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Anyone own a "bodyguard" style S&W?

This is a discussion on Anyone own a "bodyguard" style S&W? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My 642 is mated with Crimson Trace grips. Great if you are ever not able to use the sights due to being on the ground ...

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Thread: Anyone own a "bodyguard" style S&W?

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    My 642 is mated with Crimson Trace grips. Great if you are ever not able to use the sights due to being on the ground or any other reason. You can adjust to hit to point of aim. Excellent intimidation factor, but don't rely on that. It also will shoot +P. I load it with 158 gr. +P LSWCHP.
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    i carry a model 60 with a bobbed hammer and the clip draw belt clip. hard to beat for concealment and it's very low, very low maintance.
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    I've got the 638 "Bodyguard". Shot it for the first time today. First shot was a little snappy because I didn't know what to expect. After that, she was pretty fun to shoot. 5 shots can go off quickly. Rapid fire at about 5-6 yards was a little less than a pie tin. Figure that'll give me a fighting chance. I liked the feel of the trigger. The sites (at least in my case) are pretty useless. I did better point shooting than I did when I tried to really aim. Carry in a pocket holser made by a local leather man.
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    I had an Airweight 442 and it is one of the few guns I regret selling.

    I have a Mod-42 (1968 production) that has been an amazing piece. It has been carried in several states over several years as in in-car "easy reach" piece. I will probably end up with another 442 in the future.

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    Yea,I got Mod 60 & 49 both 2'' barrels.

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    I have a Model 38 Airweight that my grandpa carried everyday for many years when he owned and operated a country store up in the mountains. He dealt in everything you'd expect to find in a general store, including guns, furs and locally dug and dried ginseng. Walked home with the till(cash) to put it in the safe every night, then back again in the morning.

    I have shot it some, but have no accuracy with it. My wife likes it OK, but she doesn't hit much with it either. It has more sentimental value than anything else.
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    S&W 642 with laser grips is my "daily" pocket carry. Use a pocket holster to make sure it is turned like it should be. When I have to wear smaller pocket clothes like blue jeans, I use a Kel Tec 380 with a laser.

    FBI stats say the average confrontational shooting is less than 6 ft over in less than 3 seconds, and 3 rounds used. In this scenario, laser work the best, as you can shot from the belt line. You do not want to stick the gun out there where they can grab it, or knock it away.
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    A friend has one, I like it... I'd like to eventually get one.

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    I have one with CT grips. It's my favorite pocket piece.
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    She's pretty, but she packs a wallop with wooden grips:

    Still, I am one of those guys who doesn't feel comfortable with just 5 rounds, so I tend to carry a GLOCK in stead
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