1911 Problem

1911 Problem

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Thread: 1911 Problem

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    1911 Problem

    I have a Para 1911 and recently had it refinished and fitted with a short guide rod. I took it to the range and it failed to eject once a magazine. I did not have this problem with the full length guide rod that came on the gun so I was thinking that one the short guide rod is the problem or two the spring is not strong enough. Do you think that might be the problem.

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    just to clarify for some one more familiar with full guide rod .

    do you mean one round per each magazine ? how many mags ? was it the last round or first ?


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    just curious... what weight spring?

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    Need more information but, the problem is very likely not related to whatever guide rod is in your firearm.

    What type of finish did you have put on your firearm? If it's Duracoat or plated then there might be slightly too much finish built up on your frame and slide guide rails and that could be eating up some of your slide energy causing ejection problems. That problem will usually correct itself if you shoot it a bit more.
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    I'd think that the refinishing job is more likely the problem, particularly if it is a coating of some sort over the original finish.

    Try putting to original parts back in and see if anything changes.

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    Agreed.. it doesn't sound like a guide rod problem.

    +1 to QK

    You could also try taking and alan stone to the frame and slide to get off any burrs and smooth out the finish, but that's up to you.

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    Which round has everything to do with diagnosing the problem.
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