Question about CW9 durability

Question about CW9 durability

This is a discussion on Question about CW9 durability within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a CW9 that I recently purchased. I have put about 300 rounds through it so far without a single malfunction. I was cleaning ...

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Thread: Question about CW9 durability

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    Question about CW9 durability

    I have a CW9 that I recently purchased. I have put about 300 rounds through it so far without a single malfunction.

    I was cleaning it the other night and looking it over to understand how it works. I was curious how the slide movement is stopped during recoil. It appears that there is a thick ridge of material in the polymer lower that the slide contacts. This metal-on-plastic has me a little concerned about longevity of the frame. I also noticed that, unlike the P9, the CW9 only has this thicker section on one side of the frame. The other side is relieved to accommodate the thicker slide stop surface under the barrel (because of the MIM slide stop).

    Anybody out there have A LOT of rounds through their CW9 or CW40? What kind of shape is the frame in?

    It is a great little carry gun, and I can shoot 100 rounds in a range session without discomfort. I was looking forward to practicing a lot with it, but I don't want to beat it to death.

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    I don't think you need to worry yourself with that much. Kahrs are good guns, and if something does happen you can send it back to Kahr and have it fixed. I have delt with kahrs customer service before and they are AWESOME! Shoot the hell out of it and have fun doing it without worry of it breaking.
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    I wouldnt be too concerned with the cw , After the crap Kahr took on the early pm series ( at least some of which was sub contractors screwing up the specs on parts ) they are not going to send out anything sub standard nowdays .
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    i agree with what the others have said.....not much to worry about shoot the hell out of it =O) i love mine =o)

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    They haven't been around long enough for anyone to do a real long term test in that area.

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    I have nearly a 1000 rounds through mine, have not had a single problem yet. Its a great little gun.

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