Thoughts on a SW 915?

Thoughts on a SW 915?

This is a discussion on Thoughts on a SW 915? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A friend has a 15 shot 9mm SW 915 he'll sell me for $250 ("Bought it new - still in the box"). These were the ...

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Thread: Thoughts on a SW 915?

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    Thoughts on a SW 915?

    A friend has a 15 shot 9mm SW 915 he'll sell me for $250 ("Bought it new - still in the box"). These were the '92-95 no-frills version of their Model 59, they were superceded by the similar 910, and their MSRP was $479 (I think). The two bluebooks I found suggest $250 - $350 for good condition up to $350-450 for mint/nib. Gun Broker shows few bids and unmet reserves on most I saw.

    But I can't find any reviews out there, except for a fellow who says he spend $400 and is thrilled to pieces at its performance (though that's encouraging). But I did find that the 915 magazine safety doesn't always work, if I am to believe a lawyer's website. Not that such a flaw would bother me: I would prefer NOT to have a magazine safety.

    Does anyone know anything about this model? Do I want it for this price? Sure, I want a Glock, but at half the price I may choose to go this direction. Reliability is a key factor for me. I'll check ergonomics and concealability when I go visit him, if feedback here suggests moving forward.

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    This gun was designed to be the lower end of the 5900 series. As it turns out, its the one I like best. Its a nice size and easy to shoot. Mags and parts are easy to come by. The only thing I dont like and would change asap are the sights.
    At $250., I'd buy it. If I didnt like it, I would trade it or sell it. You wont lose the money you have in it. Typical retail price is in the low 3's.
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    I've had a couple of S&W 3rd Generation pistols. They are generally very reliable. Mine were both .40's, and I had good luck with them. No malfunctions at all, and good accuracy. I ended up trading them off for other guns that I wanted more, though.

    $250 is a really good deal on one. You can't go wrong with a S&W at that price.
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    Buy it. If you decide it isn't for you, you'll make money by listing it on some of the popular classified sections or an auction site.
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    If you like its operating controls: DA/SA trigger, slide safety/decocker, and the magazine disconnect device, I'd go for it. They are good pistols.

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    I just purchased 915, that was worked over by the S&W performance center, for one of the academy instructors there.

    It has Novak low mount NS, and an extra slide stop, tuned by the PC, for tighter lock up.

    This 915 is more accurate than my Sigs and HK's. It routinely dumps 15 rounds into a 2.5" circle at 15 yards. I've only had a few hundred rounds through it, but it has not malfunctioned.

    The fit and finish is as good as any high dollar pistol I own, or have examined. The slide moves on the frame like glass. The DA trigger pull is smooth, and the SA is like a glass rod snapping.

    My 915 likes 115 grain 9mm best.

    Over on the S&W forum are more very pleased 915 owners. I'm too embarassed to say what I paid for mine, but it was one of those "have to have" pistols.

    If you look on the auction sites, the 915 usually sells for cheap. Based on my experience with the 915, any priced $350 or less is a value indeed, and alot of bang for your bucks. Hope this helps. Regards 18DAI.

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