You guys are mentioning all the reasons I had for doing this...

1 - Maintain 4" sight radius, achieve more concealable grip
2 - Achieve better grip traction
3 - Snag-free slide

The hardest thing to justify was getting it refinished...this was a pre-melonite XD, so I wanted to have it redone with the melonite treatment. When Coal Creek finally offered a special rate on 1911Forums, I jumped at the chance...they were kind enough to let me slip my XD in. Originally, I told them I wanted TFOs. They said that because of the aggressive melt job, TFOs wouldn't fit right. I said I'd settle for the Entreprise Ghost Ring, and then they couldn't get a set of those. They called me back and said that TFOs would work just fine, and I said "Great...let's go back to plan A".

As noted, they touched up a little bit of the melt job. These are great guys, and they did a great job with the Melonite QPQ finish.