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New SIG P250 Info Released: Merged

This is a discussion on New SIG P250 Info Released: Merged within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I really love Sigs and, at the beginning of this thread we were talking $500+ for the 250. I got pretty excited However, as the ...

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Thread: New SIG P250 Info Released: Merged

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    I really love Sigs and, at the beginning of this thread we were talking $500+ for the 250. I got pretty excited However, as the post above indicates, too good to be true.

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    At that price point, you might as well buy
    a new gun that fits your changing need.
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    We're not the target demographic...

    SIG does a lot of business providing guns for whole police departments and so forth. I think this is the primary target for the P250.

    The idea isn't so much that the 'same gun' can be either a 9mm or a .40S&W or a .45 ACP. It's that the same gun can be fit to a 5'2" woman with small hands and a 6'4" gorilla-pawed ex-linebacker, and the guns are precisely the same as far as the department armorer is concerned. The trigger module is exactly the same, all the spare parts are interchangeable, and since SIG has designed this from the ground up to be a true multi-caliber weapon they can provide that gun to a department that wants to shoot 9mm as well as to a department that wants to shoot .40S&W.

    The gun can go from being a full-sized sidearm for a patrolman to a compact concealable for a plain-clothes detective, and again the armorer only has to worry about one set of parts. Did you watch the P250 video on SIG's website? Granted, that is the P250 chief engineer stripping and reassembling the weapon in three minutes, but I don't see why any trained armorer couldn't learn to detail strip all the guns for which he is responsible on four or five minutes with no tools!

    So, the thing is, this doesn't mean a whole bunch to you and me. For me, maybe it means I can get something P239 sized in .45 ACP. .45 and TDA trigger modules are supposed to be out by late 2008. Presumably they'll do a DAK trigger module.

    I see it as a natural evolution of the SIGpro with a really cool approach for the manufacturer. It has the same metal subframe/polymer grip housing combination as the SIGpro, but adds to the customizability. For those of us who don't have whole fleets of guns to maintain for various operators, I think the main advantage is in the ability to customize the size and layout of the gun. I know there are people who like SIGs but don't shoot them because they tend to be big in the grips. My g/f flat out loves my P226, but can't shoot it in DA mode even with the short trigger.

    For the average person here, the main advantage may be in the ability to have the exact same gun as a full size for winter OWB carry and a compact for summer IWB carry, and maybe you want it in .357SIG as a carry gun but you'd rather shoot 9mm at your IDPA matches. Most people here will opt for multiple guns, because we probably like collecting the things as much as we like shooting them but I can still see the appeal, and I may well put off getting a P239 until I get to try a P250 in .45!

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