Good Day/ Bad Day

Good Day/ Bad Day

This is a discussion on Good Day/ Bad Day within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; On one hand my favorite gunshop is closing. They are friendly, knowledgable, and I've purchased my last 6 firearms from them. At just 30 minutes ...

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Thread: Good Day/ Bad Day

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    Good Day/ Bad Day

    On one hand my favorite gunshop is closing. They are friendly, knowledgable, and I've purchased my last 6 firearms from them. At just 30 minutes away they had the best prices and selections around. On the other hand, 30 minutes in the other direction they are building a Cabelas, so who has experience with their firearm selections and prices?

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    It'll be great to have a cabela's here in Georgia, but it sure sux when a good local gunstore closes down for good...
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    That sucks :( Having recently fell in love with the last gun shop I've bought my most recent firearms(spending an entire check on two hand guns,ammo,CHP class,extra mags,holsters,etc) ...I would be upset if they closed.

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    Cabelas has a decent collection of handguns, mostly the popular, Glock, Sig, Kimber, S&W, Kel-tec, etc.

    The problem is their prices are high and they don't know crap about the gun's they have. SO be prepared if you have any questions to either answer them for yourself or deal with the deer in the head lights coming from across the counter. At least that is what it's like around here.

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    I find that doing my own research is the best route. Then, when it's time to buy I easily do much better than Cabela's prices. They do have a nice fish tank though...
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    Having firearms in the pawn shop that I work for and talking with other gun shops and pawn shops around my area, I can safely say that the two major reasons for shops closing up is because of places like Cabella's and Bass Pro as well as the internet.

    I am not saying this is a bad thing, but it does hurt those that make a living selling you your wares, be it the gun or the accessories to go with.

    I have been with the shop since the day we opened our doors, and at first, we did a pretty steady turn over of firearms, but in the last three years or so, most of our firearms business has been transfers. Honestly, as much as I enjoy talking guns and helping folks get something they will enjoy, I would much rather do the transfers. I don't have to maintain an inventory, and the transaction takes all of 20 minutes and that is if you take your time filling out the 4473. Less time involved if you have your carry permit (NC's permit can be used in lieu of a handgun buyers permit and negates the need to call the FBI/NICS). I actually spend more time with small talk than it takes to do the whole transaction.

    It is unfortunate that the shops are closing up all over, because it is fun to go around and fondle everyones wares and get ideas for my next purchase(s). The fun part about doing the transfers is that I get to fondle the new gun before the new owner does in most cases. I have made future purchase plans because of that.
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    It sure is sad to see the local gun shop closing it's doors. Especially when the staff is knowledgeable. I frequently drive 30 minutes to the True Value Hardware Store. Great staff, great full-time employees (completely void of Gun-Store Commandos), and a respectable selection of goods to choose from. That down-home small town feel is impossible to duplicate by a Mega-Super store.
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    On the plus side, you'll get to spend hours browsing all the bric-a-brac everytime you go-in. I would imagine all their gun prices will be close to suggested retail. A Sportsman's Warehouse opened here a few months ago. Any pistol (not so much long guns) they have can be had for $100 less driving 15 mins to Bud's Gun shop, and nearly so at any of the fine private shops in Lex.

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