Kahr PM9 Ammo Suggestions

Kahr PM9 Ammo Suggestions

This is a discussion on Kahr PM9 Ammo Suggestions within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just purchased a new Kahr PM9 a month ago as a CCW and I am trying to figure out what ammo to carry in ...

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Thread: Kahr PM9 Ammo Suggestions

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    Kahr PM9 Ammo Suggestions

    I just purchased a new Kahr PM9 a month ago as a CCW and I am trying to figure out what ammo to carry in it. I've only tried Remington 124gr +p ammo and I thought they were phenomenal! Accurate and I don't think the recoil was bad, especially for a +p load. Anyway, I still want to see if there are any better or comparable options out there. What do you guys think?

    BTW, I'm sorry if I posted on the wrong forum, I'm new and I'm not sure where ammo related posts go!

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    I like lightweight and midweight +P bullets in my Kahr PM9.

    If you can get them to feed reliably, shoot 200 rounds of them to test, I would go with the Corbon 115 Grain +P DPX. I really like the DPX loads.

    I wouldn't get too "hung up" on the "One Shot Stop" percentages if it was me. Select a good ammo and do your part by putting the bullets where they need to go. To me the most important thing is, RELIABILITY.


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    In a variety of pistols, I've had very good luck with the Remington Golden Sabre JHP 9mm 124gr ammo. Feeds well, penetrates and expands okay in basic tests, is reasonably consistent from round to round. Not the hottest performer, out there, going by the ballistic specs, but a good solid round. I wouldn't have any problems using it in the PM9, if it functioned well.

    In my CZ P01, Browning BDM and Kahr PM9, I have loved two rounds, both of which work well in all three (of my instances of these) guns: DoubleTap's 9mm JHP 124gr +P; and Federal's Hydrashok Tactical 9mm JHP 124gr +P+. Both are a bit hot for such a small gun as the PM9 but, they feed/cycle the best of any ammo I've found to-date.
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    Another vote for Corbon DPX.

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    Pow'r Ball

    I have been using Pow'r Ball 100 gr. Suppose to travel @ 1475 out of a 4" barrel so you will lose a little out of the shorter barrel. I find that it feeds reliably, and seems to print well on the target. This could be an option.


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    My top choices are Corbon DPX 110gr +p, Speer GD 124gr +p Short Barrel, or Winchester Ranger-T 124gr +P.

    I personally carry the Ranger-T's. My PM9 has never hiccuped with those and I've run about 250 rds through it. I recently ran a box of Corbon DPX through it and did have one jam. Can't go wrong with either rounds mentioned.

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    I carry the Ranger T 147 gr in mine, as well as all the 9mm's pieces I carry. Standard velocity and less recoil impulse, works for me.

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    Currently mine is stuffed with some sort of +P corbon 124s i think, other than that its likely to be fed hydrashocks in standard pressure . or nearly any good hollow point ammo . I really am not ammo picky so much as i am placement picky .
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    Speer gold dot 124+p SHORT BARREL, its the round that speer suggested to me specifically for the Kahr.
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