Three years ago I bought a Polish P-64 (1970) from a co-worker. But, today was the first time I shot her. Yes, I know some will ask why I waited so long. Well I saw the co-worker shoot the gun during qualifications the week before he sold me the gun, so I knew the gun would go “bang”. Also, the co-worker carried the gun as his “bug” on the job. And I had other guns that I shoot and carry on the job so there was no hurry.

The reason that I purchased the gun was the price ($100.00 w/four mags) and the looks of the gun. The gun came with 13 rounds of green case Wolf ammo. So the gun went home with me. I put the gun in my tractor toolbox so I would have a gun when I was working on the farm.

Well Sunday I pickup two boxes of American Eagle (Federal) 95 gr full metal jacket ammo. Here is what I found. The Wolf ammo was hot, it shot/felt hotter than a 9mm Glock 26. The American Eagle ammo was the same. No problems with the American Eagle ammo, it is very good ammo. The Wolf ammo had one FTF and one round blew back some powder on me. From 20 feet the gun took out the center of the q-target. This was off hand shooting, double and single action.

I have read in other reports/boards that the Wolf ammo (109 gr) runs at 951 fps and the Federal ammo runs at 1033 fps. This is an average and I found this information on and was tested in a 1985 Bulgarian Makarov.

Now the trigger. Double action was about the same as my 2-generation Kel Tec P3AT (8 pounds) and the single action was very light. The single action trigger was lighter than my Glock 3.5 pound trigger. It feels like some of my match pistols, under one pound (way under). In other words if I was not thinking about the trigger in single action mode, the gun would go off. I think the gun had a “trigger job” done because the gun was my co-workers “bug”. No way to ask him, he is no longer on the job.

To me the 9x18 round is capable round to do the job. It seems hotter that the 9mm. But it is somewhere between the 380 ACP and 9mm. I think I will get the Pro-Tach chronograph out and test some factory loads and some reloads. Also, I think I will do some wet phone book shooting with the P-64 against the 380 ACP Kel Tec P3AT and the Glock 26 and Glock 19.

Now I am not saying the P-64 will replace my carry/duty guns. But for dirty farm work she will. In other words I like this gun and she is a keeper.

Sorry for no pictures, she looks and breaks down like a PPK.