Best CCW Platform

Best CCW Platform

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Thread: Best CCW Platform

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    Best CCW Platform

    Which do you prefer?

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    I prefer a Double Action Revolver, and that's what I carry Off-Duty.

    I last carried and qualified with a Revolver for Duty Carry back in 1997. Now I'm stuck using the "issued" bottom feeding piece of junk. I shoot it when they tell me I have to, not because I want to. I don't even practice with it as I feel that I can hit what I need to hit with it, when I need to hit. My Qualification Scores will reflect this.

    I shoot a DAO Revolver better than I do the DAO Autoloader as I've spent more time with them. I'd really like to carry a 1911, but having missed the thumb safety one night in a high stress scenario I learned that "point and shoot" type weapons tend to work best for me.

    Now just because I carry a Revolver doesn't mean that I'm limited to six rounds. I also carry a BUG that holds five rounds. I also carry a reload for each gun, giving me a total of twenty-two rounds carried. I may start carrying a third gun as well, but no reload for it.


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    Auto, no manual safety-point and shoot, oh and it should be L.H.


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    1911 for me

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    I think the best for the best is a 1911. For the masses, I would have to say Glock or Sig.

    Its a highly subjective question with no wrong answer.
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    I like small auto loaders in 9mm and the Sc/Ti J-frame revolvers.

    My choice in each are:

    HK P2000sk LEM
    Smith 342

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    My small collection varies...but my preference is the 1911...
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    DAO. Draw and pull the trigger. No safety to worry about. 1911 requires alot of training that most people tend to ignore. I prefer J frames and any standard DAO/TDA semi auto Glock/S&W/Sig

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    Best CCW Platform
    One that 's 100% reliable and can be carried always and comfortably. Nothing else matters, really.

    For me, I'm also a lefty, so that narrows the field by quite a lot given the simple fact that controls meant to be operated by the thumb don't always work so well via fingers. My choice: CZ P01 9mm (DA/SA), IWB or OWB, with at least a couple of spare magazines of 14rds; plus BUG, depending. I'm accurate and consistent. The DA pull is not bad, and the SA is crisp and wonderfully good. Have had it tuned by a 'smith.
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    "Best" ??? - Haha - there is a can'o'worms!!!

    For me DA/SA per my SIG 226 - and I like full size too!

    For most tho - what is 100% reliable, shoot well for them and make concealment other than a problem. This is all boat-floating
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    I'll throw in another vote for the 1911.

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    Best for me is the 1911 platform.
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    For the specific question, I prefer a semiauto, for the capacity. Also, I seem to be able to shoot higher calibers in the semiauto over the revolver. I had a nice S&W .357 magnum back in the late 70's. The friend that sold it to me (he had a gun shop), took me out to teach me how to shoot. First, we ran 36 .38 special rounds through it, and I put 35 shots in the 10 ring, with 1 in the 9 ring. When we loaded .357 rounds, the first shot cut the X in the bullseye perfectly. The rest of my shots couldn't hit the back stop! It's good that there weren't any low flying planes around! I shot the first just like I did the 38 rounds, but after that, I was flinching like crazy. I tried other times, with the same results. I had to sell that gun during my divorce, and didn't get another until 2005. I had decided on semiauto, and started out with 9mm, which I figured would be comparable in recoil to the 38. My first was the Beretta 92FS, then added a Glock 19, a Glock 26, and a Kel-tec P11 (which jammed so frequently that I sold it). For the heck of it, last year I rented a 45. And I found that the recoil was quite manageable. I ended up buying the XD 45, which is my primary carry gun. I may give revolvers a try again, but I really like the semiauto. As far as more specifics preferences, I love the XD. I'll eventually get a 1911, but I much prefer the XD-lighter, but with a comparable grip angle, better than the Glocks. And I like the higher capacity, along with the loaded chamber indicater, the tactile striker status indicator, and the trigger safety. That and the grip safety make the regular safeties unnecessary, and I don't have to remember to flip it off if I have to draw and shoot.

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    I like my Glock and Kel Tec.

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