More Pictures and Questions

More Pictures and Questions

This is a discussion on More Pictures and Questions within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey Guys thanks to many threads and a lot of helpful people on this board I have narrowed my field of 45's down to just ...

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Thread: More Pictures and Questions

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    More Pictures and Questions

    Hey Guys thanks to many threads and a lot of helpful people on this board I have narrowed my field of 45's down to just a couple now, the list is as follows......

    Springfield GI Micro Compact
    Kimber Compact Stainless
    Kimber Ultra Carry II
    Kahr P45
    Kahr TP45

    I was wondering if any of you owned these guns if you could show us a picture of your carry rig and offer an opinion on how the gun carries. Also a size comparison picture of 2 or more of the pistols would also be most helpful....

    Thanks for helping me get this far.........only a few more decisions need to be made before I go fondle the last 2 or 3 choices......then to find a proven holster set up.....


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    So in light of this thread I went and did some spec. research on the 45's I am considering and here's what I came up with....

    Kimber Ultra Carry, 7+1 Capacity, 25 oz., 6.8 Long X 4.75 Tall X 1 Wide ~3 inch barrel

    Kimber Pro Carry, 7+1 Capacity, 28 oz., 7.7 Long X 5.25 Tall X 1 Wide ~4 inch barrel

    Kimber Compact II Stainless, 7+1 Capacity, 24 oz., 7.7 Long X 4.75 Tall X 1 Wide ~4 inch barrel

    Kahr TP45, 7+1 Capacity, 20.8 oz., 6.57 Long X 5.25 Tall X 1.01 Wide ~4 inch barrel

    Kahr P45, 6+1 Capacity, 18.5 oz., 6.07 Long X 4.8 Tall X 1.01 Wide ~3.5 inch barrel

    So what this tells me is a Kahr TP45 should be as easy to conceal as a Commander Size 1911 (Kimber Pro Carry) and has the same capacity but is about 8 oz. lighter.

    It also tells me that a Kahr P45 is actually Smaller than a compact 3" 1911 and weighs 6.5 ounces less but has one less round capacity.

    So I think the Kahr TP45 may be in my future for IWB carry unless someone can bring up a good reason it isn't easily concealed...I know most people conceal 1911's a lot and it is almost the same size as a commander size 1911 it just weighs less and is 1.2 inches shorter, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t conceal just as easily considering how slim it is.


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    you shouldnt have a problem concealing any of those as long as you're not super picky about how you carry it.
    i personally am a 1911 person and would go with the 4" for the .45 if i were you. but everyone is differant. it depends on what exactly you want in a gun.
    i am a personal fan of the SA condition 1 kinda gun.
    I dont like DAO at all. but thats just me

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    you sure you don't want to go this route???
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails More Pictures and Questions-edit-xd1.jpg  


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    I carry a Kahr P45. Range report is
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    Update!! Kahr now has 7 round mags for the P45..You have to call them to order it @$44.00 a copy. I carry the P45 and have carried in the past, an H&K USPc in .40S&W, Colt Defender 45ACP, Colt Double Eagle 45ACP. Of these the Kahr is the easiest one to conceal, with a Comp-Tac paddle holster. The Kahr is a fun gun to shoot.

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    Guess what my recommendation is???
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    Quote Originally Posted by mhiggi02 View Post
    Guess what my recommendation is???

    I'm psychic...

    In the next few weeks...I should be up to the range...more in a PM...

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    I have a Micro Compact (not the GI but loaded version) It carries fine in a KD defender series holster. The Loaded has an aluminum frame and is stainless slide. Otherwise the same size. No complaints...

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    Personally I like the 4" over a 3" , due to the longer sight radius, more comfortable carry (for me) , one more round of ammo and less felt recoil. See my avatar for pic.
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