Looking at the following guns for CCW

Looking at the following guns for CCW

This is a discussion on Looking at the following guns for CCW within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am wondering what those who own Keltec P11 think of it; I kow some do not like the trigger what are others pros or ...

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Thread: Looking at the following guns for CCW

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    Looking at the following guns for CCW

    I am wondering what those who own Keltec P11 think of it; I kow some do not like the trigger what are others pros or cons? Same question about the Keltec's PF 9; pros/cons. This being a newer pistol I am wonder if there is anyone who has seen, owns or who has shot it. I am also look for, in my local market, and at the Bersa thunder line in 9mm; Pros or cons of this gun or the thunder family in general. All three appear to be pocket guns in size. I have handled the P11; I know from that expirence that I would want to find the S&W mags that would extend the grip an inch or so but I have not had a chance to shot the P11 or any Keltec gun.

    I have seen a friend's Bersa in .380 but that is the end of that seen it handled it but again did not shot it. That I intend to fix in time --- if we can ever get together to shot!!

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    I have a P-11 and I would say that it is decent. Not great in my experience.
    12+1 Capacity without a magazine extension
    Customer service
    Lifetime Warranty

    LONG and HEAVY Trigger
    LONG and HEAVY Trigger
    LONG and HEAVY Trigger
    It kicks as much if not more than a Glock 27(.40 cal) with standard preasure ammo
    Some are reliable, some are not(Mine has not been. Trigger bar broke after about 780 rounds.)

    I actually ended up getting a S&W 642 after my P-11 broke and have zero complaints about it!

    I haven't shot the PF-9, but I've held one at the range. Very slim and light. But again, I'm not too sure about reliabilty. Just my .02.

    Here are some good sources for info on the Kel-Tecs:

    Best of luck in whatever you choose!
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    Check out the M&P 9mm compact - I have both that and a Bersa 380. While the Bersa is trim, accurate, and a great deal for the $$$; the S&W M&P compact is in a much more powerful caliber, holds more rounds, is better made, has a more solid feel in the grip, has better sights, and is even more accurate. They are almost the same exact size length and height wise, and the M&P is only a little thicker than the Bersa. Of course it is also twice the price as the Bersa, but IMO it's worth it.

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    I don't have a P-11, but I do own a P-3AT, PF-9 and several Bersa 9's (full size and compact).

    I like the P-3AT because it it's just about the most powerful round you can get in a pistol the size of the little K-T. The trigger is OK, it's accurate enough for the purpose it was designed - up close and personal self-defense - while being affordable. I don't like the fact neither of the K-T's has second strike ability and the slide doesn't stay open after the last round on the P-3AT. The PF-9 is essentially a single stack P-11 that went on a diet. It has slightly better sights and trigger, but otherwise not much difference in size besides being slimmer in the frame/grip area.

    None of my K-T's have given me any problems and I can shoot 2" groups at 10 yds with either. FYI, being such small, light weight guns, they will give your hand a beating if you try shooting more than a few mags of ammo at any sitting, but these are guns you "carry a lot and shoot a little", not range guns or target pistols.

    As for the Bersa's, they are probably one of the most under rated pistols on the market today. Simply put, I love my Ultra Compact's!! I have two 9's and a 45 and if I could have only one pistol for self-defense in ANY situation, it would be one of the Bersa UC's. FWIW, the larger caliber Bersa's ~ they come in 9, 40 and 45 ~ are NOTHING like the T-380 (my wife carries one of them). They have a completely different design and operating system. They have good triggers, are EXTREMELY accurate, are "lefty" friendly and I can fire 200-300 rounds at any time and never think twice about there being any problems with the guns... there won't be!

    The Bersa's are considerably heavier and larger than the K-T's, but you're getting more gun for the money and while they are bigger, the UC-9 is still only about the same size as a compact Taurus 24/7 or my son's Glock 23.
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    I've owned 2 KelTec P11 pistols. I bought the first pistol when the first series of P11s were available. Hated It!!! Actually, it was the trigger pull I hated. So, I traded that gun in and bought something else.

    In 2000 I bought my second P11 - and while the trigger pull was somewhat better, I still was not happy with it. So, I traded that pistol as well.

    Now, if you're looking to spend $300-$450 for a CCW, look at getting a used Kahr P9/CW9, or maybe a similarly priced used pistol.

    The Glock, S&W M&P, Springfield XD are all good pistols, but very thick and somewhat heavier than the Kahr P9/CW9 for everyday carry.

    If you need a true go-everywhere, everyday carry handgun, and your "work" clothing does not require you to either wear a suit jacket, or allow dress with an untucked shirt, then you'll probably need to rely on pocket carry (or maybe smart/thunderwear). In this situation, you have some interesting choices. KelTec P3AT/P32, Seacamp 380/32, NAA Guardian 380/32, Kahr PM9 (9mm), Walther PPS (9mm), and the H&K p2000sk (9mm).

    Many people, myself included, do not recommend carrying .22 or .25 for selfdefense, and even the .32 is at the bottom limit. I've carried everything from a Beretta Jetfire .25 to a Glock 23, a HiPower and 1911, and a Sig 229. My personal choice for everyday carry is the Rohrbaugh R9, or the KelTec P3AT. I have both and feel a lot safer with 9mm JHP rather than 380 JHP. Therefore, I stick with the R9 in my front pocket for daily carry.

    For comparison...
    Kimber Ultra Carry II
    (.45 ACP)
    Kahr CW9 (9x19 mm)
    Rohrbaugh R9 (9x19 mm)
    Kel-Tec P3AT (9x18 mm)

    Here's what I've got in my pockets on a usual day:


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    For concealment along with a decent caliber, the PF9 is hard to beat for the price. The newer serial # PF9 have less issues than the old. I purchased mine in May. I have shot it several times. I have many other guns that are more fun to shoot, but the PF9 conceals better. It is thinner & lighter than any other subcompact 9mm that I checked out. I am wearing it right now in a CTAC - not my holster of choice - but both the gun & holster conceal very well with a tucked shirt. You will have to consider mag capacity, cost, weight, size, caliber, concleament - every person is different and so is the guns they choose. But regarding the PF9 you asked about - it is a very reliable gun, not fun to put boxes of ammo through, won't kill your wallet & conceals well. I have no experience with the other Kel-Tec models outside of what I evaluated during my prepurchase information hunt. jmo

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    Since we're doing comparisons, here's a picture of a Bersa UC-9, my PF-9, P-3AT (for size comparison) and a SKYY CPX-1. You didn't ask about the SKYY, but though different internally, it's literally identical to the P-11 externally except for having a safety so I included it. Also, FYI the factory mags for the UC-9 have a pinky extension. I swapped it for a flat base plate for easier CC.

    If you want something with a bit more "bang", I included a photo of my UC-45... simply a beefed up UC-9.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Looking at the following guns for CCW-compactpistols.jpg  

    Looking at the following guns for CCW-b45grip.jpg  

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    I'm looking at getting a P-11 myself
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