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This is a discussion on 10-7 Snub Nose within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Nice wheelgun! Looks like mine, a 1968 Model 12-2, which is the same except its the airweight version and has a square butt. It was ...

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Thread: 10-7 Snub Nose

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    Nice wheelgun! Looks like mine, a 1968 Model 12-2, which is the same except its the airweight version and has a square butt. It was given to me by family, and it served as my first carry gun.

    The one biggest improvement I made on it was adding a "T-grip". I always hated the way my fingers slid up behind the trigger, with my trigger finger angled downward to get around the trigger. A t-grip made the grip much, much nicer, with no modifications necessary to the gun. Particularly with K-frames like these, it seems to help, and I have better trigger control. I'm partial to the straight "inline" feel of an automatic, so the t-grip improved my ability to handle the gun considerably.


    (sorry for the plug...I'm in no way related to the guys that make these, just a satisfied customer!)
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    Okay !! Last night I could not find the model number, but today in the bright daylight (and looking in the right place) I found MOD.36 and a repeat of the frame number shown on the grip portion of the frame. Thanks Captain Crunch for having me look again even though I 'knew' that there was no stamping visable !

    I was going to go into what type of practicing I have been doing at the range lately with my new 9mm semi, this two inch barrel S&W 38spl and my four inch barrel Ruger 357.

    Think I will start a new post or look for an old one covering Point Shooting .... without using sights. Some time ago I bought a book by James B.Gregg and ex border patrol agent titled " The Gregg Method of Fire Control" and it seems to work pretty well in the 15 foot range.

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    Excellent! Congratulations on a fine acquisition!

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    Very nice, a true classic.
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    I'm truly green with envy.

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    Good Score!...Congrats!

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    Very nice.


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    SWEET!!! Does it have a twin brother?
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    S&W Model 10

    Picture of my latest find. I picked up a S&W Model 10 with a 2” barrel. Nothing like an old short barrel "K" frame to make some of us reminisce. The only thing bad about it is that the grips were pretty chewed up. It looked like someone stored it in a holster too. Found some scales that almost make it look like new now except for spots where someone tried to remove rust. Great trigger.
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