Suggestions for a running gun

Suggestions for a running gun

This is a discussion on Suggestions for a running gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've started running again, and I currently have no reasonable way to carry while doing so. My smallest gun is a Glock 23C and I ...

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Thread: Suggestions for a running gun

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    Suggestions for a running gun

    I've started running again, and I currently have no reasonable way to carry while doing so. My smallest gun is a Glock 23C and I can't imagine securing that for prolonged sessions.

    My first thought was a snub nosed .357, but even that would have a lot of size/weight (I don't think anything lighter than steel would be pleasant to shoot, and the cost of the alloy models is also prohibitive).

    I'm fond of Glock but I think they're too thick for this purpose. 1911 is my other carry weapon but they don't get small/light enough (that I know of.

    I'm not at all a fan of 9mm but would deal with it if the weapon could handle +p loads. If there's nothing reasonable, a .22 is better than nothing.

    Also, any advice on carry methods would be great. The only thing I could see working would be a belly band or a tight shoulder rig.
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    Belly band and a Kahr CW40. Problem solved!

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    Look at the Bersa Thunder .380

    Its pretty easy to conceal and very comfortable to shoot.
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    I too recently started running again, as I'm wanted on the "SWAT TYPE" Team my agency has.

    I use my BUG as my "running gun". That's either a Kahr PM9 or a S&W 442. Actually it's the 442, the PM9 hasn't been out of the safe in over a year.


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    Kahr MK9, MK40

    How are you carrying it?

    What about a Camelbak Gremlin?
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    I've never had a problem with a Glock 29 IWB on my hip for it never seems to shift around, wiggle or drift anywhere.
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    A thin leather pouch (very thin), kydex IWB, or previously mentioned belly band with a KelTec P-3AT should work just fine...
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    Remington 870 with 18" barrel and a sling.

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    KelTec with a waistband clip. 380 or 32 for even lighter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustynuts View Post
    KelTec with a waistband clip. 380 or 32 for even lighter.
    Yup... this is the way to go. Spend a little extra and get a hard chrome one, it will save you some trouble down the road.
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    S&W airweight J frame in fanny pack

    My wife used to run and carried a S&W 642 airweight .38 revolver in a small fanny pack at her waist. This is a 15 ounce gun and doesn't bounce up and down as much as a heavier gun would, and the fanny pack completely enclosed it so it won't jump out, as it might in a holster. Lots of runners use a fanny pack to carry their wallet or cell phone, so it won't look out of place.

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    In no particular order:

    Kahr PM9
    Keltec P3AT in .380
    S&W Airweight 642 .38

    All three are light and a decent round with the .380 being on the low end. If you get the P3AT get the chromed slide or you'll have rust issues. The two autos will be thinner and therefore a little easier to conceal.

    The Bersa will seem huge compared to all of these; nice guns but not ideal for your purposes.

    Belly band is a good choice if you find one that isn't too "rough" as far as the material goes.

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    I made my own version of the Smart Carry (wish I had the cash to get one) - see for plans. I would use a wider belt next time, and would probably make a sleeve for the belt out of fleece for comfort. But so far as weight distribution/comfort and concealability under gym shorts, it is great! Not that I run, of course... you can kind of tell...

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    I agree witha fanny pack. A Glock 26 or 27 in a fanny pack is an excellent running companion. I carry my 27 in one while running/biking and it works great. Lightweight and compact.

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