Glock .45 GAP? and .357?

Glock .45 GAP? and .357?

This is a discussion on Glock .45 GAP? and .357? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; hows it perform? I am for some reason addicted to the glocks after looking at some today...I am buying tormorrow:) just wondering bout the GAP? ...

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Thread: Glock .45 GAP? and .357?

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    Glock .45 GAP? and .357?

    hows it perform? I am for some reason addicted to the glocks after looking at some today...I am buying tormorrow:) just wondering bout the GAP? compared to a .40 and .45 acp

    Hows glocks 357 come into the bunch?


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    .45 Gap and the .357 SIG ammo is rather expensive. If it were me, I'd go with the .40, and if you don't mind a thicker grip and want a bigger hole in your target, go with the .45 ACP.

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    First and foremost welcome to the forum. You find a wealth of knowledge in many of our members. Now to your question... the 45GAP was designed to mimic the ballisitcs of a 45ACP but in a gun that has the grip of a 9mm or .40. The 45ACP is a longer bullet so in theory this makes sense. The problem with this round a many other like it is practicality. The 45GAP, and to a lesser extent 357sig, are more expensive and usually harder to find than your more common calibers, and your variety of choices is limited especially with the 45GAP. The 357 sig is basically a 40s&w case necked up to take a 9mm bullet. Depending on the ammo, it is ballistically similar to, but often times with slightly less velocity than a .357 magnum. Are they both effective? Yes. Is their any one that's more effective than a 9mm or .40 or 45 ACP? Thats up for debate, and if you ask 100 different people, you'll get 75 different answers. What you should go with is the caliber you are most comfortable shooting, and also within your budget to practice with. As most people on here will tell you, its not the caiber, ammo, or gun; its shot placement. And any of your caliber choices will do just fine!
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    In my opinon you should shoot before you buy if possible. I am a huge fan of the .40 cal. It's a great all around preformer. I have three carry Glocks in .40 cal and they run great. Also if you do decide to get a Glock make sure you get one with night sights or steel sights as the plastic ones are for me at least are cheezy.
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    Mainstream calibers

    The three semiauto calibers most commonly seen in Glocks and many other pistols are 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. The three "unusual" calibers in Glocks are .357 Sig, .45 GAP and 10mm.

    Ammunition is more readily available at lower prices for the three mainstream calibers. Additionally, the sale of a used gun in the mainstream calibers is easier, because most people don't want a gun in the unusual calibers.

    I believe that you can develop your shooting skills and defend yourself just as well with the mainstream calibers, so I recommend sticking with them for your first few guns. Once you become a jaded gun dilettante like some of us here, bored with mainstream calibers, you might consider a 10mm.

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    I just traded off a Glock 37 (45GAP) a few months ago. The GAP rounds ballistics are just like shooting a 45 ACP. I got rid of mine because of the spotty availability of ammo for it. If I was out and got a sudden urge to go shooting I would be SOL because no one in my area carried the ammo for it. I had to order off the internet. I still have my Glock 22 (40 S&W) and love it. I traded the G37 for a SA XD45 Compact. Great gun by the way. The recoil on the .40 is a little harsher than the GAP round. The GAP was a great shooting pistol and I hated to part with it. I have no experience with the 357 so can't help there. Hope this helps.
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    I always say "stay away from ******* ammo". This is even better advice if we are talking about your primary protection gun.
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