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Carrying too many guns?

This is a discussion on Carrying too many guns? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I pretty much have settled on a 1911, but have more than one and need a few more. That being said, I wouldn't hesitate to ...

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Thread: Carrying too many guns?

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    I pretty much have settled on a 1911, but have more than one and need a few more. That being said, I wouldn't hesitate to vary my carry gun if there was a good reason to do it. My 1911 is what I have confidence in and, to me, is the ideal carry gun.
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    I agree with bumper that the 1911 is ideal, though I now exclusively carry my Warthog a 3" barrelled 1911. I get 10 rounds and it is smaller and lighter then my XD. Nothing says loving like the .45ACP :)
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    Carry two guns most of the time.

    I carry a Kahr Arms P9 as my main carry gun and a little 2 shot 9MM derringer in a cross draw holster. This works very well when in a car, (not a Kahr), as it is hard to get to my main gun when strapped in. Sometimes I carry a Springfield 1911-A1 but that is a big heavy gun and not comfortable concealed all day.

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    I switch due to style of dress.

    If I'm wearing my usual train-wreck of crappy biker clothes, I can carry a larger pistol.

    If I'm dressed up for a business meeting or some other fancy-schmancy outing, I carry a pistol that can be easily packed off-body. I'm not thrilled about the effectiveness of my go-to-meeting pistol, but actually having a gun is the first rule.

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    Carry 1 gun, hardly. I carry two (1911 on hip, pm9 in front left pocket.) I understand owning a bunch of guns is cool- I'm encouraging mine to mate and breed by using mood lighting and music, but pick one style and go with it.

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    Never toooo many

    It took quite a long time to finally settle on the perfect carry combination for my carry needs. For now, I have two that I have total confidence in - a Smith 640-1 for summer, and a Commander for colder months. The commander will soon be replaced by a SA Compact. The hardest thing for me was holster selection, and my holster box shows it. (I cannot believe that I tried/considered SOB carry) . If you're totally familiar with a weapon, what's the harm of switching? My wife doesn't agree, but I think a different one for each day of the week makes sense.

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    HK USP unless I will carry for many hours or I need better cover,then its a Walther P99.

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    Despite my size (and I'm dieting, and this time I mean it), I just need something in a serious calibre that I won't leave on top of the dresser.

    I'm considering that Springfield in .45 GAP.

    A diplomat's wife might buy my Glock, and I have mixed feelings about that. The Glock is growing on me, but like all past lichens, I can find remedies. I've handled my .380 ACP Government, and a small 1911 might re-visit my life. I just never warmed to the proportions of the Detonics. I miss my Officers ACP.

    Believe it or not, I'm also considering buying a 4 5/8 stainless Ruger Bisley Vaquero, the calibre unimportant. Nothing has a faster first shot than a SAA, and it would become the revolver on my end table. That leaves the need for a stainless or hard-chromed Springfield GAP.

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    I used to switch with some regularity. I'll still do so if there's a genuine need, but my Sig 226 has been with me for some time now and the S&W 296 as a BUG has been stable without any real desire to change for a year or more now.

    I'm not looking for more carry guns except as backups or spare parts or special purpose guns.
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    I'll still do so if there's a genuine need
    This is the problem I'm going through now. You can't plan an emergency, but a fully tricked out IPSC gun seems extreme most of the time.

    To be sure, except for deep mouse guns (which have their place), a serious calibre should be chosen. There can be other concerns, for example, my wife is a leftie and might have to use one of my combat guns.

    While my research on the GAP has just begun, it seems like a good balance of power and size. As time goes on, I think the number of firearms that use it, and any reliability issues are solved, this cartridge should be a winner.

    However, is there anyone among us who has not thrown on sandals, a jean jacket, pocketed a 642 because he was "just going out for the newspaper"? Even when that perfect pistol is found, you have to have enough sense to actually carry the stupid thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevmullins
    The topic isn't really what it sounds like in the title. I'm refering to varrying your carry weapon. In other words, in your opinion, should you carry one particular gun all the time or do you feel it's ok to varry your carry piece?...
    I think that, as long as you are competent and confident with the manual of arms, it doesn't matter. It's only a problem if switching between guns slows your response time or affects your accuracy. I have one carry gun, so it isn't an issue for me. I am considering a BUG, but haven't settled on one, yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevmullins
    I can most certainly see the value of carrying one particular gun in the same fashion...takes out the mental step of thinking which gun you've got when you have to draw (ie..."do I have to work a safety or do I just pull the trigger?)

    By the same token, I own many more handguns than I should and hate the thought of "limiting" myself to just one all the time.

    I think it would be wise to choose one handgun for reasons stated above.
    BUT....I usually do the unwise thing and switch my carry gun all the time. I have several handguns and a box full of holsters. I need to justify buying a holster for every hand gun I owne.
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    I have six Handguns but i train heavly with one. AKimber CDP Pro and it serves all my functions. If you train you need only one.

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    Talking Train with the entire inventory....

    The old saying goes: Beware the man with but ONE gun! He likely knows how to use it. I think there is some merit to that, but more as it would apply to rifles and long range shooting skills.

    I have more than six handguns. I train with all of them, concentrating on both revolver and semiauto. I have a buddy. Decorated SpecOps officer now retired. He can't hit crap by his own admission with a revolver because he didn't touch one for so many years. Differing ergonomics, a different feel, if you will, well....I think it shows you can lose the knack...the touch. So I train with everything I have.

    Of course it's a bit easier for me, since I'm an instructor. I start all my classes making the student (I don't care if he's an airborne ranger or a US Marine) after class time, put rounds through a .22LR single action so I can check technique and safety. Then we progress up through 9mm and .38sp as far as the student wants to go all the way thru .44 maggie if they like. Before I let them shoot a firearm of mine (assuming they don't have their own) I model the firing technique.

    My own 24 yr old daughter has a Ruger SP101 .357 magnum. One nephew has a Glock M 30 of mine and the other has my Browning Hi-Power. Heck, they'd get them in the will, why not let them enjoy the guns while I can enjoy their pleasure? Train with everything. Be expert with your entire inventory or get rid of those with which you can't do the necessary job.
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