Since the demise of the AWB how many have switched from a 1911 to a high cap

Since the demise of the AWB how many have switched from a 1911 to a high cap

This is a discussion on Since the demise of the AWB how many have switched from a 1911 to a high cap within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; for CCW or daily carry?...

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Thread: Since the demise of the AWB how many have switched from a 1911 to a high cap

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    Since the demise of the AWB how many have switched from a 1911 to a high cap

    for CCW or daily carry?

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    The assault weapon ban didnt affect me.

    The "ban" didnt prevent you from owning any of the listed items, it only prevented them from being manufactured and sold once the ban was enacted.

    Any how,I already had so many high cap mags that in reality it didnt matter except to drive the priced of the high caps way up.
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    Same here. Still kept high cap pistols in the trucks, it didnt effect me much. The only high cap in my CC rotation is the Keltc P11. All other CC guns are 9rds or less. It did effect me though when buying AK's. They were all neutered. After the bill sunset'ed , all was set right. Kevin.
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    I'm not sure what 1911s have to do with it. There were/are plenty of "low cap" guns on the market that have absolutely no connection, in any of the four dimensions, to 1911s. And even after the ban was lifted, I bought 1911s. Nothing wrong with them. At least the ones I have are all pretty good guns.

    In fact, currently, we own nothing that could be considered high-cap in pistols.

    Nope, didn't change anything here.

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    Sort of

    It made a big difference to me when I bought my Glock (after the AWB expired) that I could get plenty of normal capacity magazines for it. If I was in the market for a Glock during the ban, I would have had to be sure of a supply of magazines to buy one.

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    I tend to carry single stack semi-autos, and I did before, during and after the sunset.

    I did purchase a GLOCK towards the end of the ban, but then bought two regular capacity magazines to go with it. And paid a premium price. Ouch!

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    I solved the problem with this...

    A high capacity Springfield PX9707L 1911A1 loaded.

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    Nope bought my 1911 after the ban expired.
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    It affected me big time! I sold off all my high caps for a huge profit, and bought more guns. At the peak, I was getting between 150-200 for a Glock mag! Thats awesome since I paid about ten bucks for them.
    I then turned around, replaced all my mags, and have been prepping for the next go-around.
    Personally, I never let the ban factor in my choices. It was really a non issue. I chose pistols by form and function, not capacity. My 1911's are all range and game guns now.
    In fact, I went backwards... during the ban I carried Glocks and 228's, mainly for the extra ammo onboard. I still do, but I spend far to much time with a 8 shot 220R.
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    When the ban went away I went out and bought a couple new Glocks and a whole bunch of magazines.

    Lima- the reason that the question is valid is because many of us decided to carry .45 ACP when we were limited on magazine capacity. 8 rounds of 45 in my mind is acceptable when your other option is 11 rounds of 9mm or .40 SW. But, when it became reasonable to carry 16 rounds of 40 S&W that's what I did. After looking into it a little more, I moved down to 9mm. So now, I'll take 16 rounds of 9mm through my Sig 228 over my 1911 unless I'm just going to the range.

    Those of us that did it may be in the minority, but we are out here.
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    It really had no effect on me since my Colt Commander (bought before the ban) held less than 10 rds anyway. OTOH, I had two Ruger P-85's - got NIB in the late 80's and I still own both of them - that were hi-cap and I'd had several extra hi-cap mags for each long before the ban was enacted. I also had a Mini-14 with a number of 20 & 30 rd mags I got in the late 80's as well. I did get some VERY good offers to sell a few of my hi-cap magazines for 4-5 times what I paid for them, but passed. Could have made a tidy profit, but decided the extra rounds held by the mags were more important than the extra dollars I'd make selling my spare magazines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by threefeathers View Post
    for CCW or daily carry?
    Switching from a 1911 to anything else is a downgrade. Why would I want to do that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by azchevy View Post
    Switching from a 1911 to anything else is a downgrade. Why would I want to do that?
    My carry weapon has been one of several 1911's since the early 1970's. I have carried full sized and four inch barrels and finally settled on a four inch barrel. I am a devotee to the superior, IMHO, design and performance of John Brownings pistol extraordinair. If you can not get the job done with a Wilson Combat 8 shot mag and one in the pipe you have no business being in the fray.
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    I own only 1911 pistols.

    Upon moving here to MA where anything with 10 or more rounds is considered high capacity my 7 and 8 round mags are deemed okay.
    I do though plan to order a set of Chip McCormick 10 rd. mags for CCW though. Currently I always carry at least one spare mag of eight rounds.

    The next pistol I buy will either be a S&W revolver at 8 rds. or a S&W M&P40 which is state limited to ten but elsewhere can be had up to 12 rounds.

    - Janq
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    I've owned and used 1911s since 1961, when I qualified expert in the military. I own other stuff, but it's all metal. Never had a taste fot Tupperware. Only other auto I'd consider is a SIG.
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