Springfield EMP and Dan Wessons

Springfield EMP and Dan Wessons

This is a discussion on Springfield EMP and Dan Wessons within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was at the range yesterday and I rented a Springfield (Springer) EMP 9mm. The fit and finish on this pistol are great but it ...

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Thread: Springfield EMP and Dan Wessons

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    Springfield EMP and Dan Wessons

    I was at the range yesterday and I rented a Springfield (Springer) EMP 9mm. The fit and finish on this pistol are great but it feels heavy in my hand. I put 50 rounds of 115gr FMJ through it and it was flawless; recoil is snappy for a 9mm and that surprised me.

    The thing that was unusual was the Springer exhibited mediocre accuracy from a bench during slow aimed fire. When the EMP was fired rapidly from a Modified Weaver Stance it was superb. The groups using the Modified Weaver Stance were much tighter than the groups that were fired slower. My shooting partner, Billy, had the same results.

    Semiautomatic Pistol
    Manufacturer: Sprigfield Armory
    Model: EMP (Enhanced Micro Pistol)
    Operation: Recoil-Operated "short-action" autoloader
    Caliber: 9mm Luger
    Barrel Length: 3 inches
    Overall Length: 6.6 inches
    Weight, empty 23 ounces
    Safety: Manual safety, grip safety, passive firing pin block
    Sights: Fixed combat sights with tritium inserts
    Stock: Checkered cocobolo
    Magazine Capacity: 9 rounds
    Finish: Anodized alloy frame, stainless-steel slide
    Price: $1253

    The handgun begs the question: "Would I buy it?" The answer is yes but not at full price. I can buy one for $1,090 but that is still trendy for a died in the wool 45acp guy.

    We also shot my Dan Wesson Bobtail Commander 45acp, Norinco 1911A1, and Billy’s full sized Dan Wesson Pointman 45acp. As in the case of the EMP, all shooting with these three was at 10 yards. My Dan Wesson Bobtail Commander 45acp is capable of putting 3 shots into a ½” when I do my part. This is a fine handgun that suffers from a very heavy trigger. I am going to put another 200 rounds through the Dan Wesson Bobtail Commander and if the trigger doesn’t improve I will ask Dan Wesson to do something about it.

    Model: PT-CBOB
    Series: Patriot
    Designation: Commander Ed Brown Bob-Tail
    Description: Semi Automatic Pistol
    Size: Commander Size
    Slide: Forged (Stainless Steel)
    Barrel Length: 4 ¼ (inch)
    Barrel Type: Forged One Piece Stainless Steel Match
    Caliber: 45 ACP
    Caliber Options: 10 MM
    Grips: Exotic AAA Cocobolo Hardwood Grips
    Rear Sight: XS 24/7 Night Sights Post
    Trigger Type: Lightweight STI Carbon Target
    Hammer Type: Commander Style Match Grade
    Grip Safety: Stainless Steel High Ride Beavertail
    Slide Release: Standard
    Thumb Safety: Extended
    Guide Rod: Standard Length
    Magazine Well: Beveled
    Mainspring: Ed Brown Bob-Tail
    Ejection Port: Lowered and Relieved
    Finish: Bead Blasted Matte on the rounds, with Satin Brushed Polished on the flats of the frame and slide.
    Notes: Built upon our Patriot series of rock solid 1911’s. The all stainless steel construction is the base foundation for the PT-CBOB Ed Brown Bob-Tail.
    Dan Wesson Firearms Front-strap checkering option: Dan Wesson Firearms now offers front-strap checkering as a standard production feature on this model. This elegant and functional checkering completes the hand crafted and fitted, match ready 1911 pistols.
    MSRP: $1,049.00

    My impressions of my Dan Wesson Bobtail Commander 45acp are it is a damned near perfect shape for a 1911A1 pistol. I have never had a 1911 that felt better in my hands, it has Novak Night sights ( Novaks are one of the sight pictures that I shoot well) , it has nice grips, and I like the checkering on the front strap.

    Things I do not like are the DWs heavy trigger pull and poorly fit main spring housing. Something about the shape of the DW trigger irritates my trigger finger. The hole for adjusting the trigger over travel makes my finger hurt and forms a blister, I have noticed the same thing with my Dan Wesson Commander 10mm but it is more severe with the 10mm.

    The Dan Wesson Commander Classic Bobtail 45acp is a fine weapon but it shouldn’t need to have a trigger job, burr removal on the trigger, and correction of the fit of the main spring housing. DWs are not cheap and DW customers deserve better quality control.

    Billy’s full sized Dan Wesson Pointman 45acp has a fantastic trigger but my Bobtail out shoots it. My 45acp, Norinco 1911A1 is a carry weapon that was put together to my specifications by Maryanne Carniak (The Accurizer Gunshop). This Norinco is a joy to hold and shoot.



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    I've never shot the EMP but have handled one and really like it. It is a beautiful gun. What would stop me from buying it (besides the price) is there is one place to get parts/repairs and, if the EMP has disappointing sales and is dropped from the line, what do you do for parts and repairs?

    With the Dan Wesson or any 1911, parts are not a problem.

    BTW, I really like my LW Springfield Armory Champion. Carrys well and I'm just as accurate with it as I am my S.A. full size loaded SS. I like how the Champ handles and feels more so than the heavier gun.


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    For a concealed carry gun I'd not invest that much money into something that could potentially be taken away and melted down.
    For $1.2K I could (and did) get 2 or 3 accurate and reliable 1911s or one and spend the rest on training courses.

    The EMP is nice looking but I'd take my basically same size Colt 'Defender' and 8 rounds of 185 gr. of .45 ACP JHP 'DPX' over it any day of the week.

    $0.02 street

    - Janq
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    "A license to carry a concealed weapon does not make you a free-lance policeman." - Florida Div. of Licensing

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    Re the mediocre accuracy from a bench, I have found that if I'm not very, very careful in bench testing a gun, I can spread groups. Having a slightly different grip or a slightly different contact between the gun or your hands and whatever you are shooting it from can alter the way the gun moves naturally in recoil. For example, a shot made with a firm pressure on the dust cover on a rest vs. no pressure will be different on target. I believe that something as minor as a different position of elbows between shots will alter the POI slightly in each shot.
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