P2000SK vs. PPS vs. XD SUB

This is a discussion on P2000SK vs. PPS vs. XD SUB within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello Hello, This is my first post here and I was wondering if i could get a little help from everyone. I am looking to ...

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Thread: P2000SK vs. PPS vs. XD SUB

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    Hello Hello,

    This is my first post here and I was wondering if i could get a little help from everyone.

    I am looking to buy a conceal carry gun and have narrowed it down to 2 choices i think fit me best, HK P2000SK, Walther PPS.

    I have previously owned,
    Ruger p94 (jammed very often and very bulky for carry, sold it),
    Sig Pro 2340 (reliable but large for carry also, sold it),
    Glock 22 (glocks feel awkward in my hands,, full size, sold it),
    SA XD Sub 9mm (reliable, but very thick, and hard to manipulate as a lefty, sold it),
    Kahr PM9 (jammed all the time, stoves every magazine, but very thin, small, sold it fast).
    HK USP45c (amazing amazing gun, never jammed, accurate, just a bit large for me, was stolen),

    So I am looking to buy my first gun that i have owned in nearly 3 years since my HK was stolen.Thickness and reliability are my two main concerns. The P2000sk and the Walther PPS; i was wondering if anyone had any comparisons of quality and reliability between the two. Also Does anyone have a picture of a PPS P2000sk and a Walther PPS from the top to compare widths?

    This is a huge purchase for me, to get me back into self defense pistols, and while i only have the money to buy one, i am appealing to you all; the experts.


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    Hollywood California? Arnold, is that you?

    Who do you know, what celebrity or political office do you hold that would allow you a CCW in Cali? From what I can tell you are not a LEO so?

    I'd either look at the XD Sub's or the H&K P2000sk, the widths of either of those two are not a problem due to their size. The Walther’s are ok but you are limited to .380 at least with the PPK and PPKs. Even the sub Glocks are easy to conceal.

    It's really up to what you want and feel comfortable with. I'd go with the price point because you have posted all nice gun's that are reliable, shoot and carry very well.

    Train and train hard, you might not get a second chance to make a first impression!

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    A few friends carry the 2000 and I was never really impressed by it...until I shot it....that LEM trigger is amazingly accurate...never thought it would be but it sure changed my mind....We had a couple of first time shooters with us that day who shot just about everything we had....but they did the best with the 2000...not ready to stop carrying my P7 but I was tempted....

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoveLeather View Post
    not ready to stop carrying my P7.

    Link for P2000SK specs:

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    P2k head and shoulders imho. They are reliable and easy to conceal. For their size, they are comfortable, at least to me. The LEM s the way to go.
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    ppk is pos

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmgopher View Post
    ppk is pos
    I am unfamiliar with the quality of walther, but am intrigued but the width of the PPS.

    I know that HK means quality. but the P2000SK is a little thicker.

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