Looking for Carry gun for wife, any suggestions?

Looking for Carry gun for wife, any suggestions?

This is a discussion on Looking for Carry gun for wife, any suggestions? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife recently got her concealed carry permit, but we're still looking for a carry gun for her. We've been looking at a Smith and ...

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Thread: Looking for Carry gun for wife, any suggestions?

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    Looking for Carry gun for wife, any suggestions?

    My wife recently got her concealed carry permit, but we're still looking for a carry gun for her. We've been looking at a Smith and Wesson 642, with the Crimson Trace grip, but I was wondering if anybody had any other suggestions? I want her to be safe ,I guess what I'm really asking is would you trust a S + W 642 to protect your wife? We're expecting our first child in a few weeks (Oct, 27th is the due date) , and I want her and our baby to be protected . Thanks in advance for any advice/input .

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    Any lady smith or air-weight would work well also Taurus 2000 like air-weight but &175.00 used or Rossi snub works also...any S&W or colt snub nose will cost $350-400
    have a great week!!

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    My wife uses the same S&W 642 you mentioned, I trust it to be a good gun for my wife. She is not a highly experienced or regular shooter, so she and I both agreed that the 642 was the gun for her. Of course it is lightweight, I never mentioned to her that it might have a little extra recoil, and she never really noticed.....it wasn't an issue at all. I like that choice for her, all she has to do is pull the trigger......no hammer/no safety.
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    The Smth 642 is a handful with +P loads, which is what is generally the normal SD round for the .38spcl, either those or the lead semi wadcutters.

    I had one, my wife hated it, if you get one, I'd get the trigger worked on to smooth it out a ton.

    There are plenty of other options, but as your wife is late in the pregnancy, I'd shy away from a lot of range time as the effects of lead poisoning can be harmful to a developing fetus.

    However actually being able to shoot the gun before purchasing is a great thing.

    If you have friends that are into shooting and have some pistols to try out. Go to an outdoor range, get some lead free ammo and have her try some out.

    If that's not an option, and you're looking to go with an auto, look at the Kahr lineup of 9mm guns. The slides aren't as heavy as larger guns, and they can be manipulated easier.

    Without starting a caliber war, I'd go no smaller than a .38spcl in a revolver, or a .380 in an auto, but would suggest a 9mm, maybe a Taurus PT-111, Keltec PF9, or a Bersa 9mm

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    I have a 642 and love it. But I hope you aren't looking at revolvers because you don't think a woman can handle a pistol. My wife loves her J frame, but she likes shooting the 1911 or her Sig 229 much more.
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    The S&W should be fine. I carry one at times and my wife has a little snub Rossi nosed 38 special. To deal with the recoil during practice, she shoots some rather light loads.

    Another concern during pregnancy is exposure to loud noise. Studies are inconclusive but there does seem to be some effect on the baby.

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    I'm kind of leary of S&W revolvers due to the lock issue. Yes, It has happened in a few cases in other makers, but it seems predominantly a S&W issue. Look at the Rugers for a house gun and look at the Taurus 850SHC, easy to carry and shoots 38+p. (It's my wife's carry)

    I would be hesitant about the Kahr esp the pm9. My wife is a very competent marksman, and feels the pm9 is too snappy for her. I would try before I'd buy one for you wife.

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    This is kind of like asking: "My wife needs a pair of shoes, what should I get for her?"
    How is she going to carry it? How well does she shoot? Is she recoil sensitive? How big are her hands? Does she like revolvers or semi-autos? What feels comfortable to her and what can she shoot accurately? Is she going to practice much? Does she enjoy shooting for recreation and practice? Is this going to be her only gun? What gun does SHE want?
    These are just a few of the questions I ask my students in a concealed carry class. Too complicated a question to answer without more info.
    Just on face value: most snubbies are small and light and easy to carry, hard to shoot accurately, and recoil can be brisk if powerful ammo is used.
    If she carries in a purse, it is no harder to hide a four inch barrel than a 2". So now she can consider K frame, L frame, even N frame S&W, Ruger GP 100 or SP101 with 3" barrel, Colt's of various sizes and designs, etc. She can also look at .38 Special, .357, .41, .44, .45, etc. My wife loves to shoot my 629 with a 6" barrel, not a CCW weapon but it is her favorite to shoot!
    If she likes semi-autos, then she can look at Kahr, KelTec, Browning, Colt, S&W, Para, Springfield, Sig, Glock, Ruger, Walther, CZ, etc. From .22 to .45 ACP .

    I think all snub nose sized guns are experts weapons, very samll and difficult to learn to shoot accurately! A longer sight radius is easier to shoot accurately. Autos are generally more accurate, for ergonomic reasons, than revolvers for most shooters. Autos require more practice and diligence in learning manual of arms and malfunction drills.
    Is the 642 enough gun to rely on? Yes, in the hands of a competent shooter who can place all five shots into the center of an eight inch target at any given distance, on demand, every time. Then limit them to that distance.

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    My fiancee is a HUGE fan of the bersa thunder .380

    "To blame a gun for a mans decision is to foolishly attribute free will to an inanimate object"- Colion Noir.

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    As a wife, speaking up, I'll encourage you to let her choose her own gun.

    Wait until your baby is born (as most respectable ranges will not let her shoot while pregnant, nor should she). Take her to the range and either rent or borrow as many guns as you can get your hands on (within reason, of course.. no reason to rent or borrow a Desert Eagle or a S&W 500.. keep it narrowed to things she might actually carry).

    Let her feel them, let her pick.

    I had a gal in our shop just yesterday. Her husband sent her in to try out a Ruger (can't remember which model) but it was one of the big clunky ones. She put it in her hand and looked at it with a look of "now, how the heck am I supposed to carry this?"

    I took the Ruger away, put a S&W M&P9c in her hands (because she said she wanted a semi-auto) and watched her face light up.

    "Ohhh. I LIKE THIS!"

    And it was done.

    She worked the action a few times, did some dry fires and she was settled.

    Your wife will know what she wants when she sees the options and is presented with good information. She should be allowed to choose her own gun. Especially if it's supposed to go with her everywhere.

    Listen to what ExSniper had to say about the kinds of questions you should be asking her.

    She very well may love the 642. Or she could be like me and hate it.

    It should be her decision.

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    Of course it's her decision, but you can offer a lot of help.

    Specifically about the S&W 642 w/CT grips, that's exactly what my wife chose. Added to that was some work by a gunsmith with a spring kit and smoothing of the action--not terribly light nor by any means unsafe, just more accomodating.

    In my wife's case, she just prefers revolvers to semis due to their reliability and simplicity. In the pistol world, it's Glocks or her XD that she likes at the range. But for every day carry it's her 642.

    Good luck.
    "It's a big gun when I carry it, it is also a big gun when I take it out” – Clint Smith

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    Alternatives to 642 for wife

    I bought my wife a S&W 642 snubby revolver about 10 years ago, because she wanted a lightweight handgun to carry in a fanny pack while running early in the morning. It serves that purpose well because it is so small and lightweight (15 ounces), but it is a challenging gun to shoot well at the range. I have watched her practice with the gun, and it has healthy recoil even with standard velocity .38 ammo. But she seems to like it, and keeps it around her most of the time.

    Recently I bought a Kahr MK9, the all stainless small Kahr with a 3 inch barrel and 9mm caliber. The 9mm ammo provides 50% to 80% more muzzle energy than .38 special, depending on load selected. Additionally, the 25 ounce steel Kahr semiauto handles recoil much better than the 642 revolver, and is much easier to shoot accurately and rapidly. The MK9 is no larger in dimensions than the 642, so it conceals as easily, but it gives you 7 shots and a faster reload than the 5-shot 642.

    I have been trying to interest my wife in the Kahr, which she has shot very well in recent range trips.

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    My wife likes revolvers, she competes regularly in cowboy action shooting and handles a single action quite well. She shied away from semi autos,did not like working the slide, loading the magazine, etc. gun shop was steering her to the 642, light, small. I reminded her she does not like heavy recoil and a gun that is light and small will have some stiff recoil. That got her rethinking the matter. She choose the Ruger SP101. It is small, but is a heavier gun than the 642 and for her it is easier to control. I had the action smoothed out and a lighter hammer spring installed. She likes it and shoots it often. As a bonus it handles the cowboy loads, so for practice ammo it is great. BUT, as other have pointed out, let your wife choose HER gun, after giving her the information to make an informed choice. That being said, the SW 642 is a good gun, but it takes some skill to shoot it well.

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    Do yourself and your wife a favor by checking out www.corneredcat.com .
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    When my wife got her CCW, we I bought her a Glock G19. She thought it was too big, So I bought her a PPK/S.
    It was too snappy so...
    Then she thought she might like a 9mm Lady Smith, but turns out she didin't like it so much.

    Traded it for a S&W 642 that she loved to carry till she shot it. It hurt her hand even with the standard loads.

    Currently back to the G19.
    Since I get to keep her discards (except the Lady Smith I traded), I am happy and encourage her to keep trying other guns till she finds the perfect one

    Too bad for me she seems perfectly content with the Glock for now.

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