Car HEAT - storing gun and ammo

Car HEAT - storing gun and ammo

This is a discussion on Car HEAT - storing gun and ammo within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Since I can not take my gun into the building I work in, I unload it and lock it in the trunk. That's where it ...

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Thread: Car HEAT - storing gun and ammo

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    Question Car HEAT - storing gun and ammo

    Since I can not take my gun into the building I work in, I unload it and lock it in the trunk. That's where it stays until I get off work and put it back in the cab of the car.

    One thing I am finding is that the gun and ammo is very hot. I'm not too concerned about the gun (XD-45) but I do have a lasermax in it and am more concerned about the ammo. I cant imagine that the heat could be good for the ammo - any expanding gas maybe???

    I am looking for suggestions / alternatives. I am about at the point where I don't take it to work. It is an hour drive each direction. I thought about a cheap cooler with refreezeable ice..???
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    You have every legitimate right to be concerned about it the ammo. From the moment the cartridges are pressed into and stored in the magazines, they are under stress from the springs. Heat can make it worse, and for us southern-dwellers automobiles can exceed 160F degrees in the summer. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge of what to do about this, only that it is something that degrades the quality of the ammo (ammo rotations are recommended once a year in most of the US, but are recommended at least twice a year for South Easterners because of the very hot and very humid weather).

    If ya can't take the gun into work with you, maybe you can at least sneak the magazine in your pocket.


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    Wouldn't worry too much for the gun itself ... tho it might thin out oil and so be worthwhile shortening the lube intervals a bit.

    The ammo IMO will only slowly degrade even with very high temps. In that situation I'd try to shoot up the carry stuff periodically and reload with fresh. I reckon we are talking months more than weeks and so maybe two rotations and useage over a hot summer should more than keep things functional properly.
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    I would guess you have to regurally change your ammo and keep the changed out ammo for the range, I probably would not put the ammo or the mag in a cooler as it would attract condensation when you took it out of the cooler and now you would have wet ammo and mags and rust issues as even polymer guns have some steel/iron
    parts as well as steel mags and springs.
    You may have to carry ball ammo on work days to keep ammo changes at reasonable costs.

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    Good idea nn - The heat will have an effect (over time) on the powder. The brass and bullets won't be effected in any significant way. I'd call the ammo manufacturer and talk to someone (not in the sales dept) that might be able to give you a better idea....chances are they'll tell you to replace the ammo frequently.

    Another idea might be to set up an experiment. Set 10 rounds in the trunk of the car and mark the date - a month later, do it again. After a year, test them and see if you have any trouble with the stuff a year old, 11 months old, etc..


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    Not a problem for the gun or ammo....been doing it for years here in the Az. heat for years.....even inquired to Crimson Trace as to hi temp effects on their problemo!!! Call your ammo mfg's.....they will tell you the same. And no, your plastic pistols will not melt.
    Measured temps. in my vehicle in the dead of summer in excess of 150 deg. F.

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    No problem in South Georgia but I do keep my gun in a car safe and I have a solar car fan that helps keep the temp down.


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    Car temps

    If it were me I would go to discount store and purchase a small Styrofoam cooler and put my gun and ammo in it while I stored it in the trunk. You might want to put a thermometer in the trunk and then in the cooler, you might be surprised at the difference.


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