XD Owners- Subcompact vs. 4" Barrel

XD Owners- Subcompact vs. 4" Barrel

This is a discussion on XD Owners- Subcompact vs. 4" Barrel within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I own an XD40 that I really like. I know that it's ultimately up to me- what I like- that determines the gun/holster combo that ...

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Thread: XD Owners- Subcompact vs. 4" Barrel

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    XD Owners- Subcompact vs. 4" Barrel

    I own an XD40 that I really like. I know that it's ultimately up to me- what I like- that determines the gun/holster combo that I use. But I wanted to hear from current XD owners about their experiences. Do you use the subcompact/compact model? Have you tried carrying the 4" barrel and found it to be likable?

    I'm hoping to learn from the first-hand accounts of others.

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    I carry the 4" XD9. I find it quite comfortable to carry. I use a C-Tac holster at 3 OClock.
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    Personally I carry the 5" model without much of a problem in a Crossbreed Supertuck at around 3 O'clock. The only reason to drop to the sub compact is the shorter grip, which if its difficult for you to conceal might help.

    Personally if that was the case though I would get the .45 compact, sub compact grip, 4" barrel.
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    I carry the XD-45 4" barrel. I love it. I was using the standard holster that came with it, but now I use the "XD Gear" fully adjustable.

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    I carry the 4" XD45 Service IWB in a Brommeland Max Con V. It is a supremely comfortable holster and I can carry without printing in any way. The XD45 Compacts grip is too small for my big hands. I tried a Wilson CQB Compact a year or so ago and it too had the short grip. I decided to go with the 4" Professional....with no regrets.

    Here is my XD45:

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    I own a XD40sc and a XD9 service and prefer to carry the 40 IWB and the 9 OWB when it's not on nightstand duty.

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    I don't wish to hi-jack this thread; But for those with the S/C& 4" or 5" do you find the longer barrels more accurate for defence use? Or does the speed and distance we are using it not make any difference?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill MO View Post
    I don't wish to hi-jack this thread; But for those with the S/C& 4" or 5" do you find the longer barrels more accurate for defence use? Or does the speed and distance we are using it not make any difference?
    I'm not an XD owner, but for pistols, you benefit a lot more from the longer sight radius (the distance between the front and rear sights) than you do from the ballistic qualities of longer barrel. A longer barrel also means a longer, heavier slide with more weight out towards the front which helps soak up recoil. I think there are real benefits to carrying a 4" or 5" gun, but the longer barrel itself is way down on the list.

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    Bill for defensive purposes I don't think barrel length is much of a concern. The old snub nose 38 revolvers have stopped many a bad guy over the years.
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    Good thread. I am finding it easier to conceal my XD40 4" at 3 o'clock IWB than anywhere else IWB. Have only tried one holster (Uncle Mikes soft cloth) but that will change over time. I find myself canting the weapon to the FBI angle naturally...

    Was very stressed after purchase that I had made the wrong choice with the full-sized service model, but everytime I put my hand on the perfectly-sized service model grip the apprehension goes away. Baby Glocks and even the SC XD felt inadequately small in my *average* size hands, which is why I never purchased them in the first place. I bought the weapon first for its capable function, then for its concealment ability.
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    I have a XD9sc, and I have to admit that I never shot the 4" model.
    The subcompact fit my small hands and seems easier to conceal on my small frame.

    That's just my .02
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    I have the XD40SC and find no problem concealing it. If I want a full size grip on it, I can use the grip extension. I don't feel a bit undergunned and can hit very good with it.

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    i carry the XD 9 SC and it was the short grip not the barrel that sold me. longer barrels are not any harder to conceal than shorter ones (and obviously more technically accurate) but it's the grip that "sticks out".

    ...then they get you with another mag, 16 count, that's part of the package, that temps you and haunts you with way more rounds only making the grip longer! ...whew...

    sigh... can't have your cake and eat it too i guess.

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    My XD 9 SC with it's short grip is very easy and comfortable to carry. 10 + 1 is, hopefully, all I will ever need (and if I need more than that, I'd rather carry an M60 with a couple of belts... be a real bear to conceal. though)
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    Whatever you shoot better...

    I started carry w/40XD-C in MS VMII and liked the way it hid. I also have 45XD 4" and that fits the CTAC holster as well. Can't say I like the 4" model for its concealment factor but it shoots very nicely-better than the 40.

    I say carry the compact w/full size reload.
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