Compact or full size?

Compact or full size?

This is a discussion on Compact or full size? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I did have my mind set on getting a new CW9 from Kahr for a concealed carry gun, specifically because it is so thin and ...

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Thread: Compact or full size?

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    Compact or full size?

    I did have my mind set on getting a new CW9 from Kahr for a concealed carry gun, specifically because it is so thin and would fit well in an inside the waistband holster and be easy to conceal even with a tucked in shirt.
    Then I started thinking about it, and most of the time I'll either be carrying IWB with just a loose, untucked shirt over it or an OWB holster with a jacket over it. If I do want to carry with a tucked in shirt I have a Bersa 380 in a CTAC for that. So with that in mind, I've come to be considering the S&W M&P pistols - great fell, good reviews, decent trigger, no manual safety b.s., and they hold more rounds than the Karhs.
    My question is - would you go with the compact version (12+1 in 9mm or 10+1 in 40cal) or the full-size 4.5" barrel version (17+1 in 9mm or 15+1 in 40cal)? The ammo capacity between the 2 versions really doesn't matter - I'm comfortable with the lower counts in the compact (still more than a Karh). What I'm interested in is you opinion on accuracy, velocity, concealability, and handling between the compact vs full size. Thanks for your input!

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    My p9 shoots just as well as an M&P does ( for me ) . I dont sweat round counts in a pistol myself , but i do not care for the thickness of double stacks . I worked years as an LE with a total of 18 rounds on the belt including the gunload . Nowdays i am not even obligated to arrest , only to get my furry butt out of the crack i got it into so round count really isnt a big concern .
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    Go compact and carry an extra mag on the other side.

    You're far more likely to carry if your rig is manageable.

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    go with the gun that you will carry at all times. not the gun that you will leave in the car or at home. i have found that a smaller gun will be with you at all times when the bigger gun is not.
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    I carry an M&P fullsize (don't get me wrong i love it), I find myself many times wishing I had something along the lines of a Kahr. Maybe later

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    Till I switched to IWB I carried a G30, sub compact. After I got a AKJ Concealco IWB my G21 full size was very comfortable to carry all day.

    Figure out what gun you shoot best, and find the best/comfortable way to carry it.

    My schooling has been carry the biggest caliber you can make good hits on the target.

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