seen 'personal defense TV'...i tivo them...ayoob made a great argument. although I carried this way before the show...642 in summer. kimber ultra carry in winter.

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    I carry the S&W 640. I have a Taurus 85 but don't like to shoot it because of the recoil.

    I chose the 640 because it weighs about 23oz and I can shoot it all day.

    When the SHTF, I figure that you won't notice recoil from any of the snubbies, but I want to carry a gun that I actually practice with.

    The Taurus is no fun after about 25 rounds.

    When I first started carrying the 640 I noticed the weight as being much more than the Taurus, but now I don't even notice I have the 640 in my pocket.

    My normal mode of carry is in my strong side pocket in a Desantis pocket holster but I keep a paddle holster in the car for those occasions where I have to transition to open carry (Virginia's stupid no-concealed-carry-in-restaurants-that-serve-alcohol law).

    For you men of men who can handle the recoil of an ultra light, more power to you. But for the rest of us wimps that like to practice without losing the use of a finger, you should really consider the 640.
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    The only difference between the 642 and the 442 is the SS vs. Blued. Therefore I have chosen a S&W 442. I absolutely love mine. I carry it in a Desantis Pocket Holster and it tends to disappear no matter if I am wearing jeans, shorts, or a nice pair of slacks. I think that I will eventually go and get a IWB/OWB holster, but I do not mind it as is, just simply in a pocket holster.
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    I never leave home without a 642 in the weak-side pocket and a kramer holster, and have carried it there for years. Its light weight, no hammer to snag, and always works.

    Sometimes there is a Seecamp in the other pocket, and a Commander or Para LTC in a shoulder rig.

    I used to use a sig 245 or 1911 strong side, and the 245 was real easy to carry.

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    I am going to sound like a broken record, but.... I love my 642 and when I am unable to carry my 1911 IWB, it sits comfortably in my Nemesis pocket holster. I am planning on adding CT grips by years end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LastManOut View Post
    I own a Smith & Wesson 642 with the Crimson Trace laser grips.

    What I would do different would be to sacrifice the minor additional weight for the recoil absorbing property of an all steel snubby, have the shrouded hammer versus the enclosed hammer (or the exposed hammer), to permit snag-free drawing and still allow single action shots and the ability to half-cock the gun to manually revolve the cylinder.

    I personally do not like the weight of the weapon in my pocket so I use a SmartCarry holster ( This holster doesn't allow for the 'quick draw' but I do have my weapon with me always. (In condition Orange, I'd tuck all eight of my fingertips into my waistband in a non-threating manner with my right fingers on the gripstock and the left ready to push open my waistband to facilitate a smooth draw stroke.)

    With a snub, I'm not concerned about .357 or +P ammo. Plain old .38 S&W Special semi-wadcutters are plenty of stopping power.

    Hope this all helps.

    Wierd! You only have 8 fingers?? Any pics? HAHA!

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    I have a friend who just bought the Blackhawk SERPA for the jframe and loves it. I would seriously consider this as a OWB option if I had a snub....unfortunately they don not make one for my NAA guardian .380.
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