Ambi mag release

Ambi mag release

This is a discussion on Ambi mag release within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just curious, but I was practicing releasing the magazine with my trigger finger on the right rather than my thumb. Since I am a new ...

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Thread: Ambi mag release

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    Ambi mag release

    Just curious, but I was practicing releasing the magazine with my trigger finger on the right rather than my thumb.

    Since I am a new shooter it doesn't seem at all odd. Are there any downsides to this technique besides the obvious that guns without the ambi releases would not have the muscle memory? The lefties are probably very familiar with this problem.

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    That's pretty much the only downside. That guns without them seem foreign.

    I currently carry a XD45C (has an ambi release) and a lot of times when I'm training I will hit it with my trigger finger because it's habit.
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    I honestly have not had any issues swapping guns. I carry a USPc which has HK's own little creative ambi release. I use my index finger to drop the mag. (right handed) On my S&W .22A the mag release is in the center of the trigger frame. I use my middle finger to drop the mag for it. On 1911's and what not with a mag release on the left side I use my thumb. I just practice enough that when I pick up a handgun my mind automatically knows where the mag release is and how I will press it.

    To me, what ever works best for you is what you should do. Don't worry about using your fingers instead of your thumb because its not the norm.

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    S&A (Smith & Alexander) makes a right-side mag release for 1911 style pistols. It's pricey (@ $99) but not at all uncommon for serious, right-handed practical shooters to install this mag release expressly FOR USING their right index finger to activate the mag drop. Some shooters with short, thick fingers find this method faster & more reliable than flipping the pistol sideways, finding the left-side release with their stubby thumb, dropping their empty mag, inserting a fresh mag, moving their stubby thumb to depress the Slide Release, flipping the pistol back downrange, regripping & then resuming fire.

    Unlike H. Fastwalker above, I can't automatically re-program my hands and my practiced dexterity with simply a change in pistols. My suggestion is if you decide to use your right index finger to drop mags...make sure you can do it that way on ALL of your defensive autoloaders. Murphy NEVER MISSES A CHANCE to join you when he's LEAST invited.
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