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SO....What Exact Firearm Are You Buying Next???

This is a discussion on SO....What Exact Firearm Are You Buying Next??? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Next will be a Marlin 917(.17 HMR). Hopefully getting it this weekend. After that probably an over/under shottie for skeet/bird hunting. SY...

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Thread: SO....What Exact Firearm Are You Buying Next???

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    Next will be a Marlin 917(.17 HMR). Hopefully getting it this weekend. After that probably an over/under shottie for skeet/bird hunting.


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    Quote Originally Posted by eagle5 View Post
    I've been seriously been looking at another Springfield 1911, preferably a TRP.
    The TRP is a fabulous gun. I just sold one here, recently, and as a added bonus the new owner invited me back to the range to shoot it. I LOVED IT. You won't be unhappy if you go for it, really you won't.

    For me?!?!?!?!?!

    Oh Gosh, do I have them lined up.

    I'm really deciding between three different guns (and no, this is not "if I win the lottery" either).

    Either a...
    Wilson Combat CQB Compact (this is defiantly top of the list),
    Sig Sauer Revolution C3
    or the new Walther PPS.

    The first two, for those who don't know, are both 1911s in .45, the third is a little 9mm that just came our from Walther (though it also comes in .40).

    Now, reasons...
    I'm looking at one or the other 1911s because I've always wanted a 4.25" 1911 in .45 for both carry and for competitions/IDPA/trainings or any other little shooting matches I might get into. Though my little 3" Kimber is a great shooter, it can be a little rough on the wrists when shooting LOTS of rounds in one day. A little heavier gun for competitions or classes that require more rounds but are the same design as my carry gun (DUH, a 1911) would make things more comfortable. Though I like the Revolution C3 by Sig Sauer and it certainly has a more realistic price tag, I can't get over how much I want to wrap my fingers around that Wilson Combat and call it "MINE!" I think I might just have to save my pennies and fulfill that dream.

    However, I just got to shoot that new Walther PPS today and let me tell you, it's tempting. It's the tiniest 9mm I've ever put my hands on and it would be FANTASTIC for carry on those days when I need something smaller than my .45, but it still has the stopping power of a 9mm. It have interchangeable palm swells, three different magazine sizes (though it only comes with two) and different sights as well. It would be the most practical buy, not to mention I would save a little more money shooting a 9 rather than the .45, but alas, the battle is on.

    One other thing that's slanting me toward the 1911s is the holster and accessory availability. I could buy that Wilson Combat tomorrow and another six holsters for it the same day if I were so inclined.

    The PPS is BRAND NEW and nothing is out there for it yet.

    Decisions, Decisions....

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    HK USPc (maybe the .45)
    Sig P239 (really LIKE this gun)
    maybe the Walther PPS waiting on the .40 to come out.

    The most fun is deciding on which one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    Realistically...what would be the next firearm you would like to seriously buy?
    I'm all full, with carry pistols. So ...

    On order is an AK-47 "pistol", the ZK-M from Red Jacket Firearms. It's 7.62x39mm, in an HK MP5 style format, accepts all standard AK magazines, etc.

    Why? SHTF "rifle" for in-close (< 100yds) defensive use. A full-auto MP5 would be ideal, but I won't pay $5-15K for any firearm. So, a reasonable alternative is needed. Have got a range rifle, a hunting "brush" gun, and a shotgun for home defense from the ensconced position in the safe room. The only "hole" in the group is a short-range rifle caliber that can play the primary defensive role when the shotty's not ideal, can travel, etc. Plus, it'll be a hoot to shoot.

    Now, if push came to shove, I suppose it would be a: Wilson CQB compact 1911. (Thank you very much for the reminder!) I have eyed those since the year they came out. Handled a CQB last year and loved it. Can't see $3K for a pistol, though. Still, if money were to fall from a tree, I suppose I wouldn't kick it out of the safe.
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    I've been furrowing my brow at this very question for a while now.

    I think, because any gun ('cept a High Point) is better than no gun and I desperately need something to train with (itching terribly for some kind of training course), I'll be snagging an FEG PA-63 here really soon. Low price, low maintenance, reliable, cheap ammo, concealable.

    After that is a damn list... a duty pistol... then a battle rifle... then a precision rifle... then a shotgun... and then double up on the battle rifle and precision rifle. The pistol would be from Glock or Sig (love the feel of both). The rifles would be AR's, because I trust them and want something easy to maintain/repair (one a 10.5" or 11.5" SBR, the other a full-length). One precision rifle (short to mid-range work) will be in 7mm Mauser or 7.62 NATO and come from LOSOK, because I know Mark and have a high degree of confidence in him. The other would probably be a custom job by me in a higher caliber for long-range work (.338 Lapua or something close). The shotgun would be a standard Remmy 870 or Mossy 500.

    ETA: ccw9mm, you should look at Kel-Tec's PLR-16. Common caliber, easily controlled, fairly compact, accepts all standard AR-15 magazines, and it served a contractor buddy of mine well in the Sandbox when his AR-15 jammed (at least he owned up to why it jammed; bad maintenance).


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    S&W 686 or Ruger GP-100 .357

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    4" 686 if I can find one... Not sure about 6 or 7 rounds yet

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    Taurus 605 or a S&W MP 40 compact.
    But an XD 45 compact is still in the running..

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    I have a burning desire for a Colt Government Model .38 Super.

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    BAC : any gun (cept a high point) While I do not own one, if you do, then please excuse this post, because I have no problem with people sharing their thoughts on personal experiences with equipment they own. My only thought is some people do own and like them from what I have read on DC and my personal rather's would be those people enjoying this form as much as I do, and not having them lose interest because they may not have the means to purchase a higher quality product. Keeping supporters interested is far harder than driving them away.



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    Smith&Wesson M&P 45. It's the most comfortable firearm I've ever held. Looks good too.

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    I am going to want a J-frame revolver, preferably hammerless and light. Not for doing a lot of shooting: I want something that is ideal for pocket carry, like Massad Ayoob demonstrated in one of the episodes from season 1 of Personal Defense TV. He had the gun pressed against the silhouhette's chest and had popped off two rounds before anyone knew what was going on, all because he had had his hand in his pocket, with the gun readied, the whole time.

    Made me realize the utility of such guns, and I've never been a big revolver fan. But nothing beats them for pocket carry, or even if there is a need to fire while the gun is still in, say, a jacket pocket. Your Glock 27 can't do that for more than one round.

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    My Winchester pre 64 model 70 30.06 is still on layaway at the shop and I think my scope has arrived for it also that would be a leupold mark 2 . merlin45kout

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    A wheel gun in .357 not sure if it will be Ruger or S&W.
    'The assailant chooses the time, location and method of attack.

    Since they are unlikely to let you know ahead of time when, where and how violent they're going to be, you should always be prepared.' - matiki

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    Kel-Tec P3AT

    Seems like a great pocket gun and I love the small size, cheap price, and reasonable firepower.

    If I could afford one, a Rohrbaugh R9 would be a fine substitute.

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