P320 Compact or Glock 19?

P320 Compact or Glock 19?

This is a discussion on P320 Compact or Glock 19? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey there, I went to the range and shot both today, but still having major difficulty deciding between the two. I've done research on both, ...

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Thread: P320 Compact or Glock 19?

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    P320 Compact or Glock 19?

    Hey there, I went to the range and shot both today, but still having major difficulty deciding between the two. I've done research on both, and I know the consensus is that both are great pieces, but I'm terrible at making choices so I figured I'd come here to ask if there was any advice? Also, I'm 5'8, 155lbs - am I too small to effectively conceal either of those weapons?
    I currently have a P938 for concealed carry for the summer months, and a Springfield XD Service for home defense, so I wanted to add a double stack handgun for concealed carry. I'm military so not too worried about the price since I should be able to get discounts on either the Glock or Sig.
    Lastly, if I do decide to go with either one, should I go for the P320RX or Glock 19 MOS? Or are optic sights largely unnecessary for concealed carry?

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    I love the P320 design, but for most applications (especially CC) would pass on the optic versions, personally.

    The G19 will be a little easier to conceal, but the P320 will possibly be more enjoyable for you to shoot. I've got several of each pistol. I like the trigger on the P320 much more than the G19 trigger (even though I have done trigger work on the Glocks).

    They are two of the best choices out there. Only you can make this choice; check them out in person carefully. Rent or borrow them to shoot, if possible. No one else can make this choice for you.
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    Both great shooting pistols. Be prepared to spend good bucks on a good optic sight Sig has the Romeo for the P320. If any firearm can pull me away from Glocks it would be the Sig P320 !

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    It's not so comfy carrying with an optic. Personally if I had to do it over again I would keep the optics only on my HD guns unless my eyesight went to crap. Having the optics on the HD makes up for the potential of waking up at O-dark-30 and having to adjust to tritium sights, etc.
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    I have a Sig P320 compact and I have also gotten a good amount of trigger time behind a Glock 19, although I dont own one (I do have a G26 though). For me, the modularity of the P320 tipped the scale. I liked the idea of carrying a compact for personal protection and having a full sized gun for competition with both guns having EXACTLY the same trigger pull. I also like the idea of being able to swap calibers very easily. If you're a do-it-yourself gunsmith and want to try stippling, messing up on a Sig P320 (new "frame" is $40) is A LOT cheaper than messing up on a Glock 19 (frames aren't sold by Glock. You need a new gun).

    As for concealability, the edge goes to the Glock. I feel like the slide on the Sig is just a but bulkier. Also, the Sig is ever so slightly taller. However, the Glock really separates itself when it comes to holster options. As far as I know, every major holster maker has something for the G19. Finding a holster for the P320 is a bit more tricky, although it uses the same holsters as the P250 which has been on the market for a few years.

    Ultimately, while i am quite happy with my Sig P320, I am also saving up for a Glock 19.

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    OP, there is another post on the same 1st page of this forum which is very similar to yours. You might find some useful information, or at least different opinions, in the answers to that post.

    Glock 19 or Sig P320 Compact for EDC
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    Skip optics and go with the P320c. Their size is similar, but from my experience, the SIG trigger is so much better making the pistol much easier to shoot accurately. The P320 is also a bit less expensive. On the other hand, if my only choice was a G19, I wouldn't have any reservations about carrying it with confidence.
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    I'm in the same boat as you (I started the other thread). I shoot both guns well but I like the way the 320 feels in the hand. The glock is a glock, so its been proven. Both of them conceal well, I actually ordered shells for both so I could conceal them at the range. I'm not a fan of the grip on the glock but I might get use to the angle if I shoot it enough. Going friday to buy one of them, will probably just decide while I'm in the LGS.

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    (1.) Learn to run an autoloading, centerfire handgun effectively beFORE concerning yourself with optics on a carry gun.

    (2.) You are certainly "big enough" to conceal either choice. It's less about your size. And more about your gear & care.

    (3.) EVERY concealed handgun choice is a series of personally subjective compromises. Between those two, flip a coin. Then whichever pistol most easily allows you to hit the flipped coin in mid-air? Pick... THAT ONE!
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    I know very little about Glocks generally, but have heard great things regarding the G19. I do know and own the P320C in 9mm. Great accuracy and never a hiccup with just under 1000 rounds fired thru it using all kinds of ammo from reloads to junk to top SD ammo. Feeds it all. The one thing I particularly like about the P320 is the removable fire control unit (FCU) because it allows for ease of complete cleaning. Either way, you can't go wrong between the two you've figured on.

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    I am one of those that feel like the Glock was made for my hands. I get a more positive and comfortable grip on the Glock 19 over the Sig. It was close but I ended up with the Glock. Many factors including mag and accessory availability & cost weighed in on my decision. Can't go wrong with either choice.

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    I also had this difficult decision to make, but I already owned a Sig P320c. I fired both at the range and I shot both of them well. I think the g19 is a bit thinner and concealable but when I tried to rapid fire at the range, the glock was more difficult to maintain control. Of course, there are people who can rapid fired with glocks well but it wasnt for me. Also I wouldn't get an optic for your carry gun. From what I've been hearing, if you ever had to use your gun in self defense, the prosecuters can use your gun against you if it looks like you are an avid shooter and were "itching" to shoot someone. In a real life-death situation you're not going to pull your gun own, take the time to aim at your target and fire, you're just going to draw as fast as you can and just point and shoot before he/she does you first. Just my opinion but I think it's justifiable.
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    P320 Compact or Glock 19?

    I'm a huge fan of optics. Faster acquisition of targets and transitions. But unless it's ALWAYS ON like an Aimpoint H1 /T1 or Primary Arms Advanced Microdot, you're better off with Tritium sights. With a 1.5 second draw when needed, that doesn't even include the time to turn that device on in the setting of concealed carry. Home defense is a different bird where you CAN have time to turn it on.

    With your thin frame, I'm not sure how comfortable or effective you will be in concealing a pistol of that size, even with a Crossbreed Supertuck...unless you wear Hockey jerseys or large coats all the time. But that would lead to a latency in drawing from concealment.

    As for triggers, the Sig DA/SA can be a bit less smooth, honestly, than a Glock (or other striker fire pistol for that matter). See what feels comfortable. I just acquired a Sig Sauer Legion P229 and it definitely feels much better/smoother than my other P229. So if I were to go with an upgrade on a Sig, I'd say go for the Legion or get some gunsmith work on it. I didn't catch what branch you were in but The Beretta service pistol has a smoother, albeit heavier trigger, than a Standard Sig Sauer.

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    I own the G19 Gen 4 and I like it a lot. But I am going to get a P320 Compact next year for several reasons. One, because I like the stock trigger better (yes, I know I can get an aftermarket trigger for the Glock but I don't like altering carry weapons). Two, because I like the way it looks. Three, because I want a second compact size 9mm (yes, a second G19 would probably make more sense). And finally, four, because I am a gun guy and want one.
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    I have a g19...great gun but I would rather have a p320. Just not a glock fan

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