Storing your sidearm when you can't carry

Storing your sidearm when you can't carry

This is a discussion on Storing your sidearm when you can't carry within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was wondering what others that carry do with their sidearm when they can't carry because it's posted or doing business in a federal building ...

View Poll Results: What do you do when you can't take your gun inside for errand, appointment, etc.

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  • put in console/ glovebox

    61 36.53%
  • put in trunk

    7 4.19%
  • lock in console/ glovebox

    33 19.76%
  • lock in portable car safe

    55 32.93%
  • leave sidearm at home and return

    4 2.40%
  • Don't go (don't use as an easy way out, what you really do)

    7 4.19%
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Thread: Storing your sidearm when you can't carry

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    Storing your sidearm when you can't carry

    I was wondering what others that carry do with their sidearm when they can't carry because it's posted or doing business in a federal building (post office, etc.)

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    While not the most secure or elegant, I lock it in my glove compartment. It does satisfy, however, Kentucky law granting immunity for glove compartment gun storage.

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    I usually put mine on the seat of my truck and cover with a jacket or something. About the only place I don't carry is a doctor appointment, just because it's awkward.

    I keep a shotgun behind the seat, so I figure if they steal the truck they are getting a gun anyway.
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    Honestly, I don't go in places that don't allow me to carry too often. I don't go to the post office, I use Mailboxes Etc. instead. Blah blah.

    When I have to go to the state capitol which is about the only place I have to disarm I have a safe secured to the vehicle to lock it in.
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    Fort Worth, Texas
    I have Lifejacket gun safety cases. I bolted them to the floorboard of my cars under the driver's seat when the seat is all the way forward. I don't like the idea of getting out of the vehicle and stowing it in the trunk. I think that is too visible.
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    San Antonio, TX
    Center of Mass lockbox.
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    You don't mention rhis option but I use a pair of handcuffs to lock the gun to the seat post, and I remove the ammo.
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    I usually opt to carry anyway unless its against the law. Company policy bans weapons of any kind, even pocketknives (I always carry a knife anyway), but there are times I carry while working or have a gun in the car.

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    I use a small tackle/tool box with small combo lock, which can be secured to a cable attached to a tie down ring in the back of the SUV. (I carry several tool boxes for work, so it blends right in.) Tackle box also holds flashlight, speedloaders, tactical knife, first aid trama pack, etc. Handy to go to the range, or to bring everything inside the house at the end of the day.

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    Central Florida
    My Center of Mass safe holds my sidearm if there is a weapon that must be secured while I enter a place illegal to for me...
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    I voted; however, since I'm in NC and abide by the law I do the following according to the terrain and situation:
    Put it in the trunk
    use a car safe
    leave it at home
    just lock the car.
    Those that checked carry anyway need to re-evaluate that this a public forum and
    such responses provide fuel for the antis.

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    east TN
    it kinda depends.
    i often carry anyways.
    if i really cant then its usual in cc or glove box.
    the car i was using the summer those didnt lock,
    my fiances car then i stick in glove box and lock.
    all depends on the situation. since i dont have a car im usually with someone else. thankfully up here at school the only place i cant carry is on campus. then my gun gets left at home so i very very rarely find my self it this situation

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    This comes in handy...

    I have one of these portable steel locking boxes with foam padding, that will hold one gun. It has a steel cable attached that can be looped around the frame of a car seat. I have used this to secure a gun in my car, hidden under the seat. It costs $39.

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    Just ordered one from for $36.99. Shipping was free because I also got a truck under seat long gun case/ storage unit. Guess I got to grow up and do it right.

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    Just a reminder - we need to stay legal here with whatever choice is made
    Chris - P95
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