Info on Para-Ordnance Guns?

This is a discussion on Info on Para-Ordnance Guns? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I plan on purchasing a Para-Ordinance Warthog.Can anybody give any advice as to reliability,safety.Do they have a history of malfunctions? Are they pretty tough? Doesn't ...

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Thread: Info on Para-Ordnance Guns?

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    Question Info on Para-Ordnance Guns?

    I plan on purchasing a Para-Ordinance Warthog.Can anybody give any advice as to reliability,safety.Do they have a history of malfunctions? Are they pretty tough? Doesn't have to be on this particular gun, just the products from this manufacturer,but it would help alot if anyone owns or has owned this gun. Any and all help would be appreciated.

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    I have had a blued steel frame Para P-12 for over 15 years now. It has been an awesome gun and very reliable.

    Don't see me getting rid of it unless it was being traded in on an LDA model or something else from Paraordnance and probably in an alloy frame next time. And even then, I'd probably keep my P-12 and just buy the new one outright.
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    I have a Para LW LTC that I bought used from a forum member. It's proven to be reliable & accurate. The only issue I've seen (& this is probably for any alloy framed 1911), is that the ramp needs to be buffed now & then because it's made out of softer alloy, not steel.

    A good friend of mine & both of his parents (All 3 are/were in LE), has several of the LDA models (Including the one you want). The only complaint I heard was of the durability (Or lack of) of the "Regal" finish (Obviously the stainless models don't have that problem).
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    Para Warthog

    I can't speak of the warthog. But I own two others. A P-12, and a lw LTC. Both are fine guns. For a small gun the P-12 shoots very tight groups. Is very reliable and holds 13 rounds, which makes the grip a little thick. The LTC is just as good.
    If the warthog is anything like the two pistols I own you cannot go wrong.
    Good luck

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    I am also eyein that gun. I think I will go for the Slime Hawg, because its single stack as opposed to double. Think the single stack gives less opportunity for problems feeding plus it's slime grips fit your hand better.
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    Para's are good reliable guns....

    As far as I am concerned. I have never owned one, but fired a few of them, and they are as good as any other 1911. In fact, there is a nice high-cap model at Academy I have noticed that runs around $630.00. I tried the trigger and it felt pretty nice....

    Who knows, maybe I may make a clandestine trip to Academy this Christmas.......

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    I have a beauty of a stainless p12.45 LDA that is a heck of a shooter...
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    They look like great guns. I do not know why I just think a 1911 should be made in USA. No offense to the canucks. I just think it is also odd to buy a handgun made in a place where it's citizens are not allowed the opportunity to have them, or are greatly restricted in their possession. My .02.
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    I own three of them. I have never had any problems with my Para's.
    The P13 is my main carry. The P14 is a car gun. Had to replace a few springs but they are kept in condition one and are over 10 and 15 years old. I have looked at the Warthogs. I don't think you will be disappointed.

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    Para Ord is one of those guns you just don't hear much carping about. They've had a issue with the finish on some blued guns in the past, but never any issues about reliability, function or accuracy. It should turn-out to be exactly what you hope for...a lifelong companion.
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    I have a P-12 in stainless. After I replaced the springs in the magazines and put in a metal magazine realease, it works fine. Very accurate and easy to shoot.

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    My general ansewer on Para's is that they are good guns, but the baked on finish Parakote has issues, I don't know if this has gotten better over the last year of two since I sold my last Para, but I wouldn't hessitate on buying a stainless steel Para of any type

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    I have a Para Black Watch Companion LDA and it hasn't had any problems through the 500-1000 rds I've put through it. I have no regrets buying this one and plan on getting one of the hi-cap models in the future.

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    I like my Para lightweight LTC. It is my preferred carry gun. Very reliable.

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    I own a P14 and a Night Hawg (black Wart Hawg).

    Both have been completely reliable, I have had no issues related to the guns.

    I have a LaserMax in the P14. The Night Hawg is my daily carry.

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