Kahr .357 sig

Kahr .357 sig

This is a discussion on Kahr .357 sig within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have noticed that .357 SIG is not a wholly popular round here. I also noticed that Kahr has all of their popular P series ...

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    Lightbulb Kahr .357 sig

    I have noticed that .357 SIG is not a wholly popular round here. I also noticed that Kahr has all of their popular P series in , typical 9-40--45 available. How many of you would buy a Kahr p357? The round itself seems like a very viable self defense round. Many of the Fed agencies are issuing it now. Smith and Wesson is not offering a gun in it...unless maybe the M&P. All of the other major manufacturers are producing one, and must be selling them. What do y'all think?
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    .357 sig is a neat round and very viable for SD, but it just isnt all that popular. Its still kind of an odd ball ammunition, and in a lot of areas its hard to get.
    .357 in a Kahr? No, I wouldnt buy one due to the reasons above plus its an awful hot round to shoot out of a gun like a Kahr. They were designed around the 9mm and 40, 357 might be pushing it a little.
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    Plus the ammo is not cheap.

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    I love the round...not sure I'd want to regularly fire one out of a polymer Kahr....out of steel Kahr might be ok (but barely) since they are a bit heavier.

    I've temporarily converted my Steyr S40 to a "S357" by swapping barrels with a Steyr M357....that about as small a gun I'd want in 357 SIG.
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    nope... don't really won't anything to do with the .357 sig round.
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    The steel-framed Kahrs would easily handle the pressures generated by the .357 Sig (they're okay for +P 9mm). If you bought a Kahr T40, then bought a barrel for a T9 (I think they're the same outside dimentions) then you could chamber-ream the 9mm T9 barrel out to .357 Sig and drop it into the T40. There you are, a .357 Sig Kahr T40. (*This is a purely theoretical exercise. The author suggests ANY actual pursuit of these theories be exercised under the most EXTREME caution.)

    I am a strong advocate of the .357 Sig & have a custom Browning Hi-Power chambered in this caliber. It's my favorite pistol. I've also considered building a Kahr as described above for sometime now. But realistically, the +P+ 9mm will come VERY close to the same performance without all the hassle. I very much enjoy shooting the T9 but am not fond of the polymer-framed Kahr models. And even the K40 can be a handful with HOT .40 S&W loads.
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    Would buy P40 instead

    Quote Originally Posted by jwhite75 View Post
    How many of you would buy a Kahr P357?
    If you like light and fast bullets, such as produced by the .357 Sig, it is interesting to look at the available 9mm and .40 S&W products with similar bullet weights. You can get very similar performance and not have to bother with the .357 Sig caliber.

    Dakota Arms/Corbon is a producer of fairly "hot" handgun ammo. If you go to their web page for conventional jacketed hollowpoint ammo:

    Corbon JHP ammo products

    You will see these three products, in 9mm, .357 Sig and .40 S&W:

    1. 9mm +P 125 grain JHP - 1250 fps velocity, 434 ft-lbs energy, 156 power factor (momentum, or bullet weight times velocity divided by 1000).

    2. .357 Sig 125 grain JHP - 1425 fps velocity, 564 ft-lbs energy, 178 power factor.

    3. .40 S&W 135 grain JHP - 1325 fps velocity, 526 ft-lbs energy, 179 power factor.

    The 9mm shown is less energetic and powerful than the .357 Sig, but the 135 grain .40 caliber load is virtually identical in ballistics, with slightly lower energy and slightly higher power factor.

    I would just get a Kahr P40 and figure that it could do the same job as the theoretical Kahr P357 gun. I'll bet Kahr figures the same thing, and has not bothered to produce a .357 Sig.

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    I shoot both (40sw and 357sig ) in my P226 , and I plan on getting
    a Dedicated 357sig pistol.
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    As stated above you can get almost identical ballistics out of a 9 or 40. I bought a .357 Sig barrel for my G-23 but after searching for ammo and paying what they wanted for it I have retired the barrel. I thought about selling it but you never know what caliber of ammo you will be able to get hold of if really bad things ever happen. The up side is that I got some cheap mags because a local shop couldn't sale them-extra mags for the G-23 for $12 a piece.

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    Honestly no one has yet to explain to me just how a .357 sig beats what i can do with a 9mm . as you can most likely tell i dont own one , and am not rushing out to fill that massive vacant place in my ccw battery lol . I should note i have nothing against the cal, i just find it to be an expensive answer in search of a specific problem .
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    I'm not sure a poly Kahr could handle .357 sig. They can barely handle .9mm, .40, and .45!

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