Did I get a good deal?

Did I get a good deal?

This is a discussion on Did I get a good deal? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I just picked up a Sig 226 from a pawn shop. It is pretty old, mid to late 80s, and it does look to ...

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Thread: Did I get a good deal?

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    Did I get a good deal?

    So I just picked up a Sig 226 from a pawn shop. It is pretty old, mid to late 80s, and it does look to have been shot a decent amount, but it has night sites, a very nice custom trigger job, and looks to have been very well taken care of.

    I got it with three factory mags for $500 total.

    I took it to the range yesterday and it shoots very well. I didn't set up any targets because it was really muddy, but I could consistently hit empty 12 gauge shells on the ground out to 15 yards or so.

    Also, I haven't tried running any hollow points through it yet, but I've heard some of the older ones don't feed them well. Any thoughts? I wouldn't want to carry a gun till I am proficient with it, so worst case scenario I get used to shooting a 226 with this one, then sell it when I have some more money and buy a new one.

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    I'd say it wasnt a uncommon call your momma type of good deal, but you didnt get ripped off.

    I've never heard anything about the 226 not being able to feed hollow points. I'm assuming its a 9mm because of the age. If so, I would have no worries at all about the gun.
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    9mm is correct, I guess I forgot that part.

    And thats good to hear about the hollow points, I'll try and put some through it this weekend.

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    Different areas of the country have higher prices than others.
    With that in mind do you feel you got a good deal, if so then

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    +1 SIXTO not a great deal but an average one. They didn't rip you off
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    I just bought a 226 NAVY (tac rail, gucci finish and sight sights) For $650 in excellent condition. That was a good deal (not great), and I'd say you did good on yours.

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    Pretty decent deal for those of us in California.
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    You did fine. I got a new one for $700 - but that was without the night sites. Naturally you'll need to replace them since they probably don't work too well anymore - I think they're supposed to last for 3-5 years or so. Great gun. Don't worry about the age - Sig is quality.


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    Sounds like you did ok. If you look at the bottom of the gun, under the muzzle there will be a two letter code that will tell you when it was built. A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 etc. They don't use "I". I have a "KA" P226 and have never had any feeding issues. If you go to the Sig website look at the "Sig Service Plan". You can send in your old sig, for inspection, cleaning, new springs, new night sights and a hard case for like $130 plus shipping. When you figure a set of night sights will run about $100-$120 (installed) it really is a pretty good deal. The only real problem I am aware of with Sigs is that they are habit forming.
    Oh yeah, reference the "old sigs" not feeding hollow points well, there have been reports of older P225's and the contract version P6s having some issues. Those were mostly built for european police agencies and are now being sold here surplus.
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