Help with size of BUG

Help with size of BUG

This is a discussion on Help with size of BUG within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I did a little research through a few earlier posted threads and couldn't quite find what I was looking for. First let me give you ...

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Thread: Help with size of BUG

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    Help with size of BUG

    I did a little research through a few earlier posted threads and couldn't quite find what I was looking for.
    First let me give you some reference. I am 6'3" with a 54" chest and a 37" waist with a mid section similar to my waist size (just a smidge bigger than Lima). I have decided on Sigs's 220 carry and 226 for CCWs. My problem is my BUG. I have extremly long hands and FINGERS (which explains my above choices) and have touble with feeling like I have a secure grip on most "pocket" sized gun. My hands aren't very thick just long.

    Any suggestions?? Any opinions about my main CCW's? I am NOT a glock fan so please NO GLOCK comments. I am looking to carry my BUG on my ankle so suggestion on ankle holsters would be a tremendous help also. Thanks in advance for the input!

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    I would suggest that you get a Glock.

    Just kidding.......

    A backup gun in an ankle holster is more likely to be exposed to dirt and the elements, so I would suggest a revolver. You can have a small, lightweight J frame .38, and put some more hand-filling grips on it to accomodate your grip. Larger grips will make the gun a tad harder to conceal, but if you choose smooth or checkered wood grips, so they don't catch your pant leg like rubber grips, it can be done. Depends on your pant style, really.

    I don't like ankle holsters, but if I had to wear one, I'd go with a Galco Ankle Glove. It is the least uncomfortable ankle holster I've ever tried, though I can't stand any gun on my ankle, even an airweight. It just bugs me. YMMV, of course!

    Good luck!

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    Regardless of one's physique, I think any alloy centennial in 38 or 357 is best, especially if you are considering ankle carry, S&W 642 and 340's are my personal favorites. Hogue Bantam grips (standard on 340M&P...) don't pose a snag problem but allow for a good grip in XL hands and tame recoil. If you're not a revolver fan a SA single stack I'd go with the Kahr PM9, though not everyone would agree with this choice.

    I prefer the Alessi Renegade ankle holster, great comfort and retention without the hassle of a snap/velcro slow down.

    Though it is nice to carry the same caliber and magazine compatible BUG as your primary, you'll find that is often not functional because of weight or size. If you haven't experimented yet, most find pocket carry in a Nemisis/SuperFly/Mika holster, the best for BUG/second covert access and carry.
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    If you are going to wear you bug on your ankle, get a snubby .38. Revolvers hold up best when worn down there, as they won't jam up if they get lots of dirt and other variables in there as an auto might. Any of the above listed models are great, i would go hammerless or at least shrouded hammer (s&w 638). I would also stick to an airweight model as you won't notice the weight as much.
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    If you have such a big chest and small waist why not just carry another gun on your off-hand side? Another 220/226? If you do want to stick with ankle carry, an auto would probably be best for big hands. A Sig 239 would be awful heavy down there. If you got a J-frame you could get some different grips for it to help fill your hand. The stock ones allow for two fingers for an average sized hand, but there are 3 finger grips out there waiting to be bought.


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    Aus, I think that (2) P220 s on my waist with extra mags might just cause me to lose my pants. I chose my ankle for a BUG site beause anything in my pockets seems to print. I went to my favorite gun therapy club the other day to get some 1 on 1 help and owner to one look at me (after my question) and said " Ain't gonna happen". There are three or four other guys my size in my unit that have the same problem. There always seems to ALOT of great advice from this forum so I thought I would give it a shot. Anyone carry their BUG in a different way than pocket or ankle?

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    my "bug" on duty is a s&w j-frame. ankle holster is the high dollar galco. but over the years i don't wear the ankle holster much. i went with the clip draw belt clip, now "bug" is on the belt. works well with my shoulder holster that i wear on duty 95% of the time. or you could look at the kel tec pistols. they are good guns.
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    A "J" frame sized revolver is easy to carry, there are several to choose from. I carry a Glock 27 in an Alessi ankle holster myself.
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    A Kahr P9 works well on the ankle. Dont skimp on the holster though.
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