Taurus ultra lite

Taurus ultra lite

This is a discussion on Taurus ultra lite within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just picked up this used but new looking .38 from a friend. Less than 200 rounds fired. Next purchase is IWB or OWB. Any suggestions ...

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Thread: Taurus ultra lite

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    Taurus ultra lite

    Just picked up this used but new looking .38 from a friend. Less than 200 rounds fired. Next purchase is IWB or OWB. Any suggestions on which style? I have not carried a wheel gun in the past, so I would like to hear your thoughts. IWB is my primary method with present carry pieces.
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    Just me but - if concealment allows I'd choose OWB. IMO it copes better with cylinder bulge .... plus the comfort factor.

    Add to that - if hi-ride pancake and reasonable cant - it will sit real nice and not print. Leather my choice.
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    I carry my SP101 in a IWB from Concealco. Very comfortable and no printing. UBG makes a fine holster too.

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    I carry a 642 at times an I've found it's not really any harder to conceal OWB than it is IWB. As long as you won't be in a situation where you have to raise your arms up high very often, I'd go OWB.
    I have the "Basic" OWB holster from FIST and absolutely love it.

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    I own a M85ti and a M85 Ultra Carry, both in the hammerless version. I pocket carry the ti in a Beltman pocket holster and the Ultra Carry in a OWB Beltman Belt Slide. I tried a IWB and it appeared that there was a considerable amount of bulge so I went with the OWB. The holster is positioned past the midline of the body, not quite centered over the right hip pocket. Cover garment is a light untucked and unbuttoned shirt over a sleevless tee shirt. When using the stock grips I cannot notice any weapon print while bending or streching. I did replace the grips with a set of aftermarket grips simlar to the J frame Pachymers. There is some printing with those when I bend to the left, however the grips really help with the recoil so I try to not "bend to the left" while carrying.

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    I have a few OWB holsters, but most are IWB...I can't get away from the comfort and easy concealment of IWB...maybe it's just me...
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    My own opinion is that 9.9 times out of 10 IWB will always conceal better although OWB will be more comfortable than IWB 9.9 times out of 10. Can you manage OWB and conceal as well? Yes if you happen to get the right holster but most dip lower below the belt, even on the so called high rides and if they get too high then they tend to lean out from the body unless you torque the belt down tight so I'd recommend OWB for winter fall carry with heavy, even lined, flannel shirts, vests or jackets and IWB for any light cover garment like a regular T shirt.
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    I really like to go IWB w/my carry guns but the comfort factor w/revolvers leads me to OWB..

    But I changed my wardrobe by going to Goodwill and picking up several shortsleeve button up shirts and wearing them untucked..

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    I have the recessed hammer titanium model Taurus and I carry it in pocket holster.

    Sure gives you that comfort feeling when you put your hand in your pocket and it's there.


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    I just traded for a Charter Arms Undercover model, very similar to the Taurus in size, style and price range, and got a very nice leather pancake holster in the deal. The holster rides high and tight and is very concealable with the same type of cover one would use for IWB.

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    I perfer IWB due to ease of concealment. OWB is genearly more comfortable
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    Drop it in a cargo pocket.

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    +1 ReefBlueCoupe

    These light weight snubbies lend themselves to pocket carry.


    +1 P95Carry

    Their light weight isn't bad in a pancake or belt over OWB. In the woods I'll carry my 2 1/2" Taurus titanium 5 shot 41 mag OWB.
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