Kel-tec PF9

Kel-tec PF9

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    Kel-tec PF9

    i need some advice. i'm in the market for a new carry piece, and a came across the kel-tec pf9. i just got a new position at work which means i'll be dealing with more suits than sweats, and some of the guys i work with warned me to keep a real low profile if i'm gonna continue to carry. i need something smaller than what i have now, and the kel-tec is just about the perfect size. anyone have any experience with this model, as far as shooting and caring for it? i'm also considering the taurus millenium pro, but the smaller the better. 9mm is about the lowest round i'm willing to go. thanks, y'all.

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    There is some questionable reports about the PF-9... its just to new to tell. I might look into someting a little higher quality, such as a Kahr.
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    go to the kel tec org site they have good reading and range reports on the pf9. i got a p-11 and p3at and both are tops. the p-11 worked 100% out of the box. the p3at i had to do the f&b to get it at 100%. the pf9 is not much smaller than the p-11. for suite work i would look at the p3at. hard to beat a real small gun like the p3at.
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    Ive got one.

    Havent had any problems at all with it. None. Zero.

    Its accurate too.

    One could do much worse. Like you, the 9mm is about the smallest I care to carry.
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    the "questionable reports" were with the early, first deliveries, while the gun was in effect being "beta tested". Yes, there were quite a few problems that KT worked out of the first release, particularly modification of the barrel from the older P-11 barrel to one more suited to the smaller and lighter single stack frame.

    My PF9 is now my only 9mm, and I trust it as much as my Kimber, S&W, Rugers, Rossi, other KT's.......

    The PF9 is a very accurate 8 round single stack 9mm pistol for the intended purpose. Not many fully loaded 9mm handguns under 12 ounces can say that.

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    Doesn't kel-tec have a lifetime warrenty? I know that their reputation is that they stand behind their products even if you initially have a problem.

    I plan on picking up a kel-tec very soon.

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    Good maker, good warranty. These guns just started showing up in my area. I plan on picking one up. I have other KT weapons and they look utilitarian but work 100%.
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    I've had my PF9 for 3 months and it is now my main carry pistol. I had never had a DAO semi-auto before and it took some time to get used to the long trigger pull and the slide release was also very tight. After 250 rounds it's loosened up and the slide release is functioning normal and I've gotten use to the trigger pull. It's very accurate at 7 yards and has never failed to function as long as I did my part. Being a small pistol you have to be sure and not limp wrist it and not short stroke the DAO trigger. Many have FTF issues due to both those problems. It is a great carry gun and virtually disappears it's so compact. Going price can be above $300 but if you look hard you can find them in the $275 +/- range.
    If I had not gotten the PF9 I would have bought the Kahr CW9. It's about $75-100 higher but fits my hand better and the trigger feels much better than the Kel Tec. It is slightly bigger but that's what I like about it. Either one is a good CCW.
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    I got the PF9, I trust my life with it (especially during the summer) and it just disappears on me. Now, during the winter I'll probably be carrying my XD9sc some too, but I'll still have the PF9 on me in most situations.


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    I carry one of my 1911's most of the time but my pf-9 is always in a pocket or IWB when at home or when i need deeper concealment. I shot several hundred rounds through mine with not one problem. It's pretty accurate and mine seems to like Speer gold dot 124 grain bullets.


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    I just got my new C.T.A.C. holster a couple of days ago for my PF9 and it works just fine. Conceals easily. When with my PF9 I usually go pocket or now the CTAC. No problems with the PF9 - I purchased mine back in May. Shot several rounds through it. Some people have had issues with the older serial # PF9

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    Jawarrior -

    There is more than one existing thread here that addresses the PF9. You might want to do a search and see what others have already said.
    IMHO it's a good gun for the money as long as you can remember that you paid less than $300 for it. Mine now has more than 800rounds of mixed ammo through it. It has fired all types of factory rounds without a stoppage. I have experienced a jam or two shooting reloaded JHP's but I think these were due to bad ammo not an intolerant pistol. I have also experienced a jam when I allowed the lubrication to dry out during extensive range time.
    Accuracy is ok - I can 10 ring every shot but the groups are not as tight as I want as I have not yet mastered the long DAO trigger pull. I'm sure the gun is better than I am - my main carry weapon is a 1911...but I'm working on my appreciation for diversity.
    Some people have experienced breakage and long waits for service but I have had no problems with mine.
    I would recommend sanding down the pointed end of the trigger and the molding ridge that is formed on the inside of the trigger guard. The gun ate a hole in the bottom of my trigger finger the first time I took it to the range. Sanding the sharp points and smoothing the trigger guard helped reduce the damage. I would also recommend keeping the pistol well-lubed. The PF9 seems to like a wet slide...
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    When I bought mine a couple weeks ago, the question I faced was whether I'd want to carry it in stead of my P3AT. Yeah, it's small, but it's nowhere near as compact as the 380.

    Well, long story short, the pf9's been in my pocket every day since I bought the thing and I do believe it is going to replace my p3at in a most cases. Yes it's bigger, but not so big that it's as cumbersome as its older brother, the P11, which now resides in my truck.

    I'm sold.

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    Something about Kel-tecs make me warry. I have absolutely nothing to base this on but something just seems 'cheap' about them.

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    It's the price-------!

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