When do you trust your gun??????

When do you trust your gun??????

This is a discussion on When do you trust your gun?????? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was thinking about this today, I've recently purchased a couple new handguns. They have 200+ rounds through them now, with no issues. What do ...

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Thread: When do you trust your gun??????

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    When do you trust your gun??????

    I was thinking about this today, I've recently purchased a couple new handguns. They have 200+ rounds through them now, with no issues. What do you all think, is a good amount of rounds through a weapon, before you consider it reliable. I know all manufacturers recommend different "break in periods", I'm looking more for a rule of thumb, you all here go by.
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    I put 50 rounds of carry ammo through my pistols when I first get them. I've got Glocks and a Ruger P97, which are both known for reliability. The only wheel gun I carry is a S&W 638 Airweight, I put 50 rounds of range ammo through it, and a couple cylinders of +P+, just to make sure there were no burrs or loose parts.

    The only gun I've run more than 50 rounds through before carrying is my new Kahr CW9. They can be a little finicky, but mine was fine with 200 rounds of WWB range ammo and 50 rounds of carry ammo. (Federal 135 grain bonded +P)

    Some guns are more finicky than others. Glocks and XD's are usually good to go right out of the box, with just about any ammo. Other makes may need some experimentation with amounts of lube that they like, certain bullets they like better, etc.

    Whatever you do, always test your exact carry ammo before carrying. The middle of a gunfight is no time to find out that your pistol doesn't like your ammo!
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    I really doubt a rule of thumb exists!! It does seem to vary by platform, make etc, even ammo choice sometimes..

    You don't state revo or auto - but I am assuming semi's here. A revo of course hardly needs break-in other than the smoothing effect gained on trigger sometimes thru use and dry fire.

    Without being brand specific - I'd reckon 100 rounds will do fine for some - maybe Glocks, tho owners might disagree. For SIG's tho it does seem to need longer - and maybe 500 rounds is reaching the max sweet spot! This makes me think that perhaps polymers break in quicker.

    The concern is always primarily reliability - and so if the chosen carry ammo is 100% reliable at around let's say the 200 round mark - then probably in most all cases the gun can be seen as ''proven''. Down to individual analysis and interpretation.
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    Revolvers - 50 rounds or so for function testing and checking
    (fixed) sights. After shoot inspection and cleaning.

    Semis - Thorough inspection and function testing before shooting.
    Shoot 50 for function /familiarization.
    (maybe shoot some more for fun )
    Then I clean and inspect.
    Next shoot is for reliability - Usually 100 rds.
    If I get thru BOTH firing sessions without a problem , it will get
    carried - but I will shoot it once a week with carry ammo to be
    -SIG , it's What's for Dinner-

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    I depends on the pistol and the type. Some 1911s come ready to run right out of the box whereas others may need several hundreds of rounds fired through it to polish all the surfaces. I've had some other types that work just fine when I got them and just get smoother with use.

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    +250 for my semi's. This is not a specific number I'm looking for, but I figure 5 boxes will tell me how it shoots. 3 boxes of range ammo looking for problems and a box or two of carry ammo to finish it.

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    500 rounds to feel safe.

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    On revolvers if it shoots where the sights look and fits the chambers we are good to go , on autos i demand 500 trouble free rounds with a chosen load .

    My new ( used ) hk p7 is getting close as it eats thro my hydra shock stash lol .
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    If it's mechanical, it can fail. I try to fire 300-500 rounds through a new carry weapon (but I've used the same EDC for a couple of years now). That said, even a well-functioning weapon might offer a burp now and then for several reasons...one has to know how to quickly clear any potential jam...some may require the use of another mag to stay safe...OMO
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    When I was comfortable with each of the guns. Usually, between 100-200 rounds - over the years a few SIG's and Glock's.
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    I felt safe with my Taurus PT140 until I was in my 3rd firearms training course and the firing pin broke. It was sticking out when doing type3 malfunctions. I got it back nearly 3 months later from them saying to clean it after every use and not to use reloaded ammo. That's when I said I was getting a Glock. I put 150 rounds through it today and will be adding it my CCW permit tomorrow. As soon as I get my new permit I'll be carrying it everyday.
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    with light revolvers, you need to make sure you do not back bullets out of the cartridges in heavy powder, light bullet situations. avoid real light bullets (less than 125 grains) in 357 using the ultralight revolvers. i have had this happen and it locks up the cylinder. but other than that, i do not think revolvers need much break-in, at least not like a semi. With semis it is usually an ammo issue. Of course, use a quality gun, but the guys on this board always do that.
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    Well, for me, the more rounds through the gun, the better I feel. But, I will not carry a gun until it has 300 to 500 rounds of practice ammo through it for function testing and at least 50 failure free rounds of my carry ammo through it.

    All the guns I own have passed this test and I would trust my life with any of the guns sitting in my safe or the G23 that sits on my right hip all the time.
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    The short answer is several hundred rounds of mixed ammo. The important part is the conditions under which the gun is fired. Unconventional shooting positions, weak hand, one hand only, wearing gloves, different carry positions etc are all put to the test before the gun is ready for service. Just my two cents worth.

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    Competition Helps

    After a reasonable break-in period, it might also help to run a few courses of IDPA or somthing similar. This would put a little pressure on you to perform and see how the firearm matches you.

    Practice a lot of malfunction drills anyway. You never know when a very reliable gun might hiccup from something in action like you hitting your hand or gun on a something and knocking it out of battery. Or even failing to seat a magazine all the way. I practice 3 different malfunction clearing drills when I go practice shooting and it has helped me when I have had a malfunction during IDPA events.

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