A Good Pocket Carry Setup...

A Good Pocket Carry Setup...

This is a discussion on A Good Pocket Carry Setup... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm a thin guy, only 5' 7" and always wear tucked dress shirts/pants so it's hard to carry much. I won't do tuckables and they ...

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Thread: A Good Pocket Carry Setup...

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    A Good Pocket Carry Setup...

    I'm a thin guy, only 5' 7" and always wear tucked dress shirts/pants so it's hard to carry much. I won't do tuckables and they print anyway on me so I've had to focus on pocket carry. Here's a combination I've settled on that works really well, is light weight and even works with thin dress pants. I'd always rather carry larger but for someone with my constraints, this is ideal.

    Keltec P3AT 2nd Gen has proven to be 100% reliable with over 1000 rounds including FMJ and Speer Gold Dot HP's. I had a BAD experience with a 1st gen so I almost gave up on this but it's just about the perfect pocket gun. I have an S&W J frame but in dress pants on a guy my size it's bulky and the outline prints a little. The P3AT feels a lot better.

    Ka-Bar TDI. Just got this and like it. It's designed for threading on the belt but I found it's perfect for pocket carry on my weak side. I've ordered an IWB sheath from FIN designs that I think will be good but it really does work GREAT as a pocket carry. There's an ideal place on the sheath to use as a "push off" place to unsheath it in the pocket during the draw.

    Now to add a light and I'll be set! It's a small set up and what I call a "Nominal" EDC setup for for folks like me who wear business casual w/tucked shirts nearly 100% it's a good setup.

    Just thought I'd show a pic or two for those who might be in the same boat.

    Almost forgot about the holster! It's a pocket defender from K&D Holsters. It's "ok", just, okay. I had a similar holster from RJ Hedley years ago that was perfect because of it's design. The front of the holster was smooth (no boning) and the wing was contoured a bit. This helped it to print less but this holster is still good!
    God Bless
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    Nice. I like my K Rat holster by Palehorse for pocket carry of my P3AT.

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    Very nice setup, Gideon!

    While we're talking pocket holsters, I thought I'd throw these pics out since I'm so psyched about this new pocket setup I'm working on. I hope you don't feel I'm hi-jacking your thread..

    This is the PH3 from Matt Del Fatti, for my Seecamp LWS32 I have on order. I also bought a matching magazine holder, as you can see.

    Here is the front:

    And here is the back:

    Matt's current back log on most bigger custom stuff is about 18 months, but I happen to catch him when he was making some PH3's and I got to skip most of the wait. His work is incredible! What a great guy!

    I can't wait for that Seecamp to get here. It will even have my own custom serial number on it! I'm so psyched!
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    Arming yourself in dressclothes sucks. I had to get dressed up once. It messed me up. I only carryed one snub, a reload, pepper spray, a cellphone,poket knife and a flash light. Felt naked for the hole Funeral.

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    well you allways go to the old stand by - the ankle holster. works well in dress clothes, when you can not pocket carry. just get a good ankle rig, the cheap ones don't ride well.
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    I've always used a leather pocket holster or an Uncle Mikes Pocket Pal. Recently I traded for a Kel-Tec P-32 & it came with a kydex pocket holster. Works very well. It really nice in the summer, because it keeps the moisture away from the gun much better than leather.

    I also picked up a leather DeSantis wallet holster (Thanks Pete!), & that's worked out VERY well in my strong side rear pants pocket. Looks like I have a 2nd wallet (Which I normally do). I only use the wallet set-up as a BUG, otherwise I pocket carry in the front pants pocket for short trips or so.

    I much prefer carrying my Kahr PM9, but sometimes you just need something small & light.
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    Well I am also 5 7 and about 130 lbs so I understand your probs. I have expieremented with everything I can think of. I can conceal my 3913 or a 38 quite easy if I dont have to tuck or can wear a light jacket. Following the first rule of a gun fight I own a P32 I have found the clip iwb at 1 o clock is the best for me. It is always there and have had only 2 people question the clip under my belt. I have found that a slight bump on the barrel from my left hand from the bottom and its in my right hand for quick draw. I have worn this around everyone from sunday school teachers to fed personal security and never had a prob. I will carry more in the warm months but will still have my P32 @ 1 o clock.

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    Gee, all this trouble with "dressing up" and concealing.

    Personally I love to "dress up" because I find it easier to hide my roscoe. I have had all my "dress pants" cut to accommodate my IWB and the pockets are reinforced to support my BUG. Of course I wear a jacket to match the pants too. When I dress up I look like a Jr G-Man.

    Oh wait, I am a G-Man.


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