H&K 2000 verus Sig 239 (both in 40 cal.)

H&K 2000 verus Sig 239 (both in 40 cal.)

This is a discussion on H&K 2000 verus Sig 239 (both in 40 cal.) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; At the present time I shoot a Glock model 23. Im now looking for a 40 caliber semi-auto that has a little less recoil and ...

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Thread: H&K 2000 verus Sig 239 (both in 40 cal.)

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    H&K 2000 verus Sig 239 (both in 40 cal.)

    At the present time I shoot a Glock model 23. Im now looking for a 40 caliber semi-auto that has a little less recoil and comes standard with a SA/DA trigger system. I also own a Sig 239 in 9mm and know that this pistol comes in 40 caliber but it does not come with a rail for putting a light on. I was considering buying the H&K 2000 because you can get this gun with double action single sction trigger and rail but I have not fired this gun. Any shooters opinions on this pistol or any other pistol you would recommend ? Many Thank-You's for your opinions!

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    Both your choices will not have less recoil, in fact they might have more. To get less recoil, your going to need to go with a heavier gun and longer barrel.

    With that said, the 239 is an excellent pistol. I dont think you're going to gain anything over the G23 though.
    The HK leaves a lot to be desired in IMO. Again, you're not going to gain anything over the G23.

    A Sig 229 just might do the trick for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Both your choices will not have less recoil, in fact they might have more. To get less recoil, your going to need to go with a heavier gun and longer barrel.
    I agree with Sixto...

    A compact polymer .40 is going to have just as much recoil as another compact polymer .40. The only saving grace might be that the better ergonomics of the HK might slacken some of the recoil.

    If the recoil of a G23 bothers you, you either need a larger polymer gun, a similar sized alloy framed or all steel gun, or a gun of lesser caliber.

    I'd suggest looking at the Sig 229, it's comparable in size to your current selections, but a heavier gun, has the trigger system you desire, has the rail, and more weight to help soak up the recoil of the .40.

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    I have the P2000 40 (in LEM trigger) and the Glock 23. For me they both handle recoil about the same. The P2000 is more comfortable on the grip (My middle finger rubs against the bottom of the trigger guard on the 23).

    Have you considered either: (1) using different self-defense rounds that may recoil less, (2) changing to 9mm for your guns?

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    +1 on the 229 - you can probably find a CPO (used) one for a fair price. I find them to be more comfortable to shoot in .40 then the Glock 23, especially with the Hogue rubber grips (though the downside to these is that they are a bit "grippy" on certain cover garments).
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    I agree with SIXTO as well.

    Having fired several of the popular guns out there right now that are chambered in .40, I think the ones that handled recoil the best were the S&W M&P pistol, not the compact by the way, and the Berretta PX4 Storm.

    Now, they handled the recoil only a bit better than my Glock 23 but it was enough to notice a difference to me. That all may have been attributable to the grip angle though.

    I would encourage you to either rent or find someone who owns the guns you are interested in and actually fire them before you buy one based strictly on what you have heard on the internet.
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    I have fired a P2000 in 9mm. It is a nice shooter. Very similar to my USP . As stated , the .40 cal. will have more recoil.
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    I have a Glock 23 and a P2000sk LEM in .40. I find the HK to have a little less recoil than the Glock 23. The big difference I noticed was on the glock my middle finger would rub the trigger guard to the point where after about 50 rds I'm done with that gun. I almost gave up on .40S&W all together until I fired the HK.

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    HK P2000 vs SIG 239

    Sig P239 (discussion of P239 & HK P2000 SK)

    I have a P239 in 9mm DA/SA and an HK P2000 SK in 9mm DA/SA. While I haven't shot either in .40, I do shoot +P. I'm not overly recoil sensitive, but I don't notice much if any difference between the two. Both seem fine. I doubt I would be overly concerned about recoil shooting them in .40, but YMMV.

    With the SK loaded with 10+1rds (flat bottomed mag) and the P239 with 8+1, the SK is just a shade under 3oz lighter.

    Unless I have a specific reason, I'll grab the P2000 SK over the P239 due to capacity. The nice thing is the P2000 SK accepts 15rd P30 mags (9mm).

    Both feel good in my hands, but are different. The SK has no place for the pinky, and I leave it curled under (doesn't bother me, but does some people -- but the std P2000 will be longer). The P239 has just enough room for the pinky. The SK grip is a bit more grippy and slightly fatter. The P239 is slightly thiner but deeper. It turns out a wash for me in terms of fit, but I do like the grippier texture better.

    Note the mag releases and decockers are fairly different on these. The P239 has the traditional mag release which is fairly comfortable for me, but is not ambi (although I think it is reversible). The SK has the euro style mag release which takes some getting used to, but is ambi. The P239 has the slide mounted decocker where the SK has it by the hammer.

    These items are more of an issue for me. I don't really prefer one over the other, but am considering replacing my Beretta 92FS with a HK P30L (when available) as a house gun to standardize controls. I can see how in an emergency switching between control styles can get confusing.

    I carry DoubleTap +P 124gr in both and at 1295fps / 462 ft lbs (4.02" bl) using the well regarded Speer Gold Dot, I don't feel the need to go to .40, esp. with the availability of the 15rd mags for 9mm.

    IMO the Sig is better made, but both are well made (although the SK probably uses a more modern design). Both are amazingly accurate for such little firearms. For me, the higher round count and the ability to take full sized mags gives the SK the edge. Saving 3oz is icing.

    Good luck,


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    HK's and Sigs are excellent weapons, but if you're looking for less recoil in a .40, you owe it to yourself to try the Beretta PX4. I cast about looking for something to replace my Glock 23 for along time, and didn't have much luck.

    I also hate the way the Glock 23 pounds my middle finger of my shooting hand. I found that Sigs were a bit heavier than I like, HK's cost too much and I don't like the "sweep down" mag release. They are both excellent pistols with awesome reputations. Just not a good fit for me and my tastes.

    Then one day, I went into my local gun/sporting goods store just to browse. They had a PX4 in .40 with 7 mags for $419. I liked the way it felt, so the MasterCard came out, and the PX4 went home with me.

    I absolutely love my PX4! I think it's the best looking polymer pistol out there, by far. But more important than looks, it has been flawless for about 400 rounds of various ball and HP ammo. The recoil is like shooting a hot 9mm, and it's very accurate! This is because of the rotating barrel system. It's easy to field strip and clean, too. Capacity is 14+1.

    Something else about the Beretta. To me, it's the first polymer pistol that I've ever found that has any...well....character. It's not the same old same old.

    Try the hot little Italian...you might like it!

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    I used to own a hk p2000 in .40 and my brother had a sig 239 in .40. I ended up selling him the p2000, it was much lighter for carry, held more rounds and was a tad bit more accurate for both of us. I personally don't like the .40 due to the snappy recoil, which was the only reason I sold the pistol. I do on occasion shoot it when we go to the range its great!
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