Two guns in two weeks

Two guns in two weeks

This is a discussion on Two guns in two weeks within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A couple weeks ago, I picked up a Glock 23, and today I picked up a Beretta 92FS, that is two guns in two weeks. ...

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Thread: Two guns in two weeks

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    Two guns in two weeks

    A couple weeks ago, I picked up a Glock 23, and today I picked up a Beretta 92FS, that is two guns in two weeks. Has anyone else done that? I really like the Beretta though, it fits my hands nicely, and one of the best looking pistols ever made IMO.

    I thought Berettas were made in Italy. Why does mine say Made In USA?

    I decided to take a pic of two sidearms that have served this great nation for years!

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    I got 2 in the past week or so. First a Bersa Thunder .380 and today a Smith & Wesson 5906 9mm.

    You're not alone ^_^
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    Not lately, but I did buy three from one shop and another from a different shop. I did this all in one day.


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    Sometimes I come home with two or three in one day, it just depends on how the bank account is doing and if there are deals to be had.

    Not all Beretta's are made in Italy. They are imported through Maryland, and the contract guns are made state side.
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    I have bought two in a day...only a couple of times...
    Buying them is the easy part, getting them into the safe is the 'real task'...
    But I do buy lots of ammo...all the time!
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    Went to a gun show today and bought two. A Smith 65-4 and an older Ruger Mark 1 bull barrel. Saw a Smith 460 I really wanted but had spent way too much as it was.
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    Berretta has parts made/assembled in Ackokeek, Maryland
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    Oh yeah, I've bought six guns at a gun show once :)
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    I bought 4 withing 3 weeks

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    I bought 5 guns at one time once in my life.

    Here is the list:

    Beretta Mod 96 Police Special
    S&W Model 59
    S&W Model 10
    Mossy 500
    Ruger Mini 14
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    In think that it means that you've got "the disease". There isn't that much of a cure for it.
    The Edge ... there's no honest way to describe it. The only ones who know where it is have gone over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spyderdude View Post
    two guns in two weeks. Has anyone else done that?
    Guilty. I tend to buy guns in spurts.

    Friday 10-12-07

    Friday 10-26-07

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    Good gun choices. Enjoy them.
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    I've made many multiple purchases in the past. Most recently a PT 1991 and Rem 870 in 2 days.

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    I'm awaiting a couple of personal issues two clear up. ASAP after they are I will be adding several guns to my collection. My current list includes a Walther PPS, revolver for SAS, rifle for SAS, and an SAS shotgun. I'm pretty sure the Walther will have to be ordered. But when this happens I am expecting to also buy and extra shotgun for HD, a black rifle, and a few other pistols to scatter around the house, car, and body depending upon the occasion. The only bad side will be the holster search. I would like to have IWB, OWB, and shoulder holsters available for most of the pistols.

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