Thinking of a new Kahr, need some advice.

Thinking of a new Kahr, need some advice.

This is a discussion on Thinking of a new Kahr, need some advice. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've been looking at a new CCW and the Kahr 9mm seem to be the way to go for my situation. I'm in FL and ...

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Thread: Thinking of a new Kahr, need some advice.

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    Thinking of a new Kahr, need some advice.

    I've been looking at a new CCW and the Kahr 9mm seem to be the way to go for my situation. I'm in FL and need something very concealable since I'm usually in shorts/jeans and a t-shirt that still packs some punch. I can't carry a .45 all the time and for basically the same physical size I can get a 9mm over a .380. The lower price ammo is a big plus as well since I'll be at the range a lot.

    I've looked at the Kel-Tecs and while the price is appealing, I think I want to splurge for the Kahr. My main question is, should I go with a MK9 or PM9? Does the 'DLC' treatment on the latter help with durability while still keeping the PM9 light? Is the heavier MK9 easier to shoot? I'm OK with the extra weight if it actually helps with shooting/handling but the DLC treatment on the PM9 appeals to me for the durability factor.

    Also, what's a good price for me to go after on either and are there any specific options that would be helpful?

    Thanks for any input.

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    That's an easy one - Springfield EMP and/or CZ 75 Compact (or PCR).
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    Wasabi, first off... welcome to the form!

    I have no experience with either the PM9 or MK9 apart from graving one every time I go to the gun shop and handle one. I assume the heavier weight of the MK would make it easier to shoot, but this could very from user to user depending on several factors. As far as tungsten DLC treatment, yes it will increase durability from corrosion and minor scuffing/scratching but it will add virtually no felt weight difference over the stainless PM9.

    Before you splurge, I would recommend possibly getting some range time with both offerings. I know this statement goes without saying. I would had to buy one gun for one reason or another and find out after use the other one I was considering would have been much better (trust me, I've shamefully done that).

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    Well I will comment on the guns YOU asked about. I have shot both and really like the PM9, It functions great, the lighter weight did not effect it felt recoil, and is a gem of a ccw gun...I don't know about using it is a high round count range gun though. maybe others can comment on that...I have heard they do not hold up, put do not have first hand knowledge.
    I agree that 9mm will keep your ammo cost down. I would think you could find a real nice used Kahr PM9 for around 450-500. I have had two friends purchase theirs used for just under the 500 dollar mark with extra mags, and holster.
    Hope this helps.

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    I have a PM9 with the DLC slide, and night sights. I debated, on the polymer gun, for a long time because of what I had read on the forums. Kahr had a problem, on the PM9, with barrel peening for a while, but if you get a recently manufactured gun, you should be OK. At the time, I got mine, the people that were getting the MK9's were having better luck. I finally found a MK9 at a gun shop, and after holding it, I didn't think I would like the weight for pocket carry. Just don't like that much weight in my pocket. If I was going to holster carry all the time, I might have gone with the MK, but I wanted the option of pocket carry. Finally decided to try the PM, and it has been flawless for about 500 rounds. Read the manual. Do the 200 round break in. It is a tight little gun. Use the slide release to load the 1st round, at least until break in is complete. One of the complaints people have is that the first round won't load on their new gun. They have not read the manual yet.

    I did the 200 round break in, in one session, with no problem. It's not a problem to shoot at all, although I'm sure the extra weight of the MK would make it even easier.

    I carry in a Robert Mika pocket holster, or a Crossbreed SuperTuck IWB. So far the finish is holding up great, but I have a couple other pistols I carry regularly, so the PM is not used every day.

    I got mine from Jerry at

    Good luck with your decision.
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    I went with the MK9 only because I prefer a heavier pistol. However, I held the PM9 and I was very impressed. I could see where less weight may help with pocket or ankle carry, but I like solid steel and the option of putting on wood grips. The MK9 is my EDC.

    I am thrilled with the way the MK9 shoots and it has tempted me to purchase a T9 or K9 bigger brother. I have not fired the PM9 but I'm sure it would not disappoint.

    My MK9 was $700 from my local shop, but you can find similar pricing on The only options were night sites, and I did not opt for them. There is also the Elite series, but I think the availability of this line is questionable.

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    I have hte MK9 in the stable at home. Great little handgun for its size and caliber. After the initial break in period of 200 rounds, the gun has been flawless. Easy to carry, accurate, and very easily controllable even in that small format.
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    I purchased an MK9 a few weeks ago and have fired 200 rounds of ball through it without a single hiccup. I haven't had a chance to fire a PM9 yet though. I've found that the MK9 might be a little heavy for pocket carry, as others have said, and I'm currently trying to choose an IWB holster for it.

    I did consider getting the polymer version, but I had read about too many problems that people had had with them, and didn't want the hassle. I might consider getting a PM9 in the future, but there are other guns that I've got my sights on first.

    I was able to pick up my MK9 for $430 on, lightly used with two mags. After a cursory glance on the site, I see a used MK9 up for auction with box, paperwork, nightsites, and a buyout of $535. Seems like a fair deal.

    As for the special coating, it looks nice, but from my limited experience, I have absolutely no concerns about the regular stainless finish.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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    I have a PM-9. A good friend has a MK-40. While the stainless frame should add to longevity, it is significantly heavier. It is his only complaint about the gun. After handling my PM, he regrets not getting one of them instead of the MK. A MK-9 with empty magazine weighs in at 24.0 ounces; the PM-9 at 15.9 ounces. That's a shade over a 1/2 pound heavier. My PM-9 has been flawless. It is my EDC and has fired everything I've fed it at the range. It does have the DLC coating and to this point has proven to be VERY durable plus makes for a good looking package. Even though this gun is carried every day and holstered/un-holstered multiple times per day (can't avoid all of the no-carry places), it shows absolutely no wear on the slide. Conversely, my Para Nite-Hawg with their black finish started wearing off in the first few days. Based on the experience I've had with my PM-9, I would recommend it over the MK series for a carry option.

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    Like the MK9

    I bought a slightly used Kahr MK9 last summer for $500 from the original owner, and have fired 500 rounds through the gun with no problems. I am very pleased with the accuracy, light recoil and smooth trigger of this gun. When I take it apart for cleaning I can see that the manufacturing workmanship was excellent, and the parts were nicely finished.

    The gun does weigh about 24 ounces empty, as noted earlier, but I personally like the all steel construction for the sake of long term durability and recoil control. I have been apprehensive about polymer Kahrs based on comments here and elsewhere, and don't own one. I bought a "2 O'Clock" IWB tuckable kydex holster from CompTac for the gun, and it works well. I might try pocket carry also but don't have a pocket holster yet for the gun. The gun's dimensions are certainly small enough for pocket carry.

    Here are photos of it:

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    I have the MK9 Elite98. The gun must be well secured to your body in order for it to be a comfortable carry. It is not suited to situations where it is free to flop around when you move. For coat pocket carry or loose pants pocket carry, I switch to my Airweight S&W.
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    I bought a PM9 NIB in September of this year. I put approximately 250 rounds through it during its first trip to the range. I experienced 2 FTFs during the first 20 rounds, but no problems thereafter. It now has over 600 rounds through it without any problems. I have developed enough confidence in it that it has become my secondary carry gun. I don't think anything will ever replace my Sig P239, but on those days when clothing requirements dictate pocket carry, the PM9 does fine in a Desantis Nemesis holster.

    I purchased it from a local gun shop for $550. It was listed at $659.99, but a little negotiating paid off.

    As previously mentioned, Kahr had some problems with the early production PM9s, but they seem to have corrected the source of those problems. If the original break-in recommendation (200 rounds) is followed, the gun should provide many years of reliable service thereafter.
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    I've had them both, both are great. The PM is a little easier to carry, but the MK is a little more sturdy. It boils down to personal preferance.
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    I own both guns currently, a PM9 black and a MK9 Elite. I replaced the stock grips on the MK9 with custom wooden grips. In appearance, there's no question, the MK9 is the better looking. The stainless steel and wood grips combine to create a great look. If you use the MK9 as your daily carry, you will notice the weight difference. Perhaps if I did not own the PM9, I wouldn't be so cognizant of the extra weight, but I find that if I carry the MK9 for a few weeks, then I'm ready to switch to the PM9. And immediately I feel more comfortable. On the range, I cannot tell much difference. The PM9 is controllable, accurate, and reliable. I have not had the problems that some others have mentioned with the PM9. I do know that if you have problems, Kahr will readily examine and correct them.

    In summary, either gun is great. If you value the cosmetic appearance, go with the MK9. If you value comfort and stealth, go with the PM9.

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    Have had the PM9 version for a few years with the newer all black slide and nightsights; very accurate, concealable and reliable.

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