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Thread: Recommendations

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    Ok, I am looking for some good constructive input on this one. I have a DW 1911, and a Bersa Thunder .380 that I carry either of every day, but think I want something in between. I generally don't like polymer guns, but I know that I am going to have to give that up on this one more than likely.


    9mm or 40 cal
    10 rd capacity minimum
    compact to subcompact in size, 3 to 4 inch barrel, 6 inches or so in length, 5 inches or so in height, and as close to 1 to 1.25 inch in width
    prefer double action, then single action trigger, regardless it must have a good feel to the trigger
    adjustable sights, at least rear windage
    external safety, but not required
    cost 500 or less, prefer really cheap
    good used condition is fine
    prefer black but will take what is out there
    don't care about any rails to fix things to, this is a carry gun.

    This will be carried both iwb, and owb depending on the situation, since it will more than likely take the place either of my normal carry pieces and become my every day carry. I usually carry my 1911 owb, with at loose shirt or vest (very rarely) and always carry my bersa iwb with tucked shirt.

    I don't think that I left anything out in my requirements, although if I have left some obvious thing out that I should be looking for, I am sure someone will be more than happy to point it out.

    I guess a good list to start with would be helpful, since I haven't paid much attention to the plastic guns in the past. Then I can take a look at the specs and narrow it down from there. Oh, and did I mention that I don't like ugly guns, I guess I might have to get over that too on this one.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    I have 17 guns on my permit, but usually carry the Glock 23. It is really hard to beat.
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    I sold both my Glock 23 and 27 and I now carry a S&W M&P Compact .40. It's a little bigger than the 27, a little smaller than the 23, with 10+1 capacity. It has the best feeling ergonomics of any pistol I've ever held, period. It shoots so soft, you'd swear you were shooting a 9mm if you didn't know better.

    You can get a 9mm compact, also, if you like 9mm. It holds 12+1, and is the same size as the .40. They are excellent pistols!
    Slow is smooth.....smooth is fast.

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    S&W M&P or Springfield XD. Hard to beat a poly

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    How about a Springfield XD Subcompact? You get a 9+1 mag and a 12+1 mag. Its available in both the 9mm and the 40.

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    How about a Taurus Millenium Pro? Everything you want except the polymer frame.

    Model: 140BP
    Caliber: .40 S&W
    Capacity: 10+1
    Barrel Length: 3-1/4"
    Action: DA/SA
    Finish: Blue Steel
    Grips: Checkered Polymer
    Weight: 18.7 oz
    Construction: Polymer/Steel
    Frame: Medium
    Front Sight: Heinie
    Rear Sight: Straight-8
    Trigger Type: Smooth
    Length: 6-1/8"
    Width: 1.125"
    Height: 5.125"
    Rate of Twist: 1:16"
    Grooves: 6
    Safety: Firing Pin Block,Manual Safety,Manual Safety,Trigger Block
    UPC: 7-25327-31129-4
    Order #: 1-140031P
    MSRP: $422.00

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    I am completely impressed with the CZ P01 9mm pistol. It's DA/SA, decocker, no external safety. 14+1 rds. It's a tad longer than you want, otherwise in the ballpark. I carry mine daily. It's the most reliable gun I've owned. Just picked up a second one. I have added Trijicon night sights and had a gunsmith's attentions paid.

    A Glock might fit the bill. The G19 is a heck of a gun. Some of the smaller units will be a bit more concealable.

    Smith & Wesson's M&P pistols, the Taurus Millennium Pro. With the size restrictions you've placed, the Taurus MP might be the only one that really fits the bill. Used, they can be found very inexpensively.

    If you love 1911's, perhaps an STI VIP (used) or Escort, or the more-concealable LS9 or LS40.
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    If you looking for repuation and reliability your probably stuck with Tactical tupperwear, or a Revolver.

    However based on your requirements that limits you. Just a suggestion try thinking more about personal needs vs. Features of a product.

    Do I want the gun to be able to fit in my pocket?
    Do I want to be able to fire it from my pocket without worry about it failing?
    Do I want something that is maybe slightly to large for certain types of a seasons or carry methods?
    Do I want reliability?
    Do I want name recognition and sex appeal?
    Do I want something that jack bauer carries regularly?

    I mean all of us have certain guns for differn't reasons? I have bought guns only because I loved the movie. Die Hard/Lethal Weapon come to mind. Then I have guns I carry and I treat them like tools. They might not be the prettiest thing on the planet, but based on heavy research I have a extreme ammount of faith in the design.

    I Personally Like Glock, but also own HK poly's, XDs, Sigs, and Berettas, and yes S&W M&Ps.
    Most people probably know me as not a big fan of the 1911 platform. I base this not on looks (believe me there is nothing sexier than a Colt 1911 in the hands of a skilled pistoler) but rather on recorded reliability through history. Every IDPA/IPSC match I've ever been to a guy with a 1911 has had a malfunction(s). To me that dosn't sit right when I need it work all the time when I have my life on hanging in the balance or the life of a love one.

    When I choose a carry gun I choose one based on reliability as the formost factor. When I choose a fun gun I choose one based on totally difffern't factors. Pretty much most of your heavy hitting manufactures have reliable pieces, but for carry and options nothing beats a 2 inch snub j frame or similiar.

    Average gun fight is a lot less then 10 rounds.
    Carrying a Semi auto means you are going to have to get the gun out and have it in some type of presentation position. Either a retention or out in front of you. Revolvers can be fired from a concealed postion with out worry of inducing a malfunctions. This adds a whole new prospective to your abilities, and possible give you the extra time you need to save your life. I've got over 30 some odd handguns now. My everyday carry is a Glock on the hip, and most of the time now, a Taurus 5 shot 850 in the pocket of my jacket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Metro 40 View Post
    I sold both my Glock 23 and 27 and I now carry a S&W M&P Compact .40. It's a little bigger than the 27, a little smaller than the 23, with 10+1 capacity. It has the best feeling ergonomics of any pistol I've ever held, period. It shoots so soft, you'd swear you were shooting a 9mm if you didn't know better.

    You can get a 9mm compact, also, if you like 9mm. It holds 12+1, and is the same size as the .40. They are excellent pistols!
    I sold my G27 for a M&P 40C.
    Great little gun, feels and shoots better than my Glock 9's & 40's.

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    Glock 19, 26 in 9mm or 23, 27 in .40 S&W.
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    Since you prefer the DA/SA route, how about the Beretta PX4. While I don't own one, I've read a great deal of positive feedback about that pistol.

    If you're willing to go DAO, in my book the Glock 26 is perfect. I've carried one for years and it's proven to be my favorite--size and weight are at the lower end, and I find 11 rounds of 9 mm to be adequate firepower.
    "It's a big gun when I carry it, it is also a big gun when I take it out” – Clint Smith

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    Get either a glock or springfield
    Glock 23, Mossberg 590A, M&P 15 Rossi 641, RIA 1911,Sig 320(EDC)

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    Well, how about a para tac-forty? It misses on your length requirement by a bit, but otherwise hits it on the nose, with no plastic in sight to boot.

    or maybe the Hawg 9

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    Sig P228/9 with traditional DA/SA might fit the bill, if you can find a nice CPO one to fit the budget...
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