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Chasing new guns when we have what we need

This is a discussion on Chasing new guns when we have what we need within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I took his remarks as setting the guidelines for the discussion he was inviting, not telling people what they could or couldn't do....

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Thread: Chasing new guns when we have what we need

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    I took his remarks as setting the guidelines for the discussion he was inviting, not telling people what they could or couldn't do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PEF View Post
    I'll consider any response, even one with admonishing emoticons.

    If you can be equally skilled and proficient in a large set of carry handguns, your skill set is far beyond mine. And if you carry a large set of handguns I don't really care. My only point is that - *for me* - I see proficiency drop off when I haven't shot a particular gun for a long while. That's why I tend to shoot my carry guns - and not my range guns - more often. So I've come to the conclusion that a large number of different carry guns *for carrying* (not for collecting) is sub-optimal for me. So I put my observation out there for others to consider. If they come to the same conclusion, great; if not, great.

    Had nothing to do with "tacticool superhero." Kind of the opposite, in fact - I recognize that being a master pistolero is not in my future, and I'll concentrate my time and focus on a few guns that I already have and carry.
    Oh Ok. Are you sure your not a tacticool superhero?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poorly View Post
    I have yet to buy a handgun that is not intended to do self-defense work.
    A few have fallen out of my favor and have been replaced by something that seems to have worked out better.
    The other two, one of which will ultimately win out over the other, are my M&P Shield 9mm and my Sig 938. Range time will eventually sort that out even though I still am reluctant to trust that tiny caliber.
    My chase for new guns is largely over as my gun libido has diminished with age and experience. (sigh) I won't stop looking at the new ones that come along, but I am mostly content to use what I currently have.
    Gun libido. I just read through the latest Combat Hanguns magazine and ignored almost everything in it as being just different moldings of the same old plastic nerf guns. Except the article on the new rendition of the Colt .32 Browning Officer's ACP. Hate the caliber, have no purpose for it but to carry it in that anemic caliber, but oh how I've always wanted one. Having spent the weekend building shelves and racks into my new to me safe I came to many of these same conclusions. Even the larger pistols I bought not to carry but sit on my nightstand have a self defense purpose. I have somehow allowed the excuse of living in swelteringly humid s.w. Fl. to drive my need to find the edc that will allow me to dress like everyone else. And with that purpose buy too much. The Sig 938 ended up winning for a good while but frankly its just a pocket pistol. I'm not going to allow myself to be comfortable being armed much of the time with just a pocket pistol even if it is vogue. So I sit here looking at my now organized safe staring at pistols I really don't use and pondering their future. Do I need to standardize both caliber and platform, keep only those that serve on a regular basis, keep those that have a special place in my heart......oh the angst. Yes to all those questions of course and keep everyone of them, maybe.
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    I don't know I may change my mind about not needing anything :).

    My daughter who moved out left her Vp9 because the folks she living with has kids and she didn't want to take a chance even with it being in a lock box. Which I understand since she cant carry yet. I say that because I was just looking at her Vp9 and thinking maybe I need to take it out and play. (Already got her permission before she moved in Oct). Part of me is wanting to try out a full size striker. I have my PPS and my wife has her Xds and g43. I love my 229 and 226 but as I mentioned in another thread I've eyed the p99 for a couple of years and just fondling this Vp9 realized how darn good that thing feels in hand.

    To freaking cold right now to go out to the range but I think when I do the Vp9 is coming along. You never know. Yes my needs are met but......
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    What interesting journeys we have all taken to arrive at this point.

    We can satisfy one of man's most primeval urges - survival - and have total access to the best of the world's firearms. As an American veteran, I find it all mostly reassuring because I sense - on this website and others - a real devotion to safely utilizing this survival tool for its intended purpose. It's that last, desperate act of drawing a handgun in defense of oneself and others which (I hope) will play some cosmic purpose in this ever stranger world. When you start talking nuclear weapons, missiles, submarines, battle tanks and crew-served weapons, our pistols are popguns.

    I am a huge advocate for owning, carrying and shooting ONE gun. Believe me, I've tried to accomplish that, but attaching a powerful tac light or light/laser to most of the highly concealable 9mm single stacks or .380s is more than a challenge and I want that option filled for the home and other dark environments. So, between the Gen 4 Glock 19 and the Kahr CM9, I'm just going to try to stack time in pistol matches. With more discretionary income (ha!) I'd try to shoot at least two action pistol matches a month with either of those two guns on a rotating basis.

    There is no absolute guarantee I will be able to make those IDPA shots at a live person and there is no guarantee I won't miss. Veteran LEOs have missed. None of us can ever predict how we'll react under high-stress situations with gunfire and possible explosions that may be nearby and - worse yet - directed at us. I can't claim to be a warrior because God hasn't called upon me with that mission (hopefully never in my lifetime). But, in a violent encounter I don't choose, I hope to acquit myself to the best of my abilities and my practice, where I develop muscle memory, familiarity and confidence in that ONE weapon that really matters, because it's the one in my hand.

    All of these discussions and deep thoughts on penetration, expansion, firepower, etc. mean nothing if I can't hit what needs hitting, as fast as possible, without exposing myself to return fire. I hope, as brothers in arms, we will effectively exercise our Second Amendment rights only when the time urgently demands that level of response.

    Peace to you all and Happy New Year in 2017.
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    I think having more than one or maybe two (for more specialized situations like when you need a smaller gun) is generally a bad idea. I also think, if you do have two guns, they should be as similar as practically possible.

    But i dont see any harm in having as many range guns or woods guns or collectable guns as you want.

    I carry a glock 19 pretty much exclusively. I shoot it every time i go out shooting, the other guns i bring are more for fun than anything else. But its business when im shooting the 19
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1gunsnowbird View Post

    I am a huge advocate for owning, carrying and shooting ONE gun.
    This is a peculiar proposition. Where is the advantage in so limiting oneself? One of the most baseless and trite statements among so many afflicting the "gun hobby" is:

    "Beware the man with one gun. He probably knows how to use it."

    It sounds lofty at first, but breaks down upon examination. Clint Smith, who is said to have first uttered this statement, owns more than one gun. The best shooters who we like to follow in print or on YouTube, certainly have more guns and they know how to use them. When cutting through the fluff on firearms forums (my fluff included), one can determine which members are the "real deal." They obviously shoot well and own more than just one gun. Personally I cannot, at any point in my life, recall ever meeting a single example of this mythical one gun shooting expert.

    In the real world the man with one gun is cheap, disinterested, a poor shot, uneducated and so prone to false assumptions, and is more likely to be a danger to himself or others.

    I am fortunate to have more firearms than I need. I am fortunate to have a modicum of shooting skills even if I'm not the "best-in-the-west" on a shooting sports competition firing line, nor the best shot on Defensive Carry Forum. My own shooting skills are not going to be improved though by donning the hair shirt of asceticism and denying myself the experience of owning and shooting different firearms.

    The best shooters aren't found to have only one gun. The best shooters are found to have interest, discipline, and enthusiasm as well as several pet guns. You can see them here on the Forum. I want to be like them.
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    It is not about buying what we need. It is about buying what we want. I bought 60 handguns in the last 6 years. I could carry a different gun each week of the year at one time. I had to buy every new handgun that came out so I could shoot it and test it our as a carry or home defense gun. I have bought 12 last gun ever, guns and bought two more for xmas along with a Henry Big Boy rifle and Ruger Vanquero which are just for show.

    I worked 51 years so I could buy all the things I wanted. Having no kids and a good job allowed me to do this with guns and cars. However, I have sold off all but 16 handguns. At least I know which guns fit me the best. :) At my age I have to think about how difficult the triggers and slides are to manipulate as well as recoil. My guns fall into two groups, collection and use. I mostly pocket carry these days as my hips tend to hurt if I put weight on them for any length of time. So I have 9 pocket guns. 4 are scatted around the house in quick access handguns safes or disguised furniture. 3 are just to look at and have never be shot. I have always been a want guy rather then a need one. In turn, that has driven me to succeed in business and look for better and better jobs to fund my wants. :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by FLSlim View Post
    I think almost everybody has some criterion that restrict their gun purchases (although that limit may reduce the type/size/caliber of guns purchased but not the number). My limit is my safe size...
    My limit is keeping my wife from using the newly-purchased gun on me. She is the voice of reason when I get "the fever".

    As for carry pistols, I have several, but they are all 1911 platform and have basically identical sights. That makes it easy to switch from one to another.

    There are a few 1911s that I'd still like to own, but I'm at a point now where I'll probably replace one with another rather than adding to the collection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kukla View Post
    ............what is this "need" you speak of?
    A lot of ground has been plowed, so I'll just add:

    "All you need is love."
    Ride hard, shoot straight, always speak the truth

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    Some of the comments here almost sound like they are coming from people that would LIKE to have more guns than they do, but for one reason or another, cannot.
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    not so much as chasing "new" guns but different guns.

    if just the same old sheit would work. we should all be driving tin lizzies.


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