Practice weight

Practice weight

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Thread: Practice weight

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    Practice weight

    Do you practice w/ the same bullet weight as you carry? I see many posts of people practicing w/ WWB 115gr (only one available at Wally World, at least the ones near me), but using 124gr or 147gr golddots, hydroshocks, etc. Is there that small of a difference not to worry about bullet weight in a carry gun?

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    IMO at combat distances the variations are small enough to disregard. The main thing is that the chosen platform will happily digest all variants chosen.

    In theory the power factor should be reasonably constant - i.e., lighter bullet, higher velocity ..... but with snubs for example the difference in muzzle lift with light and heavy is enough to change POI. The lighter bullet will usually hit a bit lower as muzzle rise a little less on bullet exit.

    I carry 124's but don't mind using 115's for practice ... and don't often have many 147's. All should cycle the gun - or, be proven to do so.
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    Inside of about 50 yards with any of the auto loaders I am confident that the bullet impact will be no more than a couple of inches higher or lower. With my J frame there is a noticeable difference. However, the gun shoots to point of aim with carry ammo, and low with the practice stuff- just as P95 suggested.
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    You are practicing form and technique more than your are duplicating exact specs. I wouldnt worry about it so much.
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    Ideally I prefer to practice with the same bullet weight that I carry but as you said, 9mm WWB only seems available in 115gr at the local Wally World (though I've recently switched from 124gr +P loads to 115gr +P DPX in my G19). It's easier to find 230gr .45acp that's for sure.

    As others have said though, it probably doesn't make as much difference if you're practicing basics like trigger control, follow-ups and such.

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    I'm thinking powder load/burn speed could change things almost as much as bullet weight. If you want to match the feel of your carry ammo with your practice ammo, you might just have to use the same ammo.

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    I shoot about 10K in .45ACP a year, and there's just no way I can do that with my carry load, even reloading the cost of jacketed bullets is prohibitive.

    So I practice with LSWCs loaded to IDPA power floor and practice periodically with reloaded REM Golden Sabers that I load to the same MV.

    About the only difference I notice is a slightly lower POI with the faster 200 LSWCs, and I'm slightly slower on follow-ups with the pseudo carry ammo.

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    I shoot range practice with (9mm) 115gr and 124gr "range" rounds, and carry 124gr ammo. As for distances, I vary it depending on the situation being simulated, focusing on the problems inherent inside of 7yds down to contact distance (grappling).
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