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What would be your choice grip for a S&W "J" frame 'Pocket Carry' revolver?

This is a discussion on What would be your choice grip for a S&W "J" frame 'Pocket Carry' revolver? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; pogo2, Nice grips on the piece there. I think I need a pair of those for the new first year model 60 RB I just ...

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    Nice grips on the piece there. I think I need a pair of those for the new first year model 60 RB I just picked up and should be on it's way here by the end of the week.

    Presently, I use hipgrips and a Tyler T on the 640-1 or the standard service grips ocassionally. No rubber grips for me, they work well but are too grabby for me on all the guns. Just personal preference here.

    Erich, nice scene, the chioa wood is a nice touch there. Have it growing here in the back yard as well.

    EW3, thats what mine looks like with the service and Tyler T as well, but in stainless.

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    I use the factory wood grips on my 60 for pocket carry.
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    I love the looks of wood, but the Crimson Trace is such a nice addition to a snub that I vote for the laser. Lasermax also makes a nice grip for that model, like this!

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    Factory Timber on my 637,just like the origonal wood I guess..

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    I'm with Erich. I took the Uncle Mike's Boot Grips off the Model 642 and put on some old fashioned checkered walnut grips. The rubber grips snagged clothing and provided for more bulk than was necessary for the revolver's purpose. The factory walnut looks better too in my view.

    Visited Erich back in June and he was kind enough to take me to the spot where he took the shot of the Model 38. That's his back yard so to speak. Wow!

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    I have CT laser grips on my S&W 642, and my Sig P239. Would not trade them for anything.
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    So the added length on the grips didn't cause the grip portion to stick out of the pockets? I've looked at non-standard grips for my 442, but I've always been wary since I pocket carry.
    Plan-B: Well, while I dont pocket carry, I think my grips would work just fine for pocket carry. They are rather slim and, as I said before, they are only about 1/2 inch longer than a set of boot grips. I am sure they would do very nicely for pocket carry.

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    I tried a few but finally came back to Tyler Grip:

    I even tried the LG-105 laser...nice toy...but it too, resides in a box of once used grips.

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    Same here dawg....

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    (Just checking in for the first time since posting last night.)

    Thanks for the kind words on the photos, gents.

    Here's Bmcgilvray with the same gun at right about the same place.

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    I used rubber boot grips that came with my 442 for a number of years (For ankle & pocket carry). I never thought there was a problem with those grips, until I sold it to a friend & he put wood grips on it.

    Well, I bought the gun back & I have to agree, it made it much easier to draw from the pocket. Not to mention that the current wood grip doesn't cover the front of the grip frame. This actually enabled me to rest the top part of my pinky on the the bottom of the grip for better control.

    Since I no longer pocket carry the 442 (I have a Kel-Tec P32 & Kahr PM9 for that), I'll probably get some wood grips that drop down, allowing me to get a full grip on the gun. Nowadays, when I carry the 442, I use a Hume JT slide, & nice wood grips are SO nice looking.
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    I have the LG-405 grips on my S&W 638, yes they are not a pretty as the wood grips, but I really like them.
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    I have the Crimson Trace LG-405 on my 340SC. So that will be my vote, as I am very happy with them.

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    Another vote for the Crimson Trace LG-405 grips. I carry them daily on my S&W 638. They are worth every cent I paid for them, and then some.
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    CT Lg-405.

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